A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 26 - Your Humble Servant, Xie Haiyang

Chapter 26: Your Humble Servant, Xie Haiyang

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Phenomenal success stage of the Great Void Twisting Technique!

When the formerly despicable and terrifying senior sparring partner in the Hallucination realm failed to bend his fingers, kick his crotch, or twist Wang Baole’s joints, to the point of being subdued, Wang Baole became excited.

Who can stop me from becoming Head Prefect now? Nobody! After exiting the Hallucination realm, he looked at the blue skies and white clouds outside the cave abode. With his arms akimbo, he laughed out loud.

He was filled with excitement and anticipation. Ever since he discovered the powers gained from being Head Prefect, he had spent half a year working hard to become one.

At the thought of becoming Head Prefect, and thus having the right to supervise all Dharmic Armament faculty students, he felt that he would become an important figure. Although he might not be able to have his absolute way in the Dao College, he would become someone no one dared offend. Just the thought of it left Wang Baole even more excited.

Whenever he thought of such a scene, Wang Baole would be filled with anticipation amid his excitement, but most of the time, he would only work more diligently. Now, however, he could already see that scene play out. Him becoming Head Prefect… was already within his grasp!

Such close proximity to his goal made Wang Baole’s heart race. His feelings of anticipation were extremely intense.

Amid his excitement, Wang Baole touched his somewhat shriveled tummy. While anticipating the future, he also felt sorry for himself.

To become Head Prefect, I have lost all desire for food and drink in order to practice in my twisting technique. Now that I have obtained phenomenal success in it, one meal won’t hurt. With this thought in mind, Wang Baole could not hold back his eagerness to charge out the cave abode. He went to the Dao College’s canteen, ordered three servings, and enjoyed a delightful meal.

Two hours later, when Wang Baole returned while chomping on a drumstick, his tummy was bulging. After he threw the drumstick bone away, he patted his tummy and took out a bottle of Ice Spirit Water from his tiny bag. Only after drinking a large mouthful did he enter his cave abode satisfied. As he sat there burping, he could not help but eat another few bags of snacks. He wiped his mouth and took a deep breath.

It’s time for the Head Prefect of Ethereal Dao College’s Dharmic Armament faculty’s Spirit Stones Hall to change! The thought of him becoming Head Prefect again surfaced in his mind once again. He became even more excited.

Head Prefect, here I come! He growled as he raised his right hand. The devouring seed in him instantly extended its influence as his entire body seemed to turn into a black hole.

After training his twisting technique, he was very close to having absolute control over his devouring seed. The suction forces spread throughout Wang Baole’s body as he was able to absorb spirit energy at a much potent level than before.

In the blink of an eye, the space in the cave abode distorted. It was as though the cave abode had turned into a vacuum as a result of Wang Baole’s devouring seed. He guided the worldly spirit energy outside the cave abode toward him, where he directly absorbed it all into his body as the energy rapidly gathered at his palm.

Soon, a resplendent beam emitted out of Wang Baole’s palm.

The difference between medial-grade Spirit Stones and superior-grade Spirit Stones was in the process going from the 84% mark to the 85% mark. This was a bottleneck everyone encountered and had once troubled Wang Baole greatly. But now, with the increase of his devouring seed’s suction force and the energy flowing through his meridians without much resistance due to his cultivation of the twisting technique, everything was different from the past.

This made his Spirit Stone refinement instantly overcome the chasm that separated the medial-grade from the superior-grade. He immediately condensed an 86% pure Spirit Stone.

One thing of note was his body. Perhaps it was because he had not refined Spirit Stones in a long time, but not only did he not have any spirit fat grow on him, his body was even improving while refining the Spirit Stone. This made Wang Baole greatly excited.

Even if I gain weight, it’s fine. At most, I’ll think of a way to lose weight. My current goal is to become Head Prefect in the shortest possible time! Wang Baole felt that, compared to losing weight, becoming Head Prefect was more important. He stopped paying attention to the changes in his weight as he fully focused on Spirit Stone refinement.

Time passed, and days later, when Wang Baole refined an 89% pure Spirit Stone, he came to a decision.

Seclusion! Seclusion! Wang Baole’s desire to become Head Prefect completely occupied his mind. In order to be certain, he took some time to visit the hall and verified that ranked first in the Spirit Stones Hall was Jiang Lin. He had refined a Spirit Stone of 91% purity.

Therefore, he confidently purchased a large amount of food and manically entered seclusion in a bid to strive for Head Prefect.

Days passed one by one as Wang Baole slowly immersed himself in a trance-like manner of refining Spirit Stones. Finally, his Spirit Stones purity exceeded 89% one week later, reaching… 90% purity!

If this matter was made known, it would definitely cause a commotion throughout the Dao College. To increase beyond 85% purity was extremely difficult. Even those with talent, like Jiang Lin, had to spend more than two years to progress from 70% to 90%. Jiang Lin had then spent another year before he reached the present 91%.

As for Wang Baole, he had raised his purity from 50% to his present stage. The improvement was immense and unprecedented. Furthermore, he had only spent about half a year to achieve that.

Once one’s Spirit Stone purity reached 90%, one could be known as a master when it came to refining of Spirit Stones. After all, the number of people who had reached 90% in all of Ethereal Dao College on the Spirit Stones Hall Roll was, at present, two!

One was at 91% and another was exactly at 90%.

This ranking appeared close, but in fact, to surpass that was extraordinarily difficult.

After all, there was difficulty going from 85% to 90%, but above 90%, it was like a chasm with every step!

In Ethereal Dao College’s history, the record of the fastest person to become Head Prefect was two years. It was because he had possessed a stunning talent that allowed him to accomplish the feat.

