A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 31 - Assertive!

Chapter 31: Assertive!

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Inside the hall, Wang Baole was sitting cross-legged in front of the blue stone wall. He had an austere expression and did not allow himself to be distracted. He focused on the Spirit Stone that was emitting light in his hand.

I previously taught the College Discipline Department a lesson. They must definitely hold a grudge against me. This time… it’s best I make them feel utter despair. It will make no one have any hopes of touching my spot as Head Prefect! Wang Baole gritted his teeth, and after taking a deep breath, he infused more Spirit Qi into the Empty Stone.

As the Spirit Qi surged in, the Empty Stone gradually produced cracking sounds like it was about to shatter at any time. Such a shattering did not necessarily mean anything bad. It represented that the purity was rapidly increased.

Although the refinement with an Empty Stone was different from Wang Baole’s Great Void Qi Devouring Art, he had been cultivating such a method from a young age; he was thoroughly acquainted with it. Even if he was not condensing a Spirit Stone out of thin air, it was just an additional step for him.

Although it was somewhat superfluous, he deeply knew the importance of keeping a secret—he did not require any Empty Stones. He was in full concentration, and as the Spirit Qi surged in him, the invisible vortex around him grew bigger. Finally, it spread outside the hall, and from afar, it looked like a black hole had appeared where the hall was.

This took time to describe, but in reality, only a few seconds passed. The cracking sounds produced by the Spirit Stone in Wang Baole’s hand turned more intense, and soon, it dissipated to dust and was suddenly pulverized!

With the destruction of the Empty Stone, the remnant core suddenly burst out with a glaring rainbow irradiance like a gem. It was extremely resplendent and dazzling!

Even the hall’s walls could not block the radiance. In an instant, rainbow light emanated through the hall.

At the instant the radiance penetrated the hall, the radiance burst out directly, blanketing every spot outside the hall with rainbow colors. From afar, the rainbow radiance soared high above Dharmic Armament Peak!

Everyone outside the hall, or even everyone in the Dharmic Armament faculty, witnessed this unforgettable scene with their own eyes!

“That’s… That’s… a rainbow irradiance!”

“A Rainbow Spirit Stone! Heavens, it’s a Rainbow Spirit Stone!”

“Legend has it that only by reaching 93% purity would a… Rainbow Spirit Stone, which surpasses superior-grade Spirit Stones, be formed!”

With the commotion, nearly all the Dharmic Armament faculty students in the various regions of Dharmic Armament Peak saw the rainbow radiance burst out of the Spirit Stones Hall. Feeling shaken to the core, they ran toward the hall.

Even on the Spirit Intranet, news regarding this matter spread like a storm. The live-streaming aficionado, Little Daoist, had arrived outside the hall. He was so stunned by the scene in front of him that he forgot to request for Rocket gifts.

Everyone outside the hall widened their eyes when the beams burst out. Instantly, their expressions changed. Jiang Lin felt weak in his knees, as though he had seen a ghost. His mind turned abuzz as he failed to remain composed. He let out a cry filled with shock.


At that moment, gongs were heard. The sound spread throughout Dharmic Armament Peak and stirred everyone!

They were… the gongs that symbolized the appearance of a new Head Prefect!

There were nine gongs that represented the appearance of a new Head Prefect. As the gongs resounded, the noisy surroundings let out exclamations that exceeded anything from before.

“The head prefect gongs!”

“Wang Baole… has been promoted to Head Prefect!”

“It’s shocking. How is it possible?”

The entire Spirit Intranet and Dharmic Armament faculty were astounded. The teachers of Dharmic Armament Peak could not sit still either. All of them rushed over with incredulous expressions.

“A Rainbow Spirit Stone has appeared. A new Head Prefect has appeared!”

In the dean’s hall at the mountaintop, the goateed dean of the Dharmic Armament faculty, who held his beloved snuff bottle, was pondering over matters with his eyes closed. His eyes shot open when he heard the gongs. He was somewhat taken aback and found it inexplicable. After a moment of thought, he used his voice transmission ring to inquire, only to have his eyes widen suddenly.

“Wang Baole? Rainbow Spirit Stone! Newly-promoted Head Prefect!” He trembled as Wang Baole’s appearance surfaced in his mind. He could not help but feel an odd feeling rise up in him as though the piece of dog shit that he had bought blindly hid a gold nugget in it.

As the gongs sent the Dharmic Armament faculty into a flurry and countless people exclaimed at the miraculous turn of events, the College Discipline Department inspectors outside the hall drew gasps as their expressions changed drastically. Under the illumination of the rainbow radiance, they appeared somewhat funny. The turning of tables had simply happened too fast. Their minds were in a state of perturbation, like the tumultuous waves of the sea in a storm. They found it impossible to comprehend the new information.

As for Jiang Lin, the color had drained from his face. He was trembling, unable to stand stably. The reason he led a charmed life in the Dao College was that of his identity as Head Prefect. But all of this, the power conferred upon him by his status, rapidly crumbled as the gongs resounded. As he felt faint, he had an extreme sense of indignation, which seemed to erupt crazily in his heart.

