Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 1434 (END) - Myriad Realms (4): The Unstoppable Extermination of the Divine Palace, Strategizing to Unify the Myriad Realms (End)

Chapter 1434: Myriad Realms (4): The Unstoppable Extermination of the Divine Palace, Strategizing to Unify the Myriad Realms (End)

“Golden Peng, I’m giving you one last chance. Would you really prefer losing your life instead of surrendering to me?” The Sacred Demon Supreme God made one last attempt to persuade the Golden Peng after recalling all the years he had fought alongside it.

“The hatred of clan extermination is absolutely irreconcilable, so stop dreaming of it!” The Golden Peng responded disdainfully.

“You’ve failed to cherish the opportunity, I obviously won’t leave you alive anymore.” The Sacred Demon Supreme God gave up on the Golden Peng after seeing its determination and hacked down fiercely. At the same time, he closed his eyes in pain.

In the next moment, a loud clanging sound echoed in Sacred Demon’s ears, and when he opened his eyes, he found that his colossal blade had struck the ground and an unfamiliar young man stood before him, while the Golden Peng seemed to suddenly have disappeared.

The one who had saved the Golden Peng in this critical juncture was none other than Tang Xiu who had rushed back to the God Realm. After receiving the Golden Peng into the World Core, Tang Xiu’s gaze turned frosty when he saw Drunken Immortal, Star Radiance, and the others lying on the ground with injuries all over their bodies.

Tang Xiu overlooked the time dilation between the God Realm and Earth. He hadn’t expected 100 years would have passed in the few days he had spent on Earth and also didn’t expect so many troublesome events to occur.

Tang Xiu didn’t dare to imagine how the Great Tang Empire would have ended up if he hadn’t returned to the God Realm in time.

“Young man. Who are you? And where did you take the Golden Peng?” Sacred Demon’s cautious nature began to act up after seeing Tang Xiu stand before him so boldly.

“My identity doesn’t matter. All that matters is for me to know who you are.” After observing Sacred Demon for a while, Tang Xiu recalled his master’s reminder and smiled suddenly. Then, he said the following words, “I moved the Golden Peng into the World Core I obtained. It’s severely injured right now, so only the divinity vein inside the World Core and the spiritual medicines inside can allow it to recover quickly.”

“What did you say? World Core? Young man, where did you find the World Core? Can you let me see it?” Sacred Demon was completely vigilant about Tang Xiu initially, but after the words “World Core,” he urged Tang Xiu to let him see it impatiently.

Tang Xiu casually threw the World Core to Sacred Demon under his tense gaze.

While Sacred Demon had his complete attention on the World Core and was just about to touch it, a beam of sword light appeared suddenly and bisected Sacred Demon’s body.

“Kid! You have a lot of guts for trying to dupe me!” Sacred Demon roared in exasperation a few meters above and directed his angry gaze towards Tang Xiu.

A young man had actually succeeded in fooling him. If it weren’t for the fact that he had a divine-grade substitution puppet, he would have lost his life already. After all the years of ruling in the God Realm, Sacred Demon had never taken such a huge loss.

“Duping aside, I will even dare to kill you. Do you believe it?” Tang Xiu replied to Sacred Demon coldly and used his divine sense to transfer everyone from the Jade Pool Divine Domain behind him inside the World Core.

“It’s been a long time since anyone has dared to talk to me like this, and those who did so in the past have all died. So, how do you want to die?” Sacred Demon probed Tang Xiu’s cultivation secretly as he rebuked him.

After noticing that Sacred Demon hadn’t taken the initiative to attack, Tang Xiu immediately understood that the other side was afraid of his strength.

The new enmity and the old enmity had accumulated, and even Tang Xiu didn’t feel like wasting time to talk with Sacred Demon, so he directly took out the demon-killing divine sword of the Free and Unfettered Supreme God and surrounded Sacred Demon instantly using the divine power of incarnation.

“The divine power of incarnation. Are you a descendant of the Free and Unfettered Supreme God?” Sacred Demon cried out in alarm when he saw multiple incarnations of Tang Xiu surround him along with the divine artifact of the Free and Unfettered Supreme God in hand.

Sacred Demon didn’t hesitate and contacted the other Supreme Gods in the Divine Palace immediately. “A descendent of the Free and Unfettered Supreme God has appeared along with the World Core.”

It wasn’t that Sacred Demon didn’t wish to hog the World Core. The reason he had contacted the other Supreme Gods was that he couldn’t see through Tang Xiu’s strength. Furthermore, he had also sensed the confidence and killing intent exuded by Tang Xiu’s body. He had experienced the Free and Unfettered Supreme God’s ambushes and assassinations multiple times, so he didn’t dare to look down on him and gave his all even though he was only battling against his descendant.

After receiving the Sacred Demon Supreme God’s message, the other four Supreme Demons teleported to the battlefield right away.

After all, the World Core was the collective creation of the twelve Supreme Gods back then, and possessing the World Core meant full control over the myriad realms. The World Core had an endless amount of heavenly laws stored in it and also had all the treasures the twelve Supreme Gods had gathered from the primogenitor star.

The World Core was the true Divine Palace in the views of the twelve Supreme Gods, and the current Divine Palace was just an imitation of the World Core that they had created after losing the World Core, so its size and value really paled in comparison to it.

Therefore, the World Core held an incomparable attractive force to the twelve Supreme Gods.

When Tang Xiu discovered that all the five Supreme Gods had gathered up, a derisive smile suddenly appeared on his face.

In the next moment, about 100 Supreme God Puppets were released from the World Core by Tang Xiu and began besieging the five Supreme Gods under his orders.

“Sacred Demon, you won’t die a good death. You were fully aware that the other side had laid a trap, yet you still summoned us here!”

