Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing

Chapter 1988

Chapter 1988: The 92nd, the grand finale (3)

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“And my Aunt Lu Man Man said that my character is very much like his!”Mo Zixi’s voice was clear and faint, drifting in the wind in this vast grassland.

Xu Weimiao stood quietly by his side, listening to his pleasant voice as he spoke.

He said.., “Our Mo family had the Kingdom of Thailand from the very beginning. Later on, we were harmed by traitors, which caused the Mo family to be in great sorrow. It was probably because my parents’parents were still from the previous generation that they were almost all destroyed. In the end, in my father’s generation, Mo Xiuyuan retook the Mo family. “Because I’ve lost it before, I know that this land isn’t easy to come by, so I treasure it very much. “When I was very young, my father taught me a lot. My personality wasn’t like this before.”

Xu Weimiao nodded.

No one was born cold.


He also told himself that it took him a very, very long time to become so suitable for the position of commander.

“My aunt said that my personality is very similar to my father’s, and I probably feel that this is beyond reproach. The successor to the commander-in-chief should generally be like this. I Don’t judge things by their happiness and don’t judge myself by my sorrow. “And I always feel that I should still be luckier than my father. At least back then, other than my father, Mo Xiuyuan, he didn’t have any other relatives, and I still have many people by my side. Even if they weren’t around, I could still live well and sit in the position of commander-in-chief, but I still feel that I’ve been happier than my father!”Mo Zixi said, “No matter what, my family is very concerned about me, especially my aunt. They are afraid that I will be so cold and lonely for the rest of my life.”

“Your aunt is really good to you,”Xu Weimiao said sincerely, “No stepmother can be as good as her. Moreover, it is said that your biological mother really snatched your father away from your aunt.”

“I also thought that my mother snatched my father away. After thinking about it, I’m not even my father’s biological son. My biological mother probably didn’t get any benefits either!”! “My father still loves my aunt after all. He could give up everything for her. He really isn’t a suitable commander.”. “Maybe one year, two years, three years. He can persevere, but in another eight or ten years, he won’t do very well.”Mo Zixi smiled, “And I’m very happy that I can make this position so suitable for him.”

“Zixi, will you complain?”

“I will,”Mo Zixi said, “I also want to leave. I also want to ignore everything and live my own life. Actually, I really don’t know what kind of life I should live. “Every time I rebel and resist, my father can convince me with a few words. I always have no way to reject him. His charm subverts a person’s existence. It feels like God.”

Xu Weimiao couldn’t help but laugh.

“I will also have someone I admire and I will also have an idol.”Mo Zixi pursed her lips and said straightforwardly.

“I know now.”Xu Weimiao nodded.

“I didn’t bring you here today to feel anything. In fact, I really don’t have any impression of him, so I don’t have much nostalgia for him. “I just feel that since my father said that he is my biological father, I should have the obligation to bring you to see him.”

“Okay.”Xu Weimiao felt very honored.

After thinking about it carefully, Mo Zixi had entrusted her with his secret!

This was her trust!

Their relationship was slowly warming up in these little drops.

Mo Zixi pulled Xu Weimiao along and knelt in front of the grave that was far away from Mo Zixi.

They kowtowed three times.

He looked at the grave and looked at the young face on the grave.

It was very similar to him.

I don’t know how you’ve lived your life, but Auntie told me that you’re very lonely and that you’ve never really liked anyone. Now, I’m here to tell you that I’ve made up for the regrets you had in your previous life!

He looked at Xu Weimiao beside him.

It was her.

She let me know that my heart is really not that calm!

If there really is a spirit in heaven, you can be relieved!

A faint smile appeared on Mo Zixi’s lips… there were so many emotions that she had to stop!

He turned his eyes and looked at the rows of helicopters parked directly on the vast grassland.

Xu Weimiao also followed Mo Zixi’s line of sight and looked at the grass that was brought up by the helicopter’s wings, dancing in the air.

Mo Zixi held Xu Weimiao’s hand.

“Where are we going?”Xu Weimiao asked.

“Wen City.”

“Back to your father, um… your father, Mo Xiuyuan’s Place?”Xu Weimiao asked.

