The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 7 - Panic

Chapter 7: Panic

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Well, this is awkward. Should I just pretend like nothing happened and step out?wondered Han Xiao.

Han Xiao did not have anything in particular against any group of people. He respected people’s hobbies and interests. These two men before him were simply two lonely hearts who had had no way of releasing their pent-up frustrations. Over time, their common bond developed into something special…

It’s not your fault! It’s Tokiomi’s 1 —I mean—it’s just how things ended up!

Although Han Xiao’s mind was dulled with such thoughts, his body was quick to act. Reversing his grip on his knife, he rushed forward to attack the closer guard.

The guard was unable to react in time, and as he fumbled to draw his gun, Han Xiao went in for the kill.

Unfortunately, the second guard kicked him to safety.

Han Xiao’s surprise attack had failed, but he was not disheartened. Twirling the knife in his hand, he switched back to a standard grip and stabbed the second guard in his abdomen, followed by striking his neck with his free hand. The guard collapsed to the ground.


Overwhelming Force!

You have 25 Strength. The target has 10 Strength.

As you have over twice as much Strength as the target, your attack dealt 50% more damage!

The target has lost consciousness.


One down!

The other guard who had been kicked to safety rolled further away to create some space between him and Han Xiao before raising his gun to fire.

Han Xiao immediately tackled him down and slammed his hand against the floor, causing him to release the gun in pain.

It would have been disastrous for Han Xiao if he had managed to fire.

Han Xiao proceeded to head-butt the guard on his nose, disorienting him, and circled around to strangle him from behind.

Rear naked chokehold!

The guard’s face turned purple as he struggled to break free.


You have performed a [Submission].

You have 25 Strength. Your target has 11 Strength.

Your target is unable to break free.


The guard struggled for a few more seconds before fainting.

“That was close… It would have been easier if I were a Pugilist,” panted Han Xiao as he got up.

The Pugilist class was the most popular class in Galaxy for the simple reason that it was the coolest looking class. Their skills had the coolest names, such as ‘Inferno Quake’, ‘Devil’s Beam’, or ‘Star Breaker’. Of course, many skills were not actually as powerful as their names suggested, but the point is that they sounded cool!

Shouting out the skill’s name as you used it also always seemed to make it stronger. Although most players weren’t thick skinned enough to do so, Han Xiao enjoyed it.

Pugilists were also a much simpler class to play – basically, just keep on hitting the enemy. Compared to the most demanding class to play, the Mechanic, the difference was night and day.

Han Xiao used his knife to finish the two unconscious guards. He looted four magazines of bullets from them.

He then moved the bodies of the other two guards into the room, cleaned up the bloodstains in the corridor, and smashed up all the security monitors. After confirming that he had not missed anything, Han Xiao emerged from the room with his usual blank expression on once more.

Eliminating the surveillance room was important to Han Xiao’s escape – it allowed him to move freely.

Han Xiao returned to the second floor where a guard suddenly stopped him.

“Mr. Lin Wei Xian wants to see you.”

Han Xiao’s eyes flashed.

Lin Wei Xian was one of the few people in the base who possessed a security pass that could access the main gate. He was saving Han Xiao the trouble of looking for him.

Han Xiao followed the guard to Lin Wei Xian’s private laboratory. It was a dimly lit room. The walls were lined with shelves of specimen jars filled with organs – almost like the private collection of a homicidal murderer.

“The organization has finally let me have you. If I dissect you, I will be able to find out the difference between you and the other test subjects. After extracting all the valuable information your body has to offer, I will preserve your corpse as a specimen. You will be fondly remembered as the first test subject.”

Han Xiao remained silent in the dark.

“You there, secure him tightly and don’t let him struggle. It’ll ruin my experiment,” ordered Lin Wei Xian.

He then proceeded to turn around to retrieve his toolbox of oddly-shaped surgical knifes and scalpels. Before Han Xiao, how many had fallen prey to them?

Suddenly, Lin Wei Xian heard a dull thud from behind. He turned around, only to discover that Han Xiao was standing right behind him.

Before he could react, Lin Wei Xian felt a pain in his chest. Looking down blankly, he saw that a knife was stabbed directly into his heart.

His eyes widened with shock as he dropped the surgical knife he was holding

He could see the motionless guard lying on the floor behind Han Xiao, as well as the coldness in Han Xiao’s eyes.

Right! This room is under surveillance!

Han Xiao seemed to have read his mind. “Give up. I’ve already cleaned the surveillance room.”

That tone… is this really that dim-witted Zero?

Lin Wei Xian shuddered as the color in his face drained quickly.

“Half… half a year… you’ve been faking it all along?”

Han Xiao nodded.

“How is that possible… You’ve fooled everyone!” Lin Wei Xian wondered aloud, incredulous.

“Nothing is impossible in this world.” Han Xiao twisted the knife viciously.

Lin Wei Xian crumpled to the ground, wide-eyed in indignation and terror.

“I… am your… creator…”

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