Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Begging For Forgiveness (1)

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“Drag her back to Yu Ting Villa!” Bai Qinghao commanded with a stern expression.

“Understood.” Liu Li came forward to grab Fang Xinxin.

Bai Qinghao furrowed his brows. He was unable to tolerate another man touching Fang Xinxin, even if it was only her arms. “You’re not allowed to touch her!”

Liu Li was stumped. “Boss, if I don’t touch her, how am I supposed to drag her?”


“Tie her up with a rope!”

“That’s a good idea.” Liu Li’s face immediately brightened with a smile. If they tied up this unfaithful woman, she would be a matching couple with that male adulterer.


Even if Fang Xinxin’s relationship with Bai Chenxi was clean, an emotional betrayal was still a betrayal!

Fang Xinxin protested. “No. It’s too uncomfortable to be tied up. I won’t run away. I’ll follow you obediently!”

“Boss has never taken back his orders…” A rope suddenly appeared in Liu Li’s hands.


He had likely brought it out from his jacket.

Fang Xinxin’s expression turned dark. This bodyguard had accompanied his boss here to catch them in the act, and it seemed that he even prepared the rope beforehand.

She made baby eyes at Bai Qinghao. “Handsome, you really cannot tie me up.”

She pointed at herself. “Look. I’m already so fat. If you tie me up, wouldn’t my body be seen by others in the real form? Those who don’t know may think that Bai Qinghao enjoys playing perverted games!”


“Fang Xinxin, you’re too shameless! How dare you say such things!” Liu Li immediately snapped at her.

“Our CEO is an upright man. He would never play such games.”


Bai Qinghao was nearly choked by her words but his expression remained tight and stern. “Forget about tying her up.”

His boss had changed his mind so easily? Where was the king who never regretted his words? When it came to this fattie, he always acted out of character.

Liu Li spoke up unhappily. “CEO, this woman doesn’t have good intentions…”

Liu Li wanted to add that it was dangerous to leave her be. However, upon receiving Bai Qinghao’s warning gaze, he immediately stopped.

Bai Qinghao’s cold gaze landed on Bai Chenxi. “What are your last words?”

Last words? Was he planning to take his life? Bai Chenxi trembled in fear. “Bai… CEO Bai… I really didn’t elope with Fang Xinxin. You can’t kill me…”

“Oh? I can’t?” He lifted his brows.

Bai Chenxi’s voice cracked. “You can, you can… no, no, no, please don’t kill me. Please consider that I’m your cousin and allow me to keep my life.”

“Do you think that I will bother to give you face?”

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare.” Bai Chenxi kept giving Fang Xinxin looks. He had winked so many times at her that his face was about to cramp up. However, the fat woman actually did not respond.

Fang Xinxin naturally pretended she did not see anything.

He was asking her for help. Bai Qinghao noticed his actions and immediately became angry. “Toss him out of the window!”


“Yes, sir!” Liu Li lifted Bai Chenxi onto his shoulder without any hesitation.

“Fang Xinxin, save me!” Bai Chenxi no longer cared about appearances and raised his voice.

He never thought that he would have to beg that fat, ugly woman one day!

Fang Xinxin pretended not to have heard anything.

Bai Qinghao suddenly spoke up. “Wait.”

Liu Li had already hauled Bai Chenxi to the window. With a simple shift of his arms, he could toss him out. “I’ve already brought him here, boss. You’ve always prioritised efficiency. You can’t let your subordinate waste his energy.”

He had long found Bai Chenxi unpleasant to the eyes!

“CEO Bai, listen to me…” Bai Chenxi was hanging off of Liu Li’s shoulders.

He struggled to lift his head. “To me, Fang Xinxin is really just my future sister-in-law…”


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