She kept feeling that Mo Zixi’s feelings for Mo Xiuyuan were deeper.

Mo Zixi said, “You’ll know when we get there.”

And she believed in everything about him.

She sat on one of the helicopters.

Then, all the helicopters took off together and left.

Xu Weimiao looked at the helicopter slowly rising to a higher altitude. She looked at the grassland that had become smaller and smaller just now. She looked at the tombstone that had disappeared in front of her eyes.

She turned her eyes to look at Mo Zixi.

Mo Zixi always had a smile on her face. Her palm was transmitting his warm temperature.

It took almost five hours.

The helicopter arrived at Wen City.

It stopped at the top of a mountain.

This was not a villa.

This was a very famous psychiatric hospital in Wen City. It was located on the top of a relatively high mountain in Wen City, isolated from the rest of the world.

Xu Weimiao had never been here before. She did not know why Mo Zixi had brought her here.

She just followed Mo Zixi’s footsteps.

Through a special passage, she walked straight into a room.

Then, she saw a familiar person.

A familiar person..

Xu Weixiao.


She looked at Mo Zixi in disbelief.

Wasn’t Xu Weixiao sentenced to death? !

In the two months after that, with the fastest speed, she quietly ended everything.

Two years had passed.

How did she appear here.

She appeared here alive.

She didn’t have time to ask Mo Zixi.

Xu Weixiao suddenly opened his mouth and smiled warmly at Xu Weimiao. “Xiao Xiao.”

Xu Weimiao was stunned.

“Xiao Xiao, how long has it been since I last saw you?”Xu Weixiao went forward and pulled Xu Weimiao.

Xu Weimiao frowned.

“You went out to play again, right? You always forget the time to come back. If dad scolds you, you’ll cry again.”Xu Weimiao said in a doting tone, “Don’t come back so late in the future, Okay?”

Every move.

Every word.

She looked exactly like her.

She looked exactly the same as when she treated Xu Weixiao.

How did it turn out like this? !

Why did Xu Weixiao imitate her.

She turned to look at Mo Zixi and wanted to ask, but at that moment, she saw her mother walking in behind her.

Mother Xu.

Mother Xu was also surprised to see Mo Zixi and Xu Weimiao.

Before she could speak, Xu Weixiao took the initiative to say, “Mom, you’re back. Look, Xiao Xiao is finally back. Don’t rush her. She’s just a little playful.”

Mother Xu’s expression was a little stiff, but she still played along with Xu Weixiao. “It’s just that you’ve always doted on your sister and let her do whatever she wants. Look at how mischievous she is now.”

“Didn’t I also dote on my sister? Didn’t you tell me since I was young that I had to let my sister do whatever she wants?”

Xu’s mother’s eyes reddened, “Now, I know I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have let you let your sister do whatever she wants. I shouldn’t have indulged your sister in wanting your things. I shouldn’t have let your sister feel that she can get whatever she wants in this family. “I shouldn’t have allowed your sister to have everything she wants.”

Xu Weimiao looked at her mother.

She looked at the redness in her mother’s eyes.

“Mom, I should have given in to my sister. I should have given her whatever she wants,”Xu Weimiao said loudly.

Xu Weimiao’s mother was a little choked up. The guilt and regret in her heart had been suppressed at this moment.

“Xiao Xiao, you’re the sweetest. I’m angry. Can you please go and Coax Her?”Xu Weimiao had been imitating her tone.

Xu Weimiao looked at Xu Weimiao and looked at her.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Xiao?”Xu Weimiao smiled.

“Xiao Xiao?”Xu Weimiao said word by word, “You are Xu Weimiao. I am Xu Weimiao.”

“No… no… I am Xu Weimiao. I Am Not Xu Weimiao. I am not… I am Xu Weimiao…”Xu Weimiao suddenly broke down. His originally calm body suddenly took a step back, “I don’t want to be Xu Weimiao, I don’t want to be that evil woman. She wants to kill my baby and steal my man… Yes, my man, Zixi… Zixi…”

As he spoke, Xu Weimiao rushed towards Mo Zixi.

He was a little out of control.

Mo Zixi looked at her.

Xu Weimiao went forward and grabbed Xu Weimiao’s crazy action.

