The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 35 - Han Xiao

Chapter 35: Han Xiao

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The battle lasted for two hours, and it was Stardragon’s most successful operation to date; not only did they destroy an entire Germinal base, they also managed to collect large amounts of data. The top brass in Division 13 were pleased, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Han Xiao’s intel.

However, Han Xiao’s past and the Blackstar issue remained a mystery as the information that Lin Yao had collected naturally had no mention of them—the Blackstar message log was fabricated, while the Valkyrie experiments were top secret.

Back at headquarters, Li Ya Lin reluctantly returned the Lightweight Mechanical Arm.

“Was the mechanical arm useful?” her superior asked.

Li Ya Lin nodded.

“It’s all thanks to it that our mission was a success. Who created it?”

“That, I can’t tell you.”

Ya Lin’s eyes sparkled.

“That will depend on the higher-ups.”

Li Ya Lin gave up with harassing her tight-lipped superior and headed to the logistics department to look for Luo Xuan.

The covert-ops insignia on her chest ensured her smooth passage, ignoring the ongoing commotion caused by her very presence.

Although all the departments in Division 13 were equal in status, the covert-ops department was full of beautiful wom—cough—elite agents, so they were looked up to by all the other departments.

Li Ya Lin suddenly turned around to the crowd following her and loudly declared, “I’m looking for Luo Xuan.”

Everyone looked towards Luo Xuan enviously, singling him out.

Is secret-ops here to recruit me? he wondered.

Suppressing his excitement, he answered, “I am Luo Xuan. How should I address you?”

“Li Ya Lin.”

“What can I help you with?” asked Luo Xuan.

“Are you the one who invented that mechanical arm?”

Mechanical arm? Luo Xuan immediately thought of the Lightweight Mechanical Arm that had caused him to lose face.

Could it have malfunctioned? Luo Xuan celebrated inwardly.

“Was there some kind of problem?” he asked with a straight face.

“Nothing like that. I just found it very useful. I want to make a personal order.”

Luo Xuan froze in embarrassment as snickers broke out in the crowd—he had been ranting loudly about how worthless he thought the mechanical arm was to the whole department.

“I didn’t invent it,” he replied with a forced smile.

“Then say so earlier! What a waste of my time.”

Luo Xuan’s face darkened.

Suddenly, Feng Jun, who had been passing by, came over and said, “The inventor’s identity is top secret. Please refrain from guessing or discussing it.”

Li Yan Lin was startled. Top secret?

As the crowd dispersed, all Luo Xuan could think about was the threat that this mysterious mechanic posed to him.

“I will not let him have a good time if he joins the logistics department!”

Elsewhere in a secret facility.

“Boss, base 45 has been destroyed.”

“By whom?”


“How did they learn of our base‽”

“Not sure.”

The Germinal Organization’s bases were scattered all across the globe. However, only a few of them were situated within the territory of the six nations, and those key bases virtually hibernated all year round to prevent detection!

“How could they have discovered our base? Is there a spy amongst us?”

Only a handful of higher-ups in the organization knew the locations of their secret bases. It would be devastating if any of them turned traitor.

The boss decided that he would have to conduct a purge.

Of course, Han Xiao did come to his mind. However, he ruled him out as it didn’t seem possible for Han Xiao to have accessed top secret information as a lowly test subject.

Still, the thought of Han Xiao caused his blood to boil. It had been a while since the bounty was issued, yet there was still no news of him.

“You sure can run fast, but I’ll squash you sooner or later. Enjoy your remaining days while you can.”

The boss laughed coldly.

“Han Xiao has been missing for three days now. Where did he go?”

Lu Qian was anxiously pacing up and down.

“Did he lose his way? It’s all my fault! I should have gotten him a mobile phone. You said he’s a foreigner, right? He doesn’t even know this place well! What should I do!”

“Be optimistic. Maybe he just died,” consoled Old Man Lu.


“Grandpa! Why are you so biased against him?”

Old Man Lu continued picking his nose leisurely.

An idea crossed Lu Qian’s mind.

“Grandpa! Help me ask someone to look for him!” she pleaded.

“You wish,” snorted her grandpa. “Ha! When you stole my books, did you remember that I am your grandpa?”

“That’s not important at all! I’m sorry. Forgive me?”

“No way.”

“You really won’t help?”

“I won’t help!”

Suddenly, Lu Qian smiled shrewdly.

“Then I’ll help you sell all the fine wine that you’ve been hiding underneath the floor in your bedroom!”

“What are you talking about? Is your grandpa such a petty person? You just want to find him, right? I’ll do it, I’ll do it.” Old Man Lu instantly changed his tune.

“Thank you, grandpa,” replied Lu Qian with the widest smile.

Old Man Lu sighed. He proceeded to make a phone call to the tall, old man.

“Oi, old man, was Han Xiao taken away by you guys?”

“…You guessed?”

“What did he do?”

“He didn’t do anything; we just want to work with him.”

“If he didn’t do anything, then let him go right now, or else my granddaughter is going to ruin my wine collection!”

“I can’t. It’s against the rules.”

“Cut the bullshit! You are the one who sets the rules. You still owe me one for the last time, remember? I don’t care! Just release Han Xiao now!”

The tall, old man rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“Alright, alright. I got it.”

Old Man Lu unhappily put the phone down.

“Why do I have to help that bugger?” he sighed, reminded of his own past.

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