A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 30 - Applying for the Test!

Chapter 30: Applying for the Test!

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A shrill scream, which contained an indescribable pain, echoed. Clearly, Wang Baole had bent the joints with considerable force due to his rage. Although he had held back a little and had not broken the inspector’s wrist, the excruciating pain of having a joint twisted turned the youth faint.

“How dare you!”

“Wang Baole, you are in violation of the college’s Rules 2 and 4. You resisted arrest and even engaged in assault!”

“Grab him!”

The other black-robed inspectors were alarmed and furious. They thought themselves above the law and had never encountered such a situation. They immediately released their cultivation and, while charging toward Wang Baole, roared with a rebuking voice.

This scene captured the attention of everyone nearby. They widened their eyes as they drew gasps.

“This Wang Baole… actually dared to assault inspectors!”

“Heavens, that’s unprecedented. This is going to be huge!”

As everyone reeled in shock, the College Discipline Department inspectors charged at Wang Baole furiously. Their cultivation levels were all unequal. The weakest was at the Blood Qi realm, and the strongest was at the Physical Seal realm.

After all, to become the trusted henchman of the Spirit Stones Hall Head Prefect, their cultivation levels could not be too weak even if they were also students of the Dharmic Armament faculty. Especially with the numbers advantage and their belief that they were enforcing the college rules, they became more overbearing as they rushed toward Wang Baole.

“When you attack, it’s called enforcing the rules. Right and wrong are all determined by what you say. All I did was dodge, and it became resisting arrest. All I did was block a wrist, and I had another charge added. College Discipline Department, nice going! From this, I can see that your Head Prefect must not have been disciplining all of you and has condoned to your actions!” Wang Baole was enraged as well. Their arrival was clearly abnormal. Although he did not know the reason, he knew they were doing it on purpose.

“How dare you think of rising above us? You are unqualified!”

“What a sharp tongue. Let’s see if you can remain so once you are inside the College Discipline Department!” The black-robed inspectors were infuriated when they heard that. In their eyes, the arrest of Wang Baole was no longer a mission handed to them by the Head Prefect. Instead, they wanted to make Wang Baole know how formidable their College Discipline Department was!

As they growled, the black-robed inspectors approached him.

If this was any other time, Wang Baole might have found other ways to handle the situation, but now, he was already considered a quasi-Head Prefect. All he needed to do was take a test to immediately become their superior.

This left him intolerant of their actions. The moment the black-robed inspectors approached, he snorted coldly and took a step forward.

“Since your Head Prefect isn’t disciplining you, I shall do the honors.” The moment Wang Baole said that, he sped up tremendously. His right hand raised up as he grabbed a person’s finger and bent it ruthlessly. The cracking sound was immediately drowned out by a shrill cry. He raised his right foot to kick him away. Turning his body, he grabbed another person’s wrist and twisted the joint.

Shrill cries resounded as Wang Baole phased away, dodging the combined attacks of three people. He clenched his fist and emanated the powers of his Physical Seal realm. After striking out with his fist, his body seemed to casually send a kick, landing it on another person’s crotch.

His body did not stop, and when he walked forward, he began using his twisting technique. Immediately, all the black-robed inspectors beside him wailed as though they could not find their footing.

All of this happened too quickly. Wang Baole’s figure seemed like flowing water as he tore through the ten plus black-robed inspectors. Tragic cries erupted as the shrill screams spread everywhere.

Soon, Wang Baole came to a stop. All the black-robed inspectors around him had fallen to the ground. They were either grabbing their wrists, their fingers, or their crotches. All of them were screaming.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat, and when they looked at Wang Baole, their rage had a savageness to it.

“Wang Baole, you will definitely be expelled!”

“Wang Baole, I have already reported this to the Head Prefect. You have committed a serious violation!”

The group roared angrily. Meanwhile, on the peak of the Dharmic Armament faculty’s mountain, in a region where there was rich Spirit Qi, there was a cave abode that looked more majestic than Wang Baole’s residence. Inside the cave abode was a youth dressed in a purple Head Prefect robe. He had average looks, and his face was a little freckled. He was holding a Spirit Stone and was fully focused on carving an inscription on it.

It appeared as though he could not divert any attention, but at that moment, his voice transmission ring vibrated. This immediately affected the youth as his palm missed and ruined the inscription. With a bang, the Spirit Stone shattered and turned to dust.

“Darn it!” The youth looked up suddenly, his eyes filled with displeasure. He was none other than the Spirit Stones Hall’s Head Prefect, Jiang Lin. His voice transmission ring was unique to the College Discipline Department. Usually, the inspectors under him knew of his habits. Most of them would report to him outside the door. Very few of them sent him voice transmissions.

Now, a rare voice transmission ring immediately caused his inscription to fail. This left Jiang Lin sullen, and just as he was about to take out the voice transmission ring to curse, he heard the lamenting voice coming from it. His eyes revealed a look of rage.

“Wang Baole? So what if he’s specially-recruited?” He snorted coldly and walked out his cave abode immediately. Toward people who dared challenge his College Discipline Department, his usual modus operandi was to strike them down swiftly.

Meanwhile, the crowd that was paying attention to the matter on the tiny path toward the Spirit Stones Hall stood in shock, mouths agape. They were astonished that Wang Baole had retaliated. Some even immediately recognized it to be a twisting technique that had recently been trending in the Dao College.

