Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Are You Really Planning To Stab Our CEO?

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Fang Xinxin had simply wanted to help Bai Qinghao save some money. However, she deliberated over it and realised that, with his family background, his wealth ran into billions!

It seemed like money was of no issue to him.

“All right.” She nodded.


His frigid complexion finally softened slightly, but his tone remained icy cold. “Eat!”

Fang Xinxin’s appetite had already woken up at the sight of the feast before her. She quickly finished a bowl of rice. “I’m full now.”

Bai Qinghao furrowed his brows. “You ate so little. Does it not suit your taste?”

“It’s really good, but I’m trying to lose weight. Didn’t I say so earlier?” She picked up the napkin on the table to wipe her lips. “How can I lose weight if I eat anymore?”

“You don’t have to rush to lose weight.” Bai Qinghao looked at her round figure and felt a little heartache.

I’m in an extreme rush, ah. It would be best if I could lose all the extra weight right now.

Although Fang Xinxin felt this way, in order to prevent him from worrying, she said, “Don’t worry. One bowl of rice is really enough. A girl’s appetite is always small. There are a lot of girls who would only eat half a bowl of rice to maintain their figures. I already ate much more than that.”

“Really?” Bai Qinghao’s gaze was suspicious.

“Why would I lie to you? If you don’t believe me, ask Liu Li.” She pointed at the bodyguard.

Liu Li nodded. “CEO, one bowl of rice is normal for girls. My ex-girlfriend always only had half a bowl of rice.” Although she was as thin as a stick.

Bai Qinghao only gave in after hearing this. However, he still reminded her. “Lose weight slowly. Don’t starve yourself.”

His concern caused Fang Xinxin to feel moved. “En.”

She stood up and approached Bai Qinghao’s side. Liu Li was cautious of the bag in her hands.


He still remembered the fruit knife!

Although it was two days since she first kept it in her bag, and she had yet to stab his boss, there was still the need to be cautious.

“Miss Fang, can you hand your bag to me temporarily?” Liu Li reached out to block her.

“No.” Fang Xinxin shook her head. “All my important documents are in here.”

“I won’t touch your things.”

“No.” She shook the bag in front of him and leaned close to his ear to whisper. “Why? Are you worried about the knife that I kept inside?”

As she spoke, she intentionally opened her bag slightly to reveal the handle of the knife.

Liu Li watched her movements warily. “Miss Fang, the Commander’s patience has its limits. Please do not do anything out of line!”

If she dared to stab his boss, he would be the first to end her life.

Fang Xinxin decisively brought out the fruit knife and turned to Bai Qinghao in grievance. “Your bodyguard won’t let me near you.”

“Back down,” Bai Qinghao commanded.

“But…” Liu Li hesitated. He faced his Boss’s unhappy gaze and could only obey.

Fang Xinxin finally approached Bai Qinghao’s side. She returned the knife to her bag and gave Liu Li a look. “Bodyguard Liu, you think too little of my intelligence. Even if I wanted to stab him, I wouldn’t do it right before your eyes, no?”

“Are you really planning to stab our CEO? “Liu Li’s voice turned serious.

Bai Qinghao seemed to be deep in thought as he watched Fang Xinxin. His cold and handsome complexion did not reveal any of his feelings.

“What do you think?” Fang Xinxin returned his question.

How could she possibly hurt Bai Qinghao? She simply enjoyed making Liu Li wary and frustrated.

Who asked him to call her Fattie Fang?

“Bai Qinghao, I wish to leave the house for some matters…” Fang Xinxin spoke up after hesitating for a moment.

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