“Xiao Xiao, calm down!”Xu Weimiao shouted at her.

“Don’t call me Xiao Xiao, don’t call me Xiao Xiao. I’m Xu Weimiao, I’m Xu Weimiao!”Xu Weimiao was crazy and broke down. He couldn’t stay calm for even a second, “Mom, Tell Me, I’m Xu Weimiao, Tell Me Quickly!”

His body was trembling.

He seemed to be really afraid that he was Xu Weimiao.

Mother Xu brought Xu Weimiao away from Xu Weimiao and comforted her softly, “Yes, you are Miaomiao. You Are Miaomiao. You are not Xiao Xiao. You are not that selfish Xiao Xiao. You are not that Xiao Xiao who has always wanted to steal my sister’s things. You are the MIAOMIAO who has always been tolerant and magnanimous.”

“Mom…”Xu Weimiao threw herself into mother Xu’s arms and cried quietly.

Xu Weimiao had been watching this scene the whole time.

She just stood there.

She didn’t know how much time had passed.

Xu Weixiao might have really tired herself out. She leaned on Xu’s mother’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Xu’s mother carefully supported her on the bed, helped her take off her shoes and socks, and covered her with the blanket.

After falling asleep, Xu Weixiao looked so obedient and cute.

Mother Xu helped Xu Weixiao twist the blanket and turned to look at Xu Weimiao. “He never told you about Xiao Xiao, did he?”

He was referring to Mo Zixi.

Xu Weimiao nodded. “I didn’t know before.”

“Xiao Xiao was mentally ill. When he was in prison, he was already delirious. “He was the one who sent her out in the end and sent her here. “For the past two years, I’ve been here with Xiao Xiao, accompanying her, sometimes sober and sometimes confused.”

“What did the Doctor Say?”Xu Weimiao asked.

“The Doctor said that this is a mental disorder. No one can help her. She has her own inner demons, and no one can help her get out. The Doctor said that this kind of mental disorder is very difficult to control. Sometimes, when she is too excited, she can only take a tranquilizer to calm herself down. “It’s fine now. She thinks of herself as you, and her personality has become gentler. In the first few months, she was in a state of fear and fear, constantly struggling and resisting. She always thought that she was going to be sentenced to death!”Xu said quietly, “You saw it just now. She is very afraid of her original self. She is very afraid of becoming Xu Weimiao. She probably really knows her mistake.”

Xu Weimiao’s throat moved slightly.

Why did she have to go to this extent to admit that she had made a mistake? !

“Mom has been with Xiao Xiao for so long and has really reflected on what she has been indulging Xiao Xiao for all these years. It’s all Mom’s fault!”Xu’s mother suddenly burst into tears, “I’m sorry, Miaomiao. I’m sorry, but Mom has always pushed the blame onto you. Mom has even forced you to do some irrational things. “All these years, I’ve been here with your sister, and I’ve been reflecting on myself. It’s only right that your father doesn’t forgive me anymore. It was my indulgence in the past that forced this originally warm home to become so broken! “Miaomiao, it’s all Mom’s fault.”

“Mom, don’t be like this.”Xu Weimiao held her mother’s hand. “The past is in the past. Now, we should think about how to Live Well.”

“I haven’t thought about how to live now. I just want to stay with Xiao Xiao.”. “Your Dad knows about Xiao Xiao’s situation. He came to visit Xiao Xiao, but he just ignored me.”. “I know he blames me. He blames me for all these years. When he worked hard for his career and devoted himself to his post, I didn’t take good care of the family. Your Dad blames me in the end.”Xu Weimiao’s mother said deeply, her eyes reddened and she spoke again, “Miaomiao, I actually wanted to apologize to you a long time ago, but I didn’t dare to look for you. I didn’t know how to tell you. Now That I’m apologizing to you, it’s all my fault in the past. Miaomiao, can you forgive me?”

“Mom, I’ve never hated you,”Xu Weimiao said word by word, “Sister’s outcome is not your fault alone. We all have a relationship. But no matter what, a person’s development depends on himself. It’s also because sister is too stubborn.”

Mother Xu nodded.

She nodded heavily.

She had long understood all of this!

