Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Coincidence

“CEO Bai, don’t listen to her! There’s no way she was simply passing by. She’s just trying to argue her way out of this.” Fang Manxue spoke up urgently.

Bai Qinghao’s expression was frighteningly dark. Even a blind man could sense the rage emitting from his body.

The cold aura enveloping him seemed to affect the temperature in the room.

Aside from Fang Xinxin, everyone was trembling.

It was truly difficult for Bai Qinghao to trust Fang Xinxin, given her past mistakes. However, as he looked into her serene gaze, he could not help but open his heart up to her once more. “Speak.”

Fang Xinxin was relieved. “Haven’t you noticed that I’m standing at the entrance?”

“You must have known that the commander was on his way here. You left the room intentionally to hide…” Fang Manxue butted in again but was quickly forced into silence by Bai Qinghao’s enraged command. “Shut up!”

Fang Manxue closed her mouth unhappily.

Fang Xinxin did not falter and continued with her narrative. “I came here to visit my friend who is next door, not to see Bai Chenxi. In fact, I only walked in here because I noticed the commotion and heard Bai Qinghao’s voice. In fact, I am here to see Bai Qinghao. I wouldn’t have bothered if someone else had barged into Bai Chenxi’s room.”

“CEO Bai, you can’t trust her words.” Fang Manxue harrumphed coldly.

“She is a skilled liar. How could there be such a coincidence that her friend would be admitted to this hospital and be assigned a room right next door.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can come over to speak to my friend.”

“A friend? You must have paid someone you found on the street to be your last-minute backup. Are you trying to fool us to get your way out of this?”

“I’m not as crafty as you are.” Fang Xinxin pursed her lips. “Besides, considering my friend’s status, he would never be moved by money.”

“Tsk… how could there possibly be someone who wouldn’t be moved by money!” Fang Manxue wanted to continue arguing but was interrupted by Fang Xinxin.

“CEO Bai, I was the one who admitted my friend into the hospital. The nurses at the counter don’t know that I’m familiar with Bai Chenxi. They also don’t know me personally. The room was assigned randomly. It is as she said, a coincidence! We were randomly assigned the ward adjoining Bai Chenxi’s room.”

“Haha, what a joke!” Fang Manxue laughed. “There are so many hospitals in the city. Why did you choose to come to this hospital? Was that also a coincidence?”

“No, that’s not a coincidence…”

“Then…” Fang Manxue kept wanting to trap Fang Xinxin with her words, but Fang Xinxin would not grant her the opportunity.

“My friend met with an accident today. This hospital was the closest. It was a matter of life and death. I couldn’t stop to think about alternative hospital options at that time. Everything I just said is the truth.”

She glanced at Bai Chenxi expressionlessly. “I didn’t come to pick Bai Chenxi up. I didn’t even plan to come visit him. I’ve been busy helping my friend all day, In fact, I didn’t even remember that he was here. Since leaving the Yu Ting Villa, I haven’t taken a single step into this hospital room. If you don’t trust me, you can check the surveillance cameras or talk to my friends.”

“CEO Bai, don’t be fooled by Fang Xinxin’s story!” Fang Manxue was flustered now.

“I’m well aware of all the friends she has. Aside from Bai Chenxi’s young sister, who is slightly noteworthy, none of them are worth taking a second look at. She rarely even interacts with them. Moreover, you belong to a much higher status. There’s no need for you to go visit the last-minute actor she has hired.”

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