A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 24 - I Won't Fight You

Chapter 24: I Won’t Fight You

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There was a rowdy din throughout the fight club’s second floor. Angry and aggrieved roars boomed incessantly in waves as the atmosphere was punctuated by all sorts of contemptuous voices.

“Shameless Fat Rabbit. All you do is bully us at the Physical Seal realm. If you’ve got guts, permit challengers at the Pulse Enrichment realm to enter your arena!”

“That’s right. How can you consider yourself capable when all you do is bully us at the Physical Seal realm? I’m unconvinced!”

Those who tragically had their crotches kicked, as well as their close friends and relatives, cursed the loudest.

Wang Baole was also very disgruntled hearing them.

“I’m at the Physical Seal realm. What do you mean I’m bullying those at the Physical Seal realm? Stop shouting, come on up and fight!”

Perhaps, Wang Baole’s crotch-kicking was too visual; it resulted in fewer people daring to challenge him. But now, Wang Baole’s skill at bending fingers and kicking out of the blue was improving with practice.

He did not realize that he seemed to have an innate talent for that form of battling. In the end, he was able to create his own moves and kick crotches in different ways.

At times, he would kick from the front or from the side, and at other times, from below. He even stretched his leg out from the back and curled his foot back…

As Wang Baole delivered various styles of crotch-kicking, the crowd cursed, but their hearts chilled. They identified with the pain more acutely as their crotches seemed to ache. The denouncement and curses only increased.

If someone was thin-skinned, they might have been drowned by the denouncement, but Wang Baole was a thick-skinned person to begin with, even so when he was wearing a mask.

All of this made him feel like a fish in water. He felt he could let himself go, and his mocking skills were ever improving.

“Is there anyone who wants to challenge me?

“You, you were shouting quite loudly just now. Didn’t you say I shouldn’t bend fingers? Come, I guarantee you that I will not bend a single finger!”

Just as Wang Baole was smugly issuing a challenge, a woman’s voice was suddenly heard. Even in the rowdy club, it clearly reached the arena.

“I’ll spar with you.” Although it was a woman’s voice, it sounded very sonorous and powerful. Accompanying the voice, the crowd rapidly parted to form a path.

Gazes instantly landed on that open path where two women were walking over. They were two beauties of different ages. The young beauty was dressed in a training robe, and she wore a kitten mask. The older beauty did not wear a mask. She had excellent features, and her attire was captivating. It showcased her curvaceous body, allowing her entire being to suffuse stunning beauty.

Especially with her wavy hair, it made her exude charm. The fighting spirit in her eyes made her look like a wild panther. It attracted every man who fixed their sights on her as their hearts raced.

Even more stunning was her aura. It was not at the Physical Seal realm but at the… Pulse Enrichment realm!

The Blood Qi realm had tremendous amounts of Blood Qi, which resulted in a leak. Physical Seal was like sealing one’s body, allowing one’s strength to converge. However, it was difficult to maintain it for long and energy would eventually disperse.

The last of the Ancient Martial realms was Pulse Enrichment. All meridians in the body were sealed shut, allowing one to maintain peak performance for prolonged periods of time. Every sliver of strength could be pushed to the extreme, and it could be considered the pinnacle of body and soul. They were no different from humanoid killing machines.

Her appearance immediately caused the surroundings to burst out in exclamation.

“It’s the young mistress of the club, Zhou Lu!”

“Haha, Fat Rabbit is in trouble. This is Zhou Lu. The club is run by her family. She abhors evil and has used her authority to expel the vile before. I heard that she attends White Deer Dao College and is graduating very soon. I have even heard that the military has offered her a job.”

“Goddess. She’s my goddess!”

As the woman walked over, the breaths of the surrounding people hastened. Many burning eyes were fixated on Zhou Lu, making her the focus of all.

Wang Baole blinked. He did not know who she was, but after hearing the exclamations from the crowd, he immediately got an understanding of her background, leaving him shocked. This was especially when he heard that her cultivation level exceeded the Physical Seal realm, leaving Wang Baole wary.

He was there to find a sparring partner, not to be beaten to a pulp. He swept his gaze, and before Zhou Lu arrived in front of the glass barrier of his arena, he gave a light cough.

“Sorry. I only accept challenges from those below the Pulse Enrichment realm. Young lady, your cultivation has exceeded the requirement. I won’t fight you.

“Besides, my killer blows are too powerful. Once they are unleashed, it will put me in a difficult position since you are a girl.

“So, let’s forget it. I’m tired already and shall be leaving.” Wang Baole immediately felt that the speech he delivered was perfect. He had not exposed his age and had also rejected her. Nor did he appear cowardly. After he was done with his words, he sighed with regret as he held his hands behind his back and walked toward the exit.

Everyone immediately booed. The beauty who wore a kitten’s mask dressed in a training costume glared at Wang Baole as she shouted with the crowd.

“You want to leave?” At that moment, Zhou Lu, who was standing outside the glass barrier, had a contemptuous look in her eyes. She abhorred evil, and she felt that it was her responsibility to expel a vile person who did shameless acts like bending fingers from the club.

Furthermore, he had bullied her younger sister. How could she spare him? She raised her right hand and produced a purple jade card. She pressed it on the glass barrier, and immediately, the sealed arena opened!

This scene immediately left the crowd excited.

“Sis Authority has used her authority again. Haha!”

“This Fat Rabbit is in deep shit now.”

Cheers filled the second floor. As for the crowd in the security room on the third floor, they shook their heads helplessly.

Wang Baole was similarly given a shock. He rapidly took a few steps back and looked at Zhou Lu, who entered his arena, with widened eyes. Her Pulse Enrichment aura left his eyes constricted. He wanted to curse, finding the club too shameless, for he had never expected this to happen. He rapidly retreated as he yelled, “I’m a customer. The customer is king. You cannot hit me… I will complain!”