“Damn it! Aren’t these the Supreme God Puppets from the Divine Origin City? Why are they attacking us instead of listening to our orders?”

“Lord, please stop attacking us! We’re willing to serve you as long as you spare our lives!”

The five Supreme Gods knew they had no way out of the situation when they saw the Supreme God Puppets appear and seal their escape routes.

If they had enough time to prepare, they would have mobilized their armies and gathered all their combat forces in the Jade Pool Divine Domain. The Supreme God Puppets brought by Tang Xiu would have had no use in that case. Unfortunately, Tang Xiu had appeared too suddenly, so the five Supreme Gods weren’t on guard against him and never imagined that he actually had so many Supreme God Puppets on him.

Although the battle strength of a Supreme God Puppet couldn’t match a real Supreme God, their numbers were too many. About 20 of them were besieging each Supreme God, and Tang Xiu also kept sending beams of sword light at them to control their maneuvers, so the five Supreme Gods could only take a beating passively even though they were strong.

Tang Xiu ignored the desperate pleas of the five Supreme Gods and silently ordered the Supreme God Puppets to increase their attacks while he used the space-time law to disturb the heavenly laws of the five Supreme Gods and accelerated their defeat.

The five Supreme Gods stopped pleading after seeing that Tang Xiu was determined to kill them and began using their special skills, substitution puppets, battle mounts, divine artifacts, and consumed medicinal pills to boost their potential to the maximum. They then targeted Tang Xiu and joined hands to attack him unceasingly.

Tang Xiu had already comprehended the heavenly laws of the five Supreme Gods and even experienced their cultivation process while doing so, and he had also analyzed their personalities clearly, so, all of their schemes were just harmless, ineffective tricks in front of him.

This was a battle between the Supreme Gods.

This was a battle that overturned the seas and rivers and shattered the earth and skies.

This was a battle that was unprecedented since the creation of the God Realm.

The five Supreme Gods were forced to reveal all their hidden aces and display their full strength since their lives were at stake here.

On the other hand, Tang Xiu was afraid that the five Supreme Gods would flee and also feared that he wouldn’t find such a good chance to kill all five of them in the future, so he also gave his all in this battle. He even didn’t hesitate to detonate the Supreme God Puppets at some crucial moments just to prevent the Supreme Gods from fleeing.

A wave of the sword tore the void open.

A slash of the saber created a chasm.

A punch of the fist produced a black hole.

A kick of the leg sundered the earth apart.

This fierce battle that blotted out the skies continued for five whole days.

No one knew what this battle was about because everyone who had witnessed it had already turned into ashes.

Five days later, the Jade Pool Divine Domain and the Sky Jade Divine Domain had been wiped out from the God Realm and all the domains of the Marionette Galaxy had almost turned into ruins, with each split into eight huge sections, reducing the size of the God Realm to a third of its initial size.

Tang Xiu finally sighed in relief after confirming that the five Supreme Gods had truly perished from and didn’t have any traces left in this world. He only had 27 Supreme God Puppets left now and all of them were missing an arm or limb, causing Tang Xiu’s heart to ache.

The five Supreme Gods, however, indeed had a deep foundation and a plethora of life-saving treasures as well as unstoppable escape skills and unpredictable assassination skills. If it weren’t for Tang Xiu’s cautious nature that made him maintain a high degree of vigilance at all times, it would have been impossible for him to get rid of the five Supreme Gods altogether, and he might have even died under their attacks.

The cheers of everyone from the Great Tang Empire welcomed Tang Xiu when he returned inside the World Core along with the 27 Supreme God Puppets.

Although they didn’t have the strength to participate in this world-shattering battle, they were able to witness the entire battle from within the World Core.

These five days had been an emotional roller-coaster for them, and even Star Radiance and Bella had fainted from the fear a few times over this short duration.

“Master, I thought I would have to wait for several hundred thousand years before I could avenge the extermination of my clan and might even have to harbor this grudge for my entire life, but I never imagined you would avenge my clan in just one hundred years.” The Golden Peng tapped its head on the ground before Tang Xiu several times to express its gratitude with tears all across its face.

The Golden Peng had recognized Tang Xiu as its master only because it placed importance on Tang Xiu’s growth potential. However, Tang Xiu’s strength had completely subdued it right now.

As for the members of the Great Tang Empire, there was no need to even say anything about them. Tang Xiu had already become someone they looked up to long ago, but even they had never imagined that Tang Xiu would become a Supreme God in just a short one hundred years and wipe out the overseers of the Divine Palace, so they didn’t even know what to say to him.

“Senior Golden Peng, although the five Supreme Gods of the Divine Palace have perished eternally, the Divine Palace has controlled the God Realm for millions of years, so there’s no doubt that their influence is deeply rooted in the God Realm. I hope that you can take these 27 Supreme God Puppets to cleanse the entire God Realm and wipe out the remnant forces of the Divine Palace within the next 50 years. Can you do it?

“Senior Drunken Immortal, Star Radiance, Bella. Although the Divine Palace doesn’t exist any longer, the order of the God Realm must be maintained. I need you to help me bring order to the realm and enforce the laws of the Great Tang Empire across the entire God Realm and turn it into a free, just, prosperous, and peaceful cultivation world. Can you do it?

“Old Sycamore, Eagle. I need you to accompany me back to the Immortal World to select suitable talents and help me maintain the order of the myriad realms and recover the glory of the God Realm. Are you willing?”

After recounting the events that led to him refining the World Core and becoming the Lord of Myriad Realms after gaining a peak-stage Supreme God cultivation to everyone, Tang Xiu’s expression turned solemn as a series of commands left his mouth.

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