A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 32 - Purge

Chapter 32: Purge

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As Wang Baole walked forward, he appeared in front of a former inspector that was charging at him. He suddenly pressed down at the person’s extended hand, and with his twisting technique, he bent his joint. Immediately, the person screamed painfully as his wrist broke with a cracking sound.

“The assault of the Head Prefect adds another count to your charge!”

Wang Baole did not stop. He took another step forward and lifted his foot. He kicked another person’s knee, and with the same cracking sound and tragic scream, the person wailed in pain while holding onto his knee, unable to stand up.

“Harassment that causes disorderliness in the Dao College adds another count!”

This took time to describe, but in fact, with Wang Baole’s martial prowess, the inspectors who had acted rashly were quickly jolted to their senses by the excruciating pain. They slumped to the ground, wailing tragically.

It was at that moment when Jiang Lin charged over with a furious roar. He had arrived in front of Wang Baole and had even taken out his Dharmic artifact. A Dharmic artifact was considered extremely precious to students. Even senior students needed to save up for years to obtain one. As for Wang Baole, he had not even seen a single Dharmic artifact up to now.

Jiang Lin’s Dharmic artifact was a wooden sword. The sword, which was whistling toward Wang Baole, emitted a Spirit Qi halo. However, it was apparent that he was still unable to fully control it. A glint flashed in Wang Baole’s eyes as his body phased away, his speed rising abruptly. After he dodged the wooden sword, he came close to Jiang Lin. He raised his right hand in a bid to grab Jiang Lin’s finger. He did so without problems and ruthlessly bent the finger.

“As the former Head Prefect, you were negligent in your duties, fouling up the College Discipline Department. Your faults cannot be tolerated!”

As Wang Baole spoke, Jiang Lin, who was crying out in pain, struggled to get up. But in terms of combat experience, he was too inferior to Wang Baole, who had fought in hundreds of battles in the fight club. Before he could collect himself for any further action, Wang Baole kicked out, aiming his foot straight at Jiang Lin’s crotch. With a bang, the tone of Jiang Lin’s painful cries changed. He was sent flying!

This was still under the circumstances of Wang Baole being afraid that Jiang Lin would die. He did not use his full strength, for if he had done so, with his perfected Physical Seal strength, it was completely possible that he would have kicked Jiang Lin to death, considering how it was such a weak spot.

This scene was seen by everyone around him. They drew gasps, and while feeling shocked at Wang Baole’s attacks, it also felt like this was the first time they were getting to know him.

The ones who had been beaten by him were shouting too tragically. Their fingers or wrists had suffered different degrees of fracturing. Jiang Lin was the most apparent of them all. His face was nearly purple as he held his crotch. He could not even utter a sound despite having his mouth open.

Teachers had already arrived in the sky by that moment. After seeing everything that had happened, they also felt deeply shocked, but no one did a thing to stop Wang Baole.

This was because Wang Baole had declared the reason before every move. Furthermore, he was the newly promoted Head Prefect. He held power over the Spirit Stones Hall’s College Discipline Department, and it was only normal for him to handle his subordinates and purge any undesirables.

After cleanly subduing Jiang Lin and the unruly inspectors, Wang Baole stood there and looked at the inspectors who had not participated in the attack.

“I’m giving you a chance to atone for your faults. What are you waiting for? Take these students who have violated the rules back to the College Discipline Department!”

The moment Wang Baole said that, the former inspectors immediately gave him an affirmative while shuddering in fear. They did not care if the people wailing on the ground were their partners. They rushed forward and took them all away. Even the ones who had been injured struggled to get up as a show of their submission.

Wang Baole resolved the crisis as swift as lightning, and it gave him a deep understanding of the power and stature a Head Prefect had. He felt extremely excited.

This goal that had been in the making for more than half a year had finally been accomplished. It made him find the twilight sky at dusk especially beautiful. With so many students watching his promotion, it only made it better.

He took a deep breath and beamed. He looked at the crowd and teachers before cupping his fists and giving a deep bow.

“I will be counting on all my fellow schoolmates and teachers to take care of me in the future!”

This bow immediately left the still-astounded students around him solemn. They bowed back at Wang Baole, looking at him with fear and reverence.

As for the teachers, although they did not share the same sentiments as the students, they no longer treated him as an ordinary student when they looked at Wang Baole. All of them nodded, their impression toward Wang Baole deepening.

After all, he was Head Prefect, not a role the Dao College assigned. Every Head Prefect had earned their status through their hard work. Even if they had immense amounts of power, the Dao College’s students had no qualms about it since it was all about one’s intrinsic quality.

Especially with them having come to the realization that Wang Baole had only been in the Dao College for less than a year… In less than a year, he had become Head Prefect as a freshman. He had refined a Rainbow Spirit Stone, and this alone represented his extraordinariness!

After bowing at the surrounding students, Wang Baole stood straight up. He was feeling extremely pleased with himself at that moment. He slowly breathed in and walked toward the small path that led from the Spirit Stones Hall.