“Mom, you and dad should have a good talk,”Xu Weimiao said, “I saw my dad yesterday. Both of his sideburns have turned white. He’s alone, always alone. “Mom, maybe dad was waiting for you, waiting for you to take the initiative to speak. “You two have been together for so many years. You Can’t just say that it’s gone.”

“Your Dad Won’t see me,”Xu said. “And he won’t talk to me properly… actually, I really miss him.”

Xu’s mother burst into tears again.

They had been husband and wife for so many years. If it weren’t for the incident with Xiao Xiao, they could have been together forever.

Xu Weimiao looked at her mother’s appearance, and her heart ached.

She had made up her mind that she must bring her father here and explain it to her mother in person.

She knew her father well, so he couldn’t just ignore her mother.

Just as she was thinking about this…

Mo Zixi went over to hold her hand.

Xu Weimiao looked at him.

She looked in the direction that Mo Zixi was looking.

She saw Xu Changchun appear at the entrance.

Mother Xu saw it too, and her eyes turned red again.

Mo Zixi said, “Let’s go out and let them have a good talk.”

“Okay.”Xu Weimiao followed Mo Zixi’s footsteps.

The two of them walked out.

Because it was a private passage, they would not encounter other mental patients.

The two of them directly led to the outside of the mental hospital. Outside of the high walls, the scenery was very beautiful.

“Did you call my dad here?”Xu Weimiao asked him.


“Zixi…”at this moment, Xu Weimiao did not know what to say. She was really touched.

How could he have so much time to manage her affairs.


He even left Xu Weimiao alive.

Didn’t they say that some principles couldn’t be broken? !

“Miao Miao,”Mo Zixi said as they strolled on the mountaintop, “My personality makes me indifferent to everything. “I don’t know how important family ties are to you. I’m just blindly asking you to hold on to your principles. “And now, I realize that I’ve always lost a lot of principles in you. I don’t know if this will be good or bad for me in the future. I don’t know.”

Xu Weimiao looked straight at him.

Was he saying that she would lose control in her body? !

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I would have such an effect on you. I didn’t want to influence you. “But I’m very grateful. I’m really grateful that you showed mercy and kept my sister. “You don’t understand how important family ties are. That’s because things like me have never happened to you! “Of course, I know that even if it did happen, you would still do what you had to do. But in your heart, you would really feel bad, just like I did in the past! “Fortunately, your family won’t burden you in any way. They’re all very good.”

“Yes, they’re all very good.”Mo Zixi nodded.

“At this moment, I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me. “I’ll definitely work very hard to become stronger. I Won’t burden you in the future. Give me some time. Trust me!”Xu Weimiao said word by word, she was very sure.

“In fact, I also want to protect you and love you well. “But Miaomiao, in this life, there will always be a lot of responsibilities that I can not shirk. I can not refuse, and can only go on. “I really can not do too much to you like a normal person. I may even ignore you for many external factors. I hope that you will learn to accept and understand all of this. And one day, I hope that you can be the mother of the world,”Mo Zixi said word by word, “And the premise of all of this, please remember, I love you. I love you very much.”

“Me too.”Xu Weimiao’s nose twitched.

She didn’t insist that he would always think of her first. She didn’t need him to always be by her side to take care of her. He didn’t need him to endure his emotions and break his principles for her, she did not need him to care about her feelings so much.

All she needed was one sentence.

I love you!

They left the mental hospital.

When they left, they did not go back to see her sister.

Everyone had to be responsible for what they had done.

She smiled in relief.

Admit it, Xiao Xiao’s “Death”back then had actually been a great blow to her.

At this moment, she was so moved, so moved by Mo Zixi.

They returned to the Mo family Villa.

Yesterday, when Mo Xianyuan and Lu Man turned one year old, they were not present.

Today, they were going to return here.

And Mo Zixi was specially picked up by someone.

Now, there were many people in the house, a big family, all waiting for their return.

Mo Zixi held Xu Weimiao’s hand..

She always thought that she had lost a lot.

Only now did she know that what he had was the whole world!

He brought Xu Weimiao with him and blended into the warm family.

Everyone was on their own path and blended in with happiness.

In the living room, they were having a good time.

Lu Man left and walked out.

