Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Her Ability (Part 1)

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The maid started rattling off instructions coldly. “Do not touch the liquor cabinet with your hands. The Young Master hates the place being dirty the most. If you accidentally touch the cabinet and leave behind any fingerprints, your hands will be cut off. Do not blame me for not warning you.”

“Is that so?” Fang Xinxin glanced at the frigid looking maid. She did not appear to be more than twenty two years old. The Young Master was indifferent and cold, and his helpers were ridiculously rigid. “What’s your name?”

“Ji Qing,” the maid responded.

“I won’t make things difficult for you.” Fang Xinxin smiled and scanned her surroundings. It was really sparkling clean.

Impossible for her to find even a single speck of dust.

She rubbed her hands together until they became warm. Then… she pressed her palm firmly against the glass of the liquor cabinet.

The maid, Ji Qing, became flustered. Her eyes widened. “Miss Fang, what are you doing!”

“Not much.” Fang Xinxin’s expression also turned cold. “I just want you to understand. Since Bai Qinghao has allowed me to stay in his bedroom, even temporarily, I am now one of the owners of this room. I can touch anything in this room as I please. As a maid, you don’t have the right to point your fingers at me and tell me what to do!”

“…” Ji Qing could not refute her words. She did not know the importance this woman held in her Young Master’s heart, but she genuinely felt that this fat and ugly woman was unsuitable for him.

Fang Xinxin did not wish to be petty. However, she had seen the disdain in Ji Qing’s eyes.

She hated it the most when others looked at her that way. “You can leave now.”

“You will regret your words.” Ji Qing looked at Fang Xinxin coldly and turned to go.

Fang Xinxin wasn’t scared of Bai Qinghao removing her hands. In her previous life, the man had even given his life for her.

“Wow!” She rushed into the bedroom and jumped on the bed with her arms spread out.

The luxurious bed was as soft as a cloud. It bounced under her slightly.

A wide, extravagant bed and clean sheets… she rolled back and forth happily across the bed.

His bed was really comfortable and had been custom made by a famous designer.

After sleeping with Bai Qinghao, she was now sleeping in his bed… why did her heart feel warm?

The room was empty. She sat up.

She wanted to check if her ability was still present.

In her previous life, after she lost her sight and half of her body was paralysed, she became completely dependent on Bai Qinghao.

However, everyone believed that she had betrayed Bai Qinghao and they treated her like trash. Even though Bai Qinghao instructed his maids to take good care of her, his orders were completely neglected.

She did not receive any care whatsoever. Whenever she wanted water or some food, she was always ignored.

Several times, after she dirtied her pants due to her paralytic state, they would leave her be.

That sort of helplessness could not be understood by those who had never experienced it before.

Strangely, since losing her sight, her hearing improved tremendously.

Just by footsteps alone, she could tell who was walking by. Based on the sound of the tray being set down, she could also tell where the maid had left food.

Once, when no one was around, she had been extremely thirsty. All she could think about was water.

She knew that it was only a few steps away. For some reason, when she focused all of her thoughts on it, the glass of water actually trembled.

Afterwards, she concentrated and applied all her strength, making the glass move.


Slowly, she realised that she had a unique ability which a normal person did not possess.

Her ability wasn’t an omnipotent or unrealistic one from a fantasy novel or comic.

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