His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 500 - Let Him Come In!

Chapter 500 - Let Him Come In!

Both of them could see a trace of blood there, so they knew that they treated Feng harshly after Feng Lian was gone --- of course, it was deducted merely from Feng Lian's story. It made them feel worried even more because they didn't know whether it was the truth or not.

Yao Ying gritted his teeth in annoyance when he knew that it was hard to find Feng --- it had been more than one shichen, thus, he was afraid that most of the clues had been gone. However, he couldn't think negatively at this moment.

After pondering for a little while, he whispered a few instructions for Xiu to search any signs of Feng that could be found --- with their connection, maybe they could find out something. At the very least, they knew that Feng was still alive at this moment. Xiu could still feel their normal connection even though it was quite faint.

On the other hand, he quickly brought the father-daughter pair back from that place and put them under surveillance. It was better if they didn't know his plan --- just in case, Feng Lian ruined it again. Not only that, but Yao Ying ruthlessly put Feng Lian under house arrest. Li Guang couldn't refute Yao Ying's arrangement, after all, it was better than to be sent back to the Han Kingdom. He had a gut feeling that Yao Ying felt a bit regret for saving them back then.

It was indeed what Yao Ying had felt --- they brought him endless troubles which made him feel irked.

Once he arranged everything, he left immediately. Knowing what Yao Ying had thought about them, Li Guang could only sigh helplessly. No matter how stupid she was, Feng Lian was his only daughter... What else could he do? In his mind, Ying Ying was just a piece of chess and didn't think of her as her true daughter --- after all, he didn't bring her up and the feelings between them weren't as deep as his feelings and Feng Lian's.

Yes, he was being biased to that crazy point. In the end, he only scolded Feng Lian a bit before deciding to rest.

Yao Ying had no time to care about them. If he knew, he would only shake his head in disappointment anyway. Li Guang really spoiled his daughter a little bit too much which made him feel that he shouldn't do that to his daughter in the future.

Yao Ying didn't come back to Wang Fu to be idle because he was actually worried about Yao Ling. He saw how pale she was just now --- right after knowing that someone was targeting her power. Besides, she must have been scared after being pushed down by that bitch, Feng Lian. Was there something wrong with the baby? Xiu understood his young master's mind so he didn't feel that Yao Ying was neglecting his brother. On the other hand, he agreed with Yao Ying's arrangement.

In the end, Yao Ying only needed to wait for Xiu's report.

Yao Ying's gut feeling was proven right when he went back home. It was quite late at night and the light inside their room were all lit up, making him walk even faster. Their room was pretty hectic at this moment.

"What happened?" He quickly stopped Xiao Yu who just came out of the room while holding a basin of water. He was surprised when he saw that there was a trace of blood in it. His face became paler.

Was she... okay?

"Young Mistress is bleeding at the moment," Xiao Yu answered in a low voice. "Young Master, please wait outside... Young Mistress said that no one is allowed to come in..." After that, she whispered in a soft voice, "We aren't allowed to tell anyone else too... especially the matriach. Young Mistress doesn't want anyone to feel worried."

Yao Ying sighed. It was already at this point and yet, she still cared about other people. This woman was so selfless that it made him want to dote on her even more. "No, I will go inside," Yao Ying insisted to go inside. At least, he should accompany his wife when the situation was tough.

"This..." Xiao Yu couldn't make a decision --- after all, Yao Ying was also her young master ah~! She looked at Yao Ying helplessly because she couldn't dismiss his words as well.

"Let him come in!" Yao Ling's weak voice floated to them. In the end, Xiao Yu moved away and let Yao Ying in. It was better this way anyway. There were only a few people awake and she could do something else while Yao Ying was tending to her young mistress.

Yao Ying quickly burst in and asked worriedly, "Are you okay?"

What he saw surprised him... after all, he had never seen Yao Ling look so weak before --- it was like there was no trace of blood left on her face. Her white face turned a few shades paler, making him feel alarmed.

Yao Ling just smiled weakly at him. "I'm fine..." She tried to reassure him, however, judging from his look... she had failed miserably.

"What happened? Didn't you already use your power just now? Shouldn't you be fine?" Yao Ying asked cautiously because he didn't want to add pressure to Yao Ling but he couldn't hold himself back.

The latter sighed. "Indeed, I used my power but it was only halfway and hadn't fully healed me yet. I stopped it midway when I heard about Feng Lian's confession. I didn't want to risk being find out..." Yao Ling said weakly.

"Can you use it now?" Yao Ying asked once again.

Yao Ling shook her head sadly. "No, it's too risky. Not only because of the fact that those people pay big attention to our Wang Fu, but because I stopped midway, there was a slight backlash from my power..."

The power was great but it also had certain boundaries --- she couldn't stop all of a sudden and the result was pretty bad like this. Yao Ying had never known this part and Yao Ling also thought that it wasn't important. She had always used the power carefully and how could it fleet inside her mind that something like this would occur?

However, it was too late to regret it now.

"How is the baby?" Yao Ying asked while his heart was beating faster. After all, there was a lot of blood in that basin and the smell was quite strong...

"The baby..." Yao Ling bit her lower lips while tears were pouring down slowly.

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