Mo Xiuyuan’s villa had been renovated many times over the years. Now, he still lived here. No matter what had happened in the past, it had now become her safe house for the rest of her life.

She walked to the back garden alone.

Many images of the past appeared in her mind..

In a blink of an eye, more than half of her life had passed.

She seemed to have almost forgotten the things she had experienced when she was young. She had almost forgotten what she had experienced. She had lived seven years longer than an ordinary person.

After her rebirth, everything that happened afterward was like a dream. It was like a beautiful dream that she had weaved for her tragic life. The older she got, the more afraid she was of waking up from this beautiful dream and finding out after she woke up.., she had actually died a long time ago, and she had actually long ceased to exist in this world.

Suddenly, a person appeared behind her.

Lu Man Man turned around.

That Man, the man who had accompanied her for her entire life, would always notice her abnormality in one of her subtle emotions.

There was a smile on the corner of her mouth.

When she first met Mo Xiuyuan, they were still young at that time.

She thought that he was the worst man in the world and would never have any interaction with him in this life.

But now, he had accompanied her for her entire life.

She took the initiative to reach out and hold Mo Xiuyuan’s hand.

Mo Xiuyuan held her hand tightly.

When a person reached a certain age, they would not have many intimate actions. The love that had once been earth-shattering would also turn into a warm and gentle family love. And she seemed to be able to recall the feelings that she had once had for him..

“Mo Xiuyuan.”Lu Man gently leaned her head on his shoulder.

Mo Xiuyuan looked at her.

“Do you know what my greatest fortune is in this life?”

“What is it?”Mo Xiuyuan asked her.

“I will meet you again in my lifetime.”

Yes, meet again.

Mo Xiuyuan lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “And my greatest fortune is that I have you in my world!”

Lu Man Man smiled.

The afterglow of the setting sun shone on their bodies, enveloping them in warmth.

Mo Yinan leaned against the French window and looked at his parents quietly.

Lu Yicheng happened to pass by and walked in her direction.

Mo Yinan turned to look at Lu Yicheng. “What do you think of the two of them?”

Lu Yicheng said, “I’m an orphan after all.”

As he said this, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

He would probably be influenced by his parents too!

Mo Yinan looked back at her parents and a beautiful smile appeared on her lips.

The best outcome in a person’s life was probably just this..

The end of the book

The Easter egg chapter.

Chapter 1: Who Does Ye Chu Like? !

Mo Yinan did not understand why ye Chu did not like Little Rujin so much.

She was so cute.

She was so cute.

Compared to Little Xizhi, she was even better. Why did he not like Little Rujin? !

Was it really because she said at that time that she should not treat Little Rujin too well and should care more about little xizhi? !

Why was Ye Chu so obedient.

After a long time.

It was said that when the twins were still very young, Ye Chu also tried to hug Rujin.

At that time, Rujin was lying in her father’s arms with a face full of enjoyment. Then, Ye Chu said to her father sincerely, “Dad, give me a hug for a while.”

Her father said, “You’ve already snatched yannuo away. Are you still planning to Snatch Rujin away from me? ! If that’s the case, I can also bring Yannuo home.”

After that.

Ye Chu was very well-behaved and kept a small distance from Rujin.

This fellow was so afraid of losing her!

Fan Wai 2: About Mo Zixi’s principles.

Xu Weimiao went abroad.

She even went abroad quite frequently.

Mo Zixi still stayed in northern Xia Kingdom, stayed in the imperial capital, and managed the entire northern Xia Kingdom.

Xu Weimiao’s achievements in charity were becoming more and more obvious. In just two years, she had brought charity into northern Xia Kingdom. She became the greatest philanthropist in northern Xia Kingdom and did a lot for charity, she was moved by the people.

She was admired by everyone.

Previously, when Xu Weimiao was mentioned, she was the wife of the commander-in-chief.

Now, when Xu Weimiao was mentioned, she was the mother of a country.

They had the same status, but they had completely different people status.

Xu Weimiao and Mo Zixi spent less time together and more time apart.

Both of them were very busy.

Their child, Mo Moumou, was also growing up on his own path, preparing to inherit the next commander-in-chief.

The family of three were all developing in their respective fields.

