Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Want To Punch

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Although the hospital room appeared to be spacious, behind the curtains next to them, was in fact, Bai Chenxi’s bed. He was still resting there.

He could not see through the curtains, but he could still hear them.

She recalled the first time Bai Qinghao took her forcefully in her past life.

That experience had been too difficult. As a result, after they were married, she remained frightened of him for long.


In fact, after she lost her innocence, the shame had caused her mind to almost collapse. She had wanted to kill Bai Qinghao!

And she had even attempted to do so.

She glanced at the fruit knife on the bedside table. In her previous life, she had taken that knife and charged toward Bai Qinghao. Even though he had managed to back away, she still caused injury to his abdominal area.

Afterward, he did not seek proper care for his stab wound. In the years that followed, whenever it rained, the old injury would ache.


She guessed that he wanted to remember how badly she had hurt him, and how strongly she hated him.

At this moment, she regretted those actions deeply.


She sniffled and glanced down at her own body… this was truly…

Her weight right now… was at least 108 kilograms. She was even heavier than a pig!


Furthermore, on her small frame, her upper body, her arms and her legs… were multiple layers of fat…

Her skin had been quite fair in the past. However, in order to cause Bai Qinghao to dislike her, she had intentionally tanned herself to reach a darkened state.


The sight of her current figure was sufficient to burn her own eyes. She was amazed at Bai Qinghao’s ability to eat her.


She lifted one hand to touch her face and immediately felt the little bumps on her skin. Even without a mirror, she could guess how ugly she appeared with all those pimples.

Right before she lost her sight, she had realised that after losing some weight, allowing her darkened skin to recover and seeking the proper treatment for her acne-covered face, she actually was quite a beauty. In this life, she needed to quickly lose weight and recover so that she could obtain those good looks.


Her mind was suddenly filled with images from the past life. She took another glance at the knife and rushed to pull the blankets up. She wrapped her naked body up tightly, leaving only her head peeking out.

First of all, she really wanted to put something on…


She glanced at the ripped hospital gown on the ground. Bai Qinghao had torn it into shreds. There was no way for her to use it again.

Bai Qinghao noticed her gaze on the knife. He immediately narrowed his cold eyes.

He guessed that she wanted to stab him.

At this moment, his expression was frighteningly dark.

She had eloped with Bai Chenxi behind his back, and now, she was even thinking about killing him!


He curled his fists tightly and dug his nails into his skin.

He resisted the urge to strangle her to death, but the suppression was too much and the veins on his forehead began to show.

Crack, crack, crack!

Fang Xinxin heard the sharp cracking noise from Bai Qinghao’s joints. He clearly wanted to punch someone.

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