A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 25 - Great Void Twisting Technique Phenomenal Success

Chapter 25: Great Void Twisting Technique Phenomenal Success

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The voices on the club’s second floor were extremely vehement. The impression Wang Baole gave all of them was that of a fat rabbit who bent fingers, twisted wrists, or kicked crotches.

While all his offensive skills left people shuddering in fear, his actions also garnered him a lot of hate. His kicking of crotches especially left the scalps of others tingling. They could acutely identify with the pain and only found it utterly shameless.

From their point of view, be it the bending of fingers or the twisting of wrists, they were all acts of lowly hooligans. As for the kicking of crotches, that was even less acceptable.

Even worse, he had an extremely sharp tongue. He had provoked and challenged the crowd from the arena. Thus, under the instigation of the victims, it created a contemptuous denouncement.

In everyone’s eyes, Fat Rabbit was nothing but trash, one who only knew how to resort to tricks and be extremely shameless. However… what appeared to be an extremely shameless battle technique in everyone’s eyes had been used by Wang Baole to defeat a Pulse Enrichment realm expert. Their preconceived notions crumbled as a result. All the contempt they had turned into shock at that very moment.

“He… he actually defeated someone at the Pulse Enrichment realm!”

“Heavens! A shameless battle technique that bends fingers, twists wrists, and kicks crotches is actually able to produce such formidable might!”

“That’s not right. It’s difficult for an average person to achieve that. Fat Rabbit must have spent many years to achieve his present skill!”

Gasps sounded as an uproar erupted. Those that were frequent visitors of the club were aficionados of Ancient Martial Arts. In fact, they had no strict rules deep in their hearts. They could accept something up to a certain extent as long as it had been proven effective.

Although Wang Baole’s technique was shameless, the battle had proven that the battle technique was effective. As such, many people on the club’s second floor gasped as they felt moved.

Some even spent Spirit Stones to seek out video recordings of the hundreds of battles that Wang Baole had engaged in. They began studying those recordings. As there were many people on the second floor, and with Zhou Lu’s status, news of Fat Rabbit immediately spread.

By then, Wang Baole had already returned to Ethereal Dao College. After one day of training, he realized that he had gained new insights into crotch-kicking. Therefore, he entered the Hallucination realm again to train with the senior sparring partner.

Time passed. Although Wang Baole’s cries continued echoing in the Hallucination realm, the frequency was gradually decreasing.

Outside, news of Fat Rabbit spread, and it finally reached an all-time high.

Fat Rabbit’s reputation was no longer limited to the club. There had been several Ethereal Dao College students that day at the club. After recovering from their shock, they had begun researching and studying.

Therefore… be it on the Dao College’s Spirit Intranet or the Spirit Internet that connected the entire Federation, many videos of Wang Baole’s fights began to appear.

Every video went from having zero viewers to becoming a viral hit. Everyone who watched it drew a gasp, especially the challengers from before. When they watched it again and recalled the pain they suffered, they became even more motivated to study it seriously.

These videos were quickly spread in a short amount of time and were used as learning material by more and more people. There were even people who sought out twisting techniques in Ancient Martial Arts. In fact, that was the original version. What Wang Baole had learned was clearly a modified version. Matched with the devouring seed’s strength, it resulted in a unique twisting technique.

Certain things were immediately different the moment it had an origin and outlet. For instance, what Wang Baole employed was no longer treated as a shameless battle technique by others. Instead, it had become a combat art.

“This is what combat is!”

“That’s right. More than a thousand years ago, combat fights were only performances. In our present world, combat is fraught with dangers. It’s a battle that decides life and death!”

“That’s reasonable. In the face of life and death, no one will care if you bend fingers or kick crotches. That would just be too pedantic!”

As such opinions spread, there were even organizations that appeared to side with Wang Baole. These organizations were all spontaneously formed. They showed their ardent approval of what Wang Baole did on the Spirit Internet.

Soon, news of Fat Rabbit also spread throughout Ethereal City.

All of this made the number of people learning twisting techniques increase. There were even arenas in the club with people bending fingers, twisting wrists, and kicking crotches. Although it still garnered contempt, it slowly became a trend. However, the club quickly announced a restriction—they banned crotch-kicking.

This was, in effect, condoning the twisting technique. It made even more people passionate about bending fingers and twisting wrists.

The twisting techniques were still effective. Although they lacked the horrific effects of Wang Baole’s devouring seed, they were still incisive to a particular extent.

