Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Her Ability (Part 2)

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Instead, it was similar to the movie ‘God of Gamblers’ which Stephen Chow had featured in. She could move things without touching them, look through barriers, influence someone’s thoughts with her mind and even conceal herself. In her previous life, after investing a lot of effort into training herself, she could also walk through walls.


Still, her ability to see through barriers only allowed her to look underneath cards and dice cups.

Her ability to conceal herself also wasn’t very strong. She could only temporarily obscure someone’s vision and cause them to believe that she wasn’t present there.

Aside from moving things in the air, everything else consumed a lot of energy. At times, when she overused her ability, she would even lose consciousness.

In her previous life, she often practiced when she was alone for long hours.

She had gradually improved from being able to shake a small glass of water, to lifting it in the air, to bringing things across barriers…


She learned all of these gradually after putting in a lot of effort.

Although Bai Qinghao frequently visited her to care for her, his heart had been weak and he needed to undergo several operations. He spent most of his time in the hospital and could not give her the attention she needed.

After she eloped with Bai Chenxi, her relationship with Bai Qinghao had deteriorated drastically. She stubbornly and repeatedly rebelled against him, causing harm to him. As a result, his heart had suffered multiple agitations.

She was the reason why he eventually needed surgery.

She never expected that, after losing her sight and becoming paralysed, the only time she lived well was when he was by her side.

No one knew of her ability in her previous life. She would only use it to retrieve water when no one would respond to her, or to bring an extra blanket from the cupboard when it was cold. Occasionally, she would also use it to toss her dirty clothes in the bathroom.

Now that she thought about it, in her previous life, she had focused her ability entirely on making life more convenient for herself.

She came back from her memories and tried to concentrate. As she stared at the liquor cabinet, the doors opened and the bottles of alcohol flew out smoothly. They froze in mid-air.

Moments later, the bottles returned back to their original position and the liquor cabinet shut close.

She stood up and headed to the bathroom. Instead of opening the door, she focussed hard and pressed her left middle and index finger to her right ones. She then lifted her feet and walked straight through the wall.

She smiled happily in the bathroom.

Her ability was still present. The efforts and practice in her previous life had not been wasted.

Thank god!

In this world, everyone knew that individuals with unique abilities existed.

Under typical circumstances, such individuals would only have a single ability. For example, if they could look under a card, they would not be able to do anything more than that.

That she possessed so many abilities naturally meant she was one in a million.

She had no intention of harming others and never used her powers to be mischievous. She simply wanted to rely on them to protect herself.

After walking through the wall to enter the bathroom, she did not do it again to exit. After all, such a power consumed a lot of energy. She needed to rest or she would exhaust herself.

She opened the door and headed out. She then laid down on the luxurious bed and fell asleep.

Sometime later, the sound of the door opening startled Fang Xinxin awake.

She opened her eyes and was surprised by the person who came in.

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