His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling

Chapter 499 - An Idiot

Chapter 499 - An Idiot

"I don't care about what kind of deal that you will get from him. I just want to know what the man wants to do and why did he decide to take Feng of all my people?" Yao Ying quickly asked, hoping to find an answer.

He already knew what Feng Lian wanted --- the woman wanted to remove Yao Ling from his side and become the main wife. Just a woman's petty jealousy and he didn't want too dwell on that matter anymore... It wasn't important to him anyway.

"This..." Feng Lian didn't know what to say. She only knew a bit about them and the main goal, thus, she didn't really know how to answer him. In truth, she didn't want to know because knowing too much would bring a danger to her. As long as her goal was accomplished, did it even matter?

Feng was only a servant and she didn't think that it was a big deal to sacrifice such a lowly person. She decided to tell the truth though, after all, she wasn't in the position to be arrogant at this moment.

"Actually, it's quite random... It doesn't matter to them who are being taken away as a hostage. They just need someone from Wang Fu and by chance, I could find a way to subdue Feng with the substances that that man had given to me..." Feng Lian admitted guiltily. If Xiu didn't reject her, the victim might be Xiu and it made Xiao Yu hate Feng Lian even more.

This woman was really shameless and annoying!

So, they didn't specifically need Feng... Someone from Wang Fu? So, the target was Wang Fu? Everyone was pondering over this matter. Why moved his men first? If it was all about Wang Fu, they should have targetted Wang Luo Hai's men first ah~! No matter what he was still new in the family and honestly, didn't know much about the deep secret of Wang Fu.

Would it be necessary to target him?

"Why?" Yao Ying asked once again. He tried not to believe that this woman was stupid enough to jump into something that she didn't know about. Thus, he guessed that she must have known something.

Feng Lian shook her head. "I don't know..." She bit her lower lip in distress.


Yao Ying and everyone else inside the room couldn't believe that this woman was actually 'that' stupid!

Li Guang saw the displeasure and hatred in Yao Ying and Yao Ling's eyes and quickly asked his daughter, "Just try to remember any details!" If Feng Lian couldn't provide an answer, he knew that they would end up in a bad state! No matter what he didn't want to have a bad relationship with Yao Ying.

Feng Lian was afaid when she saw her father's rare fierce look and tried to recall anything that she could remember. "Er... they only mentioned something about a fluctuative weird power... or something like that." Li Guang who heard that also didn't understand, what more a woman like Feng Lian? Only a few people knew about this matter. That was why Feng Lian didn't think that this matter was important to be remembered.

Li Guang had never remembered that Yao Ying had a weird power that he should pay attention to before and quickly dismissed the possibility that Yao Ling might have one. Women were weak in his eyes...

When Yao Ying and Yao Ling heard this, they looked at each other in dismay... knowing that someone had sensed Yao Ling's power. Otherwise, there was no other explanation. After all, her fluctuative power and inner qi were two different things.

Yao Ling's face became paler --- she had been so reckless lately! She used her power a few times and also, she used it just now to protect her child... What... What if that person was here? Somehow, she felt really afraid to be noticed once again.

They cleverly covered up their expression from the father-daughter pair though. After all, they would be stupid if they trusted them.

"Power? Don't lie!" Yao Ying squinted his eyes in disbelief, making him look like he didn't understand what they were talking about. It was better to pretend to be stupid at this moment.

"I am not!" Feng Lian quickly denied. She looked at her father for help but even the latter had a disbelief look etched on his face! She felt really wronged.

"You are so stupid!" Yao Ying didn't bother to cover up his disdain which made Feng Lian flinch in embarrassment and she almost burst into tears. Yao Ying didn't give her a chance to talk and continued asking, "What else do you know? Where was the last time you saw Feng?"

"This... This..."

How could she let them know where Feng was?! She hadn't gotten her end of the deal. Until now, she was still thinking that she would be successful --- either she was really blind or really an idiot.

"Let them know!" Even Li Guang forced her to admit everything. He really wanted to slap Feng Lian to make her sober. She would really be the death of him ah~!

"O... Okay..." She obeyed weakly.

Feng Lian could only bring them to the place where she saw Feng last time. Yao Ling didn't follow them because she still felt that her stomach was uncomfortable. Yao Ying and Xiu were the only ones who came along --- oh, and also Li Guang.

Every trace there had been erased, showing how careful that person was.

Yao Ying glared at Feng Lian and said, "If something happens to Feng, I will personally send you back to the Han Kingdom!" He would let her rotten inside the prison! His words made the father-daughter pair tremble in fear. They didn't want to go back to those times!

Li Guang quickly asked for forgiveness but Yao Ying paid him no mind. "I already give you enough face! If she's not your daughter, I will already kill her!"

Any words of persuasion that Li Guang wanted to say stuck in his mouth because he knew how angry Yao Ying was.

"What should we do, Young Master?" Xiu asked in a low voice.

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