Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Extra Money

“300,000 USD.”

Gu Linyuan had barely managed to escape unscathed today. If it wasn’t for the girl in front of him, he would already be dead.

For him, money was not a concern. “No problem.”

Gu Linyuan waited for her to speak, yet she did not.

The atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

As an experienced man, Gu Linyuan quickly reacted. “Miss Fang, are you afraid that I will go back on my words?”

His gaze was somewhat unhappy. “This Gu one will never do so. You will receive the money which I have promised you, without even a single cent missing. Right now, my phone is turned off and it’s not convenient for me to turn it on. Otherwise, I would already have transferred it to you.”

Fang Xinxin was unaffected. “I naturally believe in Director Gu’s promise. However, I have my own principles. If someone has paid after owing a debt, it is naturally alright to lend them more. But your previous debt of 150,000 USD hasn’t been paid yet. I hope you can understand. Everyone has their own difficulties, and I too am currently facing financial difficulties. I believe that your private account should have some money. Since your phone cannot be used at the moment, you can use mine to access your internet banking.”

After all, he owed her several hundreds of thousands.

No matter how powerful he was, or how influential his family background was, it was better to be firm when asking for payment.

This time, Gu Linyuan was the one to fall silent.

Fang Xinxin smiled. “You are also guarding against me. Are you afraid that I’ll hack into your bank account?”

Gu Linyuan admitted it indirectly. “I ask for Miss Fang’s understanding.”

“This is easy to resolve.” Fang Xinxin was unaffected as she responded. “Take your sim card out of your phone and connect your phone to the hospital’s internet to transfer the money.” This way, he wouldn’t need to use his phone card.

“The internet connection here isn’t secure.” Gu Linyuan studied her profile intently. “Give me your phone. I’ll transfer it through yours.”

“Huh? Weren’t you afraid a moment ago that I would hack your account?”

“I, Gu Linyuan, have never judged a person wrongly in my life.”

Fang Xinxin handed her phone over to him. Indeed, her phone was clean.

He brought out the slip of paper that she had handed to him earlier. After confirming the details, he transferred the money over.

He then exited from his account and returned the phone to her. “Done.”

Fang Xinxin took the phone back and checked her account balance.

There were four zeroes behind the ‘forty five.’

450,000 USD!


Gu Linyuan had misunderstood her. He thought that the new information would cost 300,000 USD. After adding up the previously owed sum, it naturally became 450,000 USD.

However, what she actually meant was that everything together would be 300,000 USD.


What a great misunderstanding this was!

Naturally, she would not fuss about the extra money.

She had suddenly transformed from a poor woman to a rich one. Even in her previous life, Fang Xinxin had never seen this much money. At this moment, she was elated.

However, on the surface, she appeared unaffected. Her eyes did not twitch even momentarily. “You handed the money over so easily. Aren’t you afraid that the information won’t be worth it?”

Gu Linyuan understood that she was only testing the waters and did not get angry. “Miss Fang. No one can afford the cost of tricking me.”

There was not the slightest hint of joy on the young lady’s expression despite the money she had just received. It was clear that this small sum meant nothing to her.

“Don’t worry. I don’t have the spare time to trick you. In fact, I enjoy working with confident people like you the most.” Fang Xinxin’s gaze shifted toward the chauffeur, who had been silent the whole time. “Do you need him to leave the room at this moment?”

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