“It’s absolutely impossible,” Jiang Lin roared as he took out a token. It was crimson red, and on it were the words ‘Head Prefect’ engraved clearly. It was the Head Prefect Token that was automatically given by the blue wall the instant a student became Head Prefect!

However, the Head Prefect Token in Jiang Lin’s hands were cracking noisily as though it was about to crumble to dust!

“Wang Baole!” Jiang Lin looked at the Head Prefect Token in his hands as his eyes turned red. The cracking lines seemed to reflect in his heart. At that moment, a deranged fit exploded from within him. Just as he was about to push open the Spirit Stones Hall with a roar, the door opened automatically before he could touch it!

As it opened, everyone cast their gaze over. They saw Wang Baole walking out of the Spirit Stones Hall.

He was still in his tattered student robes, but at that moment, everyone looked at him differently. He was… the newly-promoted Head Prefect!

The instant he walked out, the Head Prefect Token in Jiang Lin’s hand seemed incapable of withstanding the aura that Wang Baole exuded. It disintegrated immediately and turned to dust.

The shattering of the token represented that Jiang Lin was now history. From that moment forth, Wang Baole controlled the College Discipline Department. He was equal to the other two Head Prefects of the Dharmic Armament faculty, an important figure who no one could ignore!

With the crumbling of the Head Prefect Token, Jiang Lin’s entire body trembled while his eyes were filled with blood strands. He glared furiously at Wang Baole like a deranged beast. If his gaze could kill, he would have ripped Wang Baole into pieces by now.

Upon noticing the crowd’s shocked expressions, the dozens of black-robed inspectors, who were unable to accept the reality before them despite wielding their weapons, and in particular Jiang Lin’s eyes that were filled with extreme hate, Wang Baole chuckled lightly. A cold glint flashed in his eyes.

He knew that if he had not become Head Prefect, he would definitely have been held captive. And the inspectors’ arrogance and acts of rushing here no doubt signaled their ill intent.

Towards these people with ill intent, Wang Baole would absolutely not be merciful. He grabbed something out of his robes with his right hand, immediately pulling out a… brand new, crimson red token as he held it up high!

It represented authority over the College Discipline Department… the Head Prefect Token!

With the token revealed, everyone outside the Spirit Stones Hall felt their bodies and minds quake.

“As Head Prefect of the Spirit Stones Hall, I shall terminate your statuses as inspectors. From this moment forth, none of you are inspectors of the Spirit Stones Hall’s College Discipline Department!”

Wang Baole looked at the inspectors, his cold voice reaching every corner like a cold wind that blew. It made the inspectors, who were wielding weapons, turn ghastly pale. Their bodies trembled as many of them loosened their grips, causing their weapons to fall to the ground.

One sentence from hims was enough to determine their futures!

But this was not over. After he terminated their statuses, a glint flashed in Wang Baole’s eyes as he spoke again.

“All disciplinary matters that happened during your tenure will undergo a retrial. Injustices will absolutely not be tolerated!”

Similarly, his one sentence no longer determined their futures but their fates!

The moment that was said, the minds of all the former inspectors buzzed. Their breathing hastened, and there was someone who even roared out angrily in despair.

“Wang Baole, you are bent on destroying us!”

Ignoring the former inspectors, who had previously cursed him viciously but were now putting on tough appearances, Wang Baole turned to look coldly at Jiang Lin. He said indifferently, “Jiang Lin, as head of the College Discipline Department, you instigated the crowd to create a disturbance. You are now terminated of all roles in the College Discipline Department. You shall be remanded in the College Discipline Department to await trial!”

Wang Baole’s voice was not loud, but it sounded like echoing thunder in the ears of Jiang Lin and the former inspectors. It sounded like every word he said would be enforced to the letter, and instantly, the tide had turned. It made all these people with their previously formidable stances plummet from their lofty pedestals!

“Wang Baole, how dare you!

“Everyone, attack! This Wang Baole is abusing his power. We cannot accept it!”

Jiang Lin was already hysterical. Everything that had happened today was too sudden. Furthermore, he had lost everything in an instant. Deep down, he still could not accept that he had been Head Prefect moments ago, and now, he was to be held captive. He roared with reddened eyes as he rashly ran toward Wang Baole. His eyes even had a sliver of killing intent!

As for the inspectors, they were his subordinates to begin with. It would have been fine if Wang Baole had not been verbally vicious; they might have hesitated. However, now, they were about to be investigate, and all of them had skeletons in their closets. Therefore, in their raging emotions, they were bold enough to do anything. Although not everyone followed blindly, there were more than ten people who charged at Wang Baole.

Wang Baole sneered. The reason he had delivered such a salient message was to make these people attack him in rage. If not, he would have had to find other reasons to deal with them. These people had previously been filled with ill intent toward him, so his decisive and assertive character presented itself at that very moment.

“The resistance of disciplinary enforcement adds another count to your charge!” As Wang Baole spoke, he suddenly took one step forward.

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