Countless pairs of eyes were fixated on him. Even the live-streaming Little Daoist was shocked. It took him a while to recover before quickly he softly requested for Rockets on his livestream.

“Guys, I am now secretly filming Wang Baole, whose huge face cannot be completely contained by the screen. He is extremely dangerous, and I’m in need of Rockets to protect myself. Come on, let the Rockets rain!”

But the moment he said that, his body shuddered as a baffling pressure bore down on him. He turned his head, and his eyes widened suddenly. He saw that Wang Baole, who had been walking toward the trail, had suddenly appeared beside him.

“Head… Head Prefect…” Little Daoist turned short of breath. Just as he was about to say something, Wang Baole leaned over and took a look at his recording device.

“Say, why haven’t you learned how to live stream?” Wang Baole had a dissatisfied look. He did not snatch the recording device this time. Instead, he coughed dryly and shouted at it.

“Guys, did this Little Daoist visit the Lava Chamber back then? If he didn’t, tell me. I’ll personally escort him there. I will absolutely not allow your Rockets to be wasted for nothing!” Before Wang Baole finished his sentence, the viewers in the live streaming channel exploded. It immediately bustled as messages flooded the screen.

Little Daoist held his breath as he saw messages about him not entering the Lava Chamber fill the screen. It had not been easy to get the viewers to let the matter pass back then. Now, with Wang Baole raising the issue again, he nearly fainted.

Wang Baole snorted inwardly. He had a sharp ear and had heard Little Daoist mention how his face was huge. He was obviously not going to let the matter rest. Feeling pleased with his actions, Wang Baole happily walked into the distance with his hands behind his back while humming a tune.

Soon, with Wang Baole’s departure, not only was the discussion in the live stream channel boosted, tumultuous voices broke out around the Spirit Stones Hall. Only Little Daoist was left there, feeling too sorrowful for tears. He felt that Wang Baole was his nemesis in his live streaming career.

At the same time, in the Head Prefect residence of the Dharmic Armament faculty’s Spirit Kernel Hall, there were two youths standing at its penthouse, looking far into the distance where the Spirit Stones Hall was.

The both of them were two of the three Head Prefects of the Dharmic Armament faculty—the Inscriptions Head Prefect and the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect!

The Spirit Kernel Head Prefect was handsome. He effused an air of nobility, and it was apparent he came from an affluent family. It was a bearing formed by the training and habits he had since he was young.

Compared to the gloomy expression of the Inscriptions Head Prefect behind him, he remained calm. Even the gongs had only made a glint flash in his eyes.

At that moment, the Inscriptions Head Prefect behind the luxurious youth looked down at his voice transmission ring and said slowly, “Brother Lin, Jiang Lin has been captured.”

The luxurious youth was somewhat surprised when he heard that. After careful questioning, he learned of the reason and could not help but chuckle.

“Jiang Lin is too stupid. By acting himself, he only has himself to blame for being captured. However, this Wang Baole is quite an interesting fella!”

“Brother Lin, this Wang Baole is probably different from us. Now that Jiang Lin has lost his position as Head Prefect, we will have some trouble controlling the Dharmic Armament faculty,” said the Inscriptions Head Prefect in a deep voice as he frowned.

The luxurious youth smiled upon hearing that. He was very composed as he turned to pat the Inscriptions Head Prefect’s shoulder.

“Brother Cao, there’s no hurry. Let’s allow Wang Baole to feel complacent for a few days. I heard that the college will be implementing some major changes to the Head Prefects in the near future.” The luxurious youth’s smile seemed to indicate that there was something deeper. As he spoke, he turned to look back at the Spirit Stones Head Prefect’s residence. A look of contempt flashed in his eyes.

The Inscriptions Head Prefect immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he heard what the luxurious youth had to say. When he thought of the background of the person in front of him, he felt relieved. Although he stood with the luxurious youth, one would notice that he stood half a step behind if one took a careful look. Clearly, the luxurious youth was the leader.

In fact, among the three Head Prefects of the Dharmic Armament faculty, it was the Spirit Kernel Head Prefect that held the greatest power. Apart from his identity as Head Prefect, what was more important was his exceedingly terrifying background.

The Inscriptions Head Prefect could only guess the luxurious youth’s background; he had nothing comprehensive. However, he had once personally witnessed the powerful Vice-Chancellor of the Lower Academy Island appear very polite to this Spirit Kernel Head Prefect. He was even willing to abide by his wishes to arrange certain matters for him. For example, he had helped him arrange to obtain a specially-recruited student nomination for this batch’s Dharmic Armament faculty.

Although he had ultimately failed, the reason was not the Vice-Chancellor’s fault. Instead, it had to do with the surprise that was Wang Baole.

Wang Baole! The Inscriptions Head Prefect smiled. After being relieved of his pressure, he took on a new view of him. He felt that even if Wang Baole had some means, he would have to learn to bow his head in the Dharmic Armament faculty!

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