The Hitting Zone

Chapter 28 Meeting the Atkins 2

Chapter 28 Meeting the Atkins 2

"Stop being a douche." Noah smacked him on the back of the head. Then nimbly dodged the arm Dave threw out. "Jake, don't listen to his crap. Nothing about high school is scary."

Kyle took a seat across the table. "That's because you have three older brothers watching you. What about the time you pissed off Alex from the football team?"

Dave snorted. "Right! If it wasn't for Zeke and us, you would probably have your ass kicked." Dave nudged me. "Watch out. Hanging with this brat will get you in trouble on a daily basis."

I nodded. I could definitely tell after today.

Dave looked at me, surprised I would agree, I guess. "Looks like he's already dragging you down. Just stick with me."

I looked at him with disbelief written all over my face. Noah and even their mom has mention the twins a couple of times. From what I gathered, they're the real troublemakers and Noah has nothing on them.

Dave reaches out and pinched my cheeks. "What's with that skeptical look?? Noah already talking shit about me, huh?" He let go and jumped up to put Noah in a headlock. "Ya brat, what did you say?"

Noah laughed as he slipped out of his grasp and nimbly ran to the other side of the table, avoiding be caught. "I just told Jake the truth: the twins are the real troublemakers."

Kyle jumped out of his seat. "The twins?? Me too?" Him and Dave trapped Noah between themselves. Kyle grabbed Noah's arms and stretched them up, which was easy to do since he was easily half a foot taller than him. "Get him Dave. Make sure he pees his pants."

Dave smiled evilly as he got closer to Noah. He reached out and started to tickle Noah's armpits. Noah was laughing ridiculously loud. He must be very ticklish, because I've never seen someone laugh so loud. It was only a few minutes before he started yelling for mercy, for me to save him, and for his mom to come help. Anything to make them stop.

"Boys. What did I say about teasing Noah?" A masculine voice came from behind me.

I flinched and quickly looked. This man was the definition of huge. I thought Mrs. Atkins and the twins were tall, but this man made them look normal. He was easily 6'5" and was buff like he hits the gym everyday. Yet, his face had some wrinkles from smiling and laughing too much. His light eyes were a dark gray and matched the silver suit he was wearing. Definitely Mr. Atkins.

"Dad, don't be deceived. This is retribution for his shit talking." Dave didn't stop his assault.

"It's not shit talking if it's true." Noah gasped out between laughs.

"Okay, Okay. That's enough. I don't want Noah to pee his pants in front of guests. Set him down and go see if your mother needs help bringing the food in." Mr. Atkins took control and halted their torture session.

The twins let Noah go and grumbled as they went to the kitchen. Noah was still struggling to catch his breath as he flopped into the seat next to me.

"Noah, how many times do I have to tell you not to rile up the twins? Don't be so provocative." Mr. Atkins took a seat at the head of the table.

"I was falsely accused, Dad!" Noah cried out, pouting. "The only bad thing I may have said to Jake about them, was that if one of them is driving, make sure to pray."

"So dramatic." Mr. Atkins laughed then looked at me. "But seriously, make sure to sit in the very back and stay buckled up. A seat belt can save more lives than God."

"Wayne!" Mrs. Atkins came in just as he finished. "I don't want to hear you bashing your own sons and my god in the same sentence again." Mary gave me a tight smile. "I swear it's not always this rowdy."

"Lies." Noah whispered to me.

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