As it was trending, most people did not make too many connections. Furthermore, they were still in shock at Wang Baole’s brutal assault of the College Discipline Department. Simultaneously, they could not help but feel pleased. Many of them had pent up anger toward the College Discipline Department. However, they were afraid of any vengeance that might befall them, so they did not dare cheer him on and could only exclaim.

“Heavens! He actually dared beat up a bunch of people from the College Discipline Department…”

“The consequences of beating the College Discipline Department are extremely severe. Is this Wang Baole mad?”

As the crowd discussed while the ten plus black-robed inspectors glared viciously, Wang Baole remained composed while he walked toward the Spirit Stones Hall. To others, his assault of the College Discipline Department was a severe matter, but to him, the solution was very simple.

Becoming Head Prefect was enough.

With this thought in mind, a glint flashed in Wang Baole’s eyes. He took a few brisk steps and arrived in the Spirit Stones Hall.

There were no classes, and although there were students outside the lecture hall, there were not many people. Wang Baole’s arrival garnered their attention, but the news outside had not reached them. By the time they learned of the assault, Wang Baole’s figure had stepped into the lecture hall, vanishing from their sights!

Standing beside the rostrum, in front of the gigantic, blue stone wall, Wang Baole’s eyes emitted a glimmer of anticipation. He took out his identity jade token and pressed it against the stone wall directly. He said solemnly, “Student Wang Baole. Application for the Spirit Stones Test!”

The moment Wang Baole said those words, the blue stone pillar immediately emitted light, which rapidly gathered inside Wang Baole’s identity jade token. With a stately voice, the stone wall said, “Permitted!”

Wang Baole took a deep breath and sat cross-legged. He took out an Empty Stone, and holding it in hand, he immediately began refining the Spirit Stone. Spirit Qi instantly surged wantonly toward him as his eyes shimmered. The Empty Stone in his hand rapidly turned resplendent, and in a blink of an eye, it had reached 60% purity and was constantly turning purer!

Meanwhile, the Head Prefect of Spirit Stones Hall, Jiang Lin, the freckled youth, had led dozens of black-robed inspectors to the path where Wang Baole had delivered his assault. His appearance left the surrounding crowd silent. It also excited the black-robed inspectors who had been beaten.

“Head Prefect, that Wang Baole has gone in the direction of the Spirit Stones Hall. He has gone way overboard!”

“Wang Baole has violated the second, third, fourth, and seventh college rules. Head Prefect, please administer justice for us!”

When he saw his subordinates in such a wretched state, the rage in Jiang Lin’s eyes turned more intense. He did not say anything but a light remark.

“Such an outrageous and unreasonable student has no right to continue as a student of our Ethereal Dao College.” With that said, he walked toward the Spirit Stones Hall with dozens of black-robed inspectors behind him. All of them were fuming as they helped up their companions, and the entourage stomped toward the Spirit Stones Hall angrily.

The crowd was alarmed as the news quickly spread while they followed closely behind.

At that moment, with the changes in the situation, the news of Wang Baole’s assault quickly spread. Similarly, the news disseminated rapidly on the Spirit Intranet. Not only did it garner the attention of the other faculties, the number of discussion threads and the uproar in reality constantly increased.

It made the eyes of Little Daoist, who was a live streaming aficionado, light up. He rushed straight for the Dharmic Armament faculty from his Traps faculty.

Little Daoist was extremely excited. As he ran toward the Dharmic Armament Peak, he roared at his recording device, “Guys, all of you must have heard of the situation between Wang Baole and the College Discipline Department. As long as someone gifts a Rocket, I will risk the danger of approaching Wang Baole once again. I will risk my life for this live stream!”

The direction in which Wang Baole was heading had been exposed by someone. There were people who had even entered the hall and transmitted scenes of what they saw. The news of Wang Baole taking the Spirit Stone purity test broke out like a storm.

“For real? Wang Baole went to take the test after his assault?”

“What’s he thinking? Does he… think he can become Head Prefect? Haha, how is that possible?”

“That can’t be… Become Head Prefect?” Those who managed to enroll in Ethereal Dao College had a certain level of intelligence. Someone quickly figured out the answer, but this answer gave the person who came up with it a fright. The person was filled with disbelief and shock, finding the matter ridiculous.

As more and more people rushed to Dharmic Armament Peak, Head Prefect Jiang Lin had arrived outside the Spirit Stones Hall. Someone beside him was keeping close tabs on the Spirit Intranet, murmuring to him the speculation that was adrift on the Spirit Intranet.

“He wants to be Head Prefect? He’s just a mere freshman. He’s far from qualified.” Jiang Lin laughed when he heard the news. His eyes had a contemptuous look and did not seem to mind at all.

The dozens of inspectors behind him sneered derisively.

“He is just attempting desperate measures. No matter what he tries, there is no way he can escape his doomed fate!”

“How dare he beat people from our College Discipline Department. It’s no one’s fault but his own that this Wang Baole is courting death!”

“Let’s see what happens in a while. Let’s see if Wang Baole still dares to act as arrogantly as before. Didn’t he beat someone? I want to know if he will beg for mercy once he comes out!”

Upon hearing his subordinates’ comments, Jiang Lin looked at the Spirit Stones Hall. The contempt in his eyes turned more intense. Without stopping, he led more inspectors from the College Discipline Department toward the Spirit Stones Hall!

When they approached the hall, the inspectors drew their respective weapons and revealed ferocious looks like they were a dark cloud looming. This left the crowd so afraid that they did not dare approach. They even breathed carefully.

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