At the height of the Sun.

Xu Weimiao went on a business trip to Danzida.

Mo Zixi came to Danzida for a visit.

The two of them had one hour of time together, which was very tight.

They were in the car.

Because of their respective careers and their respective fields, they could even meet less than once every three to five months.

And it was not easy to meet.

Xu Weimiao was pressed under Mo Zixi’s body.

In that luxurious car.

“Zixi, don’t be like this…”

Mo Zixi lit a fire on her body.

“Sigh, there are so many people around.”Xu Weimiao couldn’t resist, even though she had been trying to resist.

Mo zixi directly kissed her noisy mouth.

It was like thunder striking the Earth.

Xu Weimiao always asked him, “Mo Zixi, where are your principles? !”!

“Tell me, where are your principles? !”!

He would always bite her ear and tell her that his principles were not with her..

After two people were sweet, they would always part ways.

They would always part ways.

One day.

Xu Weimiao found out that she was pregnant.

She was pregnant again.

It was clear that she was being careful every time!

She called Mo Zixi and asked what she should do!

Mo Zixi smiled evilly.

What should she do? !

It was not easy for him to get her pregnant again. Of course, he should come back, give birth to her, and stay by her side!

Then, don’t leave!


Fanwai 3: about Lu Yicheng’s sexual orientation.

After Lu Yicheng graduated from university, he started to take over his uncle Zhai an’s career.

All of a sudden.

There was an astonishing amount of work.

Everything was like a flood, leaning down and pressing down on him. It even made him feel a little suffocated.

It was another overtime that lasted through the night.

Lu Yicheng opened the door of his office and prepared to get off work.

In the secretary’s office outside.

The woman named Cheng Xiaodi was sitting in the position of the Secretary General. She lay there and fell asleep.

No matter how late it was, he could see her figure every day when he got off work.

He walked over.

It seemed that she was sleeping very soundly.

He looked at the cup of coffee beside her. It was already cold.

When did this woman appear in front of him..

It seemed that it had been a while.

He couldn’t even remember it clearly.

He didn’t even know how she had relied on her own ability, bit by bit, in such a short period of time, to strive for the position closest to him in the entire company.

The corners of his mouth curled into a faint smile.

He turned around and was about to leave.

“CEO Lu.”The woman who was originally sound asleep opened her eyes hazily.

Lu Yicheng turned around and looked at her.

“Are you going to get off work?”

“Yes. You should get off work earlier as well.”

“I want to confess my love one more time before I get off work!”Cheng Xiaodi said.

Lu Yicheng felt that the words “Confess”were almost calluses in his ears.

“I know you’re very impatient, but I’m afraid that if I don’t say it, you’ll forget that I’m chasing you,”Cheng Xiaodi said carefully, “My name is Cheng Xiaodi. I’m twenty-five years old. I’ve had a crush on you for three years and chased you for four years. I’ve worked hard to become more outstanding, and I’ve worked hard to get closer and closer to you…”

“I didn’t forget,”Lu Yicheng interrupted her and repeated, “I didn’t forget that you’re chasing me.”

“Thank you.”Cheng Xiaodi smiled gratefully.

“What do you like about me?”Lu Yicheng suddenly asked.

Cheng Xiaodi was stunned for a moment. “I don’t know. I just want to marry you and give birth to your children.”

“Tomorrow Morning at Nine o’clock, bring your household register and Identity Card. I’ll see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau,”Lu Yicheng said word by word.

Cheng Xiaodi was dumbfounded.

Lu Yicheng smiled. “Don’t make me wait for you.”

After saying this, he turned around and was about to leave.

“Lu Yicheng.”Cheng Xiaodi suddenly chased after him and stood in front of him, blocking his way. “Are you going to marry me?”

“Or else?”

“Are you going to be attacked or attacked?”Cheng Xiaodi blurted out and slowly explained, “I need to be mentally prepared.”

Lu Yicheng looked at her serious look and her serious and persistent look. He held her hand.

Cheng Xiaodi’s heartbeat suddenly sped up.

She followed him back to his office.

She was at a loss. “What for?”

“Use actions to explain the question you just asked.”



At this point.

The end of the drama.

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