As Wang Baole said those words, the surrounding security turned hesitant. The experts stationed in the security room on the third floor were rendered helpless as well. It was not the first time they had seen the young mistress do such a thing. They knew that, even if they did stop her, they just needed to delay their arrival.

“Go ahead and complain. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve received complaints.” In the arena, Zhou Lu’s eyes were filled with arrogance. She was confident she would be able to teach the Fat Rabbit a lesson that he would remember before the club stopped her. A glint flashed in her eyes as her early-stage Pulse Enrichment cultivation instantly erupted. Her speed increased to its limits as she charged at Wang Baole.

When she heard the surrounding crowd cheering for her, she felt even more convinced that what she was doing was right.

The speed of the Pulse Enrichment realm was too fast. She was in front of Wang Baole in the blink of an eye as she raised her right hand to grab at his mask.

At that dangerous juncture in time, Wang Baole cleared away all his thoughts. He rapidly retreated as his accelerated away. His mask missed Zhou Lu’s grab by a hair, but as a Pulse Enrichment realm expert was too powerful, the winds her movements stirred struck Wang Baole and left him stumbling backward.

Wang Baole was infuriated as he shouted loudly once again, “A clip joint! You people are running a clip joint!”

However, Zhou Lu ignored him. At the instant Wang Baole retreated, she spun around and raised her right foot for a sweep. With a thud, she struck Wang Baole and caused him to retreat even further.

It did not end. Zhou Lu’s attacks resembled a blistering storm. Her realm had already surpassed Wang Baole’s, and she had begun accumulating combat experience from a young age. She held the absolute initiative by attacking at that moment, and in a flash, she had closed in on Wang Baole and was attempting to grab his mask.

Wang Baole was already infuriated. He could ignore that the place was a clip joint, and he could tolerate the use of her authority and her bullying of the weak, but she was even going as far as to take off his mask. She was going overboard.

“You are going too far!” Wang Baole roared. He no longer cared about the differences that stood between them. Although he had never fought an opponent at the Physical Seal realm, his will to fight had similarly erupted after being bullied to such an extent. The moment he spread his devouring seed, he immediately sealed his body!

Zhou Lu was also left shocked with every breath taken. Her body was partially pulled as she came to a momentary pause. Just this brief moment allowed Wang Baole to rapidly approach her with savage-looking eyes. He raised his left hand as he grabbed Zhou Lu’s finger and yanked it up before bending it.

“Kneel down and call me Daddy!” Wang Baole bellowed as a sharp pain instantly tore through Zhou Lu’s body. The pain left her nearly in tears, and despite trying to escape, Wang Baole’s palm was like a suction pad. She was completely unable to extricate herself despite being at the Pulse Enrichment realm.

However, she had rich experience in combat. As her strength erupted, she tolerated the pain and twisted her body. Although she failed to escape, she was able to throw a punch at Wang Baole’s temple.

Wang Baole’s eyes had a savage glow in them. He did not dodge, but instead twisted his body slightly. He quickly raised his right hand. As Zhou Lu’s back was facing him, he pressed down at her wrist when she swung her fist backward. With a mighty press downward, a cracking sound was heard.

After twisting her fingers, even her wrist was twisted. Waves of agony inundated Zhou Lu as they drove her mad. However, she was indignant and extremely disgruntled. She raised her right foot and kicked out at Wang Baole’s crotch.

This kick stirred up a howling wind. Once it connected, the outcome was obvious. Wang Baole knew the meaning of a sparring session, so he knew how to hold back. As a man who had been taught a good lesson by the senior sparring partner, he knew the pain. The senior sparring partner had no emotions, and although it was a Hallucination realm, the pain was an actual experience. But now, Zhou Lu was not holding back any of her strength. She was attacking with full force!

This left Wang Baole furious. He instantly unleashed his suction force, which was emitted from his chest. Instantly, this made Zhou Lu lose control of her kick as it changed direction. The force pulled her upward, and due to her instability, most of her kick’s strength was lost. As for Wang Baole, he did not hesitate to raise his right foot at the cost of being kicked in the stomach. He gave a sharp kick at Zhou Lu’s buttocks!

“Get down!”

With a boom, both of them struck each other simultaneously. Wang Baole’s fat was thick, but even though Zhou Lu’s kick had lost most of its strength, it still managed to send him retreating several steps.

Zhou Lu let out a tragic cry that had never been heard before. Her buttocks were kicked by Wang Baole as she stumbled forward. The pain left her unable to heed her image. She held her buttocks as she skipped around. Looking from afar, her buttocks were dissimilar in size, looking rather jarring.

The crowd failed to react the instant that happened. Only when everything was over did the club’s security rush over.

Wang Baole was panting as he glared at the buttock-clasping Zhou Lu, holding back his urge to deliver another kick. Recalling that the club was run by her family, Wang Baole harrumphed and stood at the spot where he could leave. He controlled the platform to descend, returning to his chamber.

He held his tummy as he took off his mask. He quickly left the passageway and, taking advantage of how the people on the second floor had not fully reacted, immediately left the club, pretending like nothing had happened.

Only when he left the place did he heave a long sigh of relief. He pressed down on his hurting tummy, but he slowly became excited before feeling puzzled.

This twisting technique is indeed useful. It can actually fight the Pulse Enrichment realm! But… why do I feel like it’s meant for a woman’s self-defense? Could the person in the mask be female?

Wang Baole hesitated for a moment, but when he thought about how useful the twisting technique was, he no longer held much suspicion about it and left excitedly.

However, on the second floor of the club, there was an unprecedented uproarious shock when the crowd finally came to.

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