This trend even slowly spread to Ethereal Dao College. Some of the Combat faculty students began practicing it, especially the youth who had been forced to call him Daddy numerous times. He crazily trained in his training chamber, studying videos and practicing his twisting technique.

“I will definitely learn of your identity. When that happens, I, Lu Zihao, swear to make you call me Daddy!”

While the youth trained crazily, Zhou Lu, who was watching videos by the window in a luxurious room in the fight club, was the same.

The room was very exquisite. From inside, one could see nearly half of Ethereal City. Amid the swirling clouds, the city appeared like an immortal’s world.

The decorations in the room were even finer. Every object looked very expensive.

Zhou Lu, who was inside this luxurious room, was dressed in her home clothes. She was staring at a projection playing a video of Wang Baole.

Losing to someone at the Physical Seal realm had been a huge blow for her, especially having her buttocks kicked. This made her usual arrogant self fume to the point of insanity.

Although she was researching it, she had no intention of learning the twisting technique. Instead, she was trying to think of all possible ways to counter the technique.

However, the scenes in the video caused her to quickly lose control. Her fists clenched tightly, and it was at that moment, her father, president of the freestyle fight club in Ethereal City, walked in.

Upon seeing his daughter’s livid face, he smiled bitterly as he gave a sigh.

“Lulu, why are you so worked up?” The president looked like he was in his forties. His figure stood tall and straight, and although he had a little white hair on his head, his cultivation realm was no longer at the Ancient Martial realm. He had long surpassed mere mortals, and he was completely unfathomable.

“Dad, are you telling me that darn Fat Rabbit’s identity or not!” Zhou Lu looked toward her father as he approached. This was not the first time she had raised such a request.

“Cut it out, Lulu. The privacy of our customers is the foundation of our club’s establishment; this rule cannot be broken! You are about to report to the military soon, so stop working up a fuss.” The president shook his head helplessly and gave her a few assuring words. Noticing that his daughter was still infuriated, he felt his head ache. Thankfully, a subordinate had a report for him. He left after comforting her with a few more words.

Zhou Lu was left in the room as her chest heaved up and down. She clenched her teeth moments after she stared at the video.

“Fatty, I’ll definitely identify you!”

Many people in Ethereal City, mostly victims of Wang Baole, were just like Lu Zihao and Zhou Lu, and although their adamant words failed to amount to a curse, they were able to make Wang Baole sneeze several times.

Someone is thinking about me again. At that moment, Wang Baole, who was snacking inside his Dao College cave abode, sneezed. He quickly drank some Ice Spirit Water before feeling much better.

As he snacked, he mumbled to himself.

“I’ve become too famous recently and have to keep a low profile. I’m the person who will become the Federation President after all. Other than the fame that arises from becoming an official, I do not want any other kinds of fame.” Wang Baole strongly approved of his decision to use a mask early on. After he finished his snacks with great delight, he patted himself on the stomach and took a deep breath. He activated the Hallucination realm before continuing his sparring with the senior sparring partner.

Days passed by. Wang Baole became more skilled at the twisting technique, and eventually, his fights with the senior sparring partner were all extremely intense.

His talent in wrestling also stood out during the training. The number of times he was kicked in the crotch decreased until, one day, the senior sparring partner could no longer kick him. Wang Baole began his counterattack.

But this counterattack… did not bring him any joy. Instead, it only gave him nightmares once again.

The senior sparring partner’s battling technique changed yet again. From twisting wrists, it developed into the twisting of his shoulders, neck, knee, or other joints on his body.

It was as though every joint on the human body was a target of the twisting technique. The battles that resulted in Wang Baole having his joints twisted time and time again left him screaming in pain, but he would return to the Hallucination realm again.

He wished to visit the fight club again, but once he recalled how he had offended the club’s young mistress, Wang Baole held back sorrowfully. He began to raise his techniques bit by bit in the Hallucination realm.

Thankfully, his foundation had been made robust, and the senior sparring partner’s changes were limited. It allowed Wang Baole to slowly grasp the twisting technique as his body fully experienced the pain of his joints being twisted, allowing him to improve his skill.

Only after another two months passed, when he defeated the senior sparring partner, did Wang Baole walk out the Hallucination realm. He looked at the blue sky dotted with white clouds outside his cave abode, feeling extremely excited.

Finally, I’ve attained phenomenal success!

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