As for freshmen Head Prefects, it was still possible in other faculties, but it had never happened in the Dharmic Armament faculty!

Wang Baole was rapidly approaching the record. Having disregarded sleep and food, he refined crazily. He paid no attention to his weight, putting all his effort into breaking past 90% to reach 91% purity.

As for his weight, it was gradually rising with the slow appearance of spirit fat as his refinement purity increased.

After a few days, Wang Baole’s body was so massive that he was bigger than the first time he had tried losing weight after matriculating. His Spirit Stone purity broke through once again, reaching 91%!

With victory at hand, Wang Baole lacked the time to consider the matter of losing weight. He did not even think of his family’s genealogical table or the Fatso Forefathers. He was regulating his breathing and encouraging himself before he continued another refinement.

One week later, his Spirit Stone purity made another breakthrough. It reached straight to 92%!

However, Wang Baole did not stop. He had considered the possibility of Jiang Lin having broken through during this period of time. That would have been irritating; therefore, he clenched his teeth and, seeking his limit, continued refining.

Unbeknownst to him, his body… was very exaggerated at the moment. It far exceeded his fattest point in history, reaching an astounding size. Finally, when Wang Baole’s Spirit Stone purity made another unprecedented breakthrough, with the Spirit Stone’s purity turning from 92% to 93%, Wang Baole saw that the stone in his palm no longer looked resplendent and crystalline. Instead, it emitted rainbow light like a gem. He raised his head and laughed out loud.

So, this is the legendary… Rainbow Spirit Stone!

Wang Baole had heard the teacher mention Rainbow Spirit Stones in his first lecture. Later, he had come to understand that this was the highest realm when it came to refining Spirit Stones!

I’m Head Prefect! In his excitement, Wang Baole suddenly tried to get up. He wanted to head to the Hall Roll and activate the Head Prefect test. As long as he refined one Spirit Stone there and left a record with the Hall Roll, he would become Head Prefect!

However, when Wang Baole, who had been immersed in his excitement, tried to get up, he suddenly widened his eyes. He looked at his surroundings in a daze.

Why do I find the cave abode smaller? Don’t tell me…

Wang Baole’s breathing turned a little stifled. As he muttered, he looked down at his belly and once again looked at his surroundings. Moments later, he let out a shrill and tragic cry. It boomed out of Wang Baole’s cave abode.

At that moment, in the cave abode, Wang Baole’s body had reached a stunning size. He… nearly occupied more than half the cave abode. Although the cave abode was not big to begin with, this only served to accentuate how massive Wang Baole was. That terrifying look and ridiculous body were enough to make anyone who saw him draw a gasp and be appalled.

Ignoring the question of him being able to stand up, just a look at his cave abode almost brought Wang Baole to tears. He discovered that, even if he could crawl over, he was unable to squeeze out the door.

Heavens, I can’t even get out. How… how am I to lose weight? Wang Baole lamented speechlessly. He was nearly driven to the brink of insanity, gripped with anxiety. He felt that he was already Head Prefect, but just as he was about to take the test to advance to the highest point of his life, he was unable to leave the cave abode.

And if he could not leave, there was no way for him to go to the Lava Chamber to continue his weight loss. All of this became a vicious cycle that left Wang Baole dumbfounded and mad.

After struggling internally and finding many of the solutions he thought up useless, Wang Baole sadly raised his voice transmission ring. After struggling with himself, he sought Liu Daobin’s help.

When Liu Daobin heard this matter, he rushed over quickly. He drew a gasp when he saw Wang Baole inside the cave abode.

“Heavens! Wang Baole, how did you do it?”

Wang Baole was in utter sadness. When Liu Daobin saw this, he quickly suggested several solutions, but none of them worked. He could only contact others. and gradually, Bunny Zhou Xiaoya came, as well as Du Min. Even Chen Ziheng had come.

Chen Ziheng widened his eyes as he muttered softly, “Fascinating.”

As for Du Min, she gave Wang Baole a sidelong glance with a contemptuous look.

“Darn Fatty, eat less!”

Bunny Zhou Xiaoya looked worried and very concerned.

Wang Baole looked at the crowd outside his cave abode, and with the desperate desire to survive… he immediately said, “Guys, we come from the same town. You guys have to save me.”

However, Liu Daobin and the others were not as useful as Wang Baole had hoped. None of them could think of a feasible solution. Eventually, it was Bunny who found a senior student named Xie Haiyang and invited him over.

Xie Haiyang was quite a famous person in the Dao College. He was acclaimed to have connections from the Chancellor to the students, with nothing he could not resolve. Bunny had acquainted herself with him through a pill trade.

Soon, a youth of average height came walking down the trail outside Wang Baole’s cave. He had his hair gelled up, making it sparkle under the sunlight. He looked like a bright lamp while walking from afar.

When he arrived outside Wang Baole’s cave abode and looked in, his already brilliant-looking eyes instantly lit up.

“Schoolmate, I’m your humble servant, Xie Haiyang. By inviting me here, you can rest assured. I love doing business with people from the Dharmic Armament faculty.

“As long as you have the money, there is nothing I, Xie Haiyang, can’t do. Let’s not talk about a trivial matter like yours. Even if you want the Chancellor to personally refine a Dharmic artifact for you or use Mystic Silver Sand to smith a similar snuff bottle like your Dharmic Armament faculty’s dean, that is something possible through me! This matter of yours is too simple. Don’t you just want to get out? I can demolish your cave abode; wouldn’t that allow you to leave?” Xie Haiyang said passionately as he got straight to business.

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