Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years

Chapter 792 - 792 Dao Integration Tribulation, Mahayana, Origin of the Dao of Immortals of Ancient Times, Finale (6)

Chapter 792 - 792 Dao Integration Tribulation, Mahayana, Origin of the Dao of Immortals of Ancient Times, Finale (6)

792 Dao Integration Tribulation, Mahayana, Origin of the Dao of Immortals of Ancient Times, Finale (6)

“So this is the realm after the Dao Integration realm.” Cui Heng sighed slightly and looked at Beginning who was grasped in his hand. “Just now, I tricked you into burning your strength to control that crystal. I originally wanted to consume a portion of your strength to reduce the difficulty of capturing you, but now it seems that it’s unnecessary.” With that, he covered Beginning with his other palm. Then, he pressed his palms together and rubbed them gently. Beginning’s body and soul were destroyed and he no longer existed. All the space-time in the past, present, and future, even the Ultimate land outside space-time, had no traces of him.

Beginning was dead!

At the same time that Cui Heng killed Beginning, he felt a lightness suddenly surge around his body, as if some negative power that had been wrapped around his body had been washed away. The essence of his life and the nature of his power began to sublimate again.

He had completed the Tribulation Transcendence and reached the Mahayana realm!

“So this is Immortal Ascension.”

Cui Heng muttered.

At this moment, he could clearly feel that he could take another step forward at any time and completely transcend and leave this world, sublimating into an unknown and indescribable existence.

This was the level after Mahayana, which was Immortal Ascension.

“Ordinary cultivation will last until the Peak Return to Void Realm.”

Cui Heng understood in his heart. The three realms of Dao Integration, Tribulation Transcendence, and Mahayana were essentially paths that only he could walk. Only he could reach them, so it was not recorded in the Immortal Technique.

“However, if I transcend and leave one day, the door to these three realms will open to all living beings again.”

… .

After everything was settled, Cui Heng did not directly transcend.[./]net'

He first restored the originally destroyed Earth to its original state, then sorted out the timeline and returned the space-time that had become chaotic because of the two of them fighting to normal.

Then, he brought Jiang Qiqi back to the Primordial World.

“Big Brother Immortal, is all the danger over?” Jiang Qiqi asked rather happily.

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled. “Next, I’ll bring you to meet a few people.”

He brought Jiang Qiqi to see Hong Fugui, Pei Qingshu, and Li Mingqiong. As for Zhong Xianyuan and Zhou Xuan, they could only be said to not be fated to meet.

Cui Heng gathered the four of them together and asked, “I want to reopen the path of cultivation in the world. Are you willing to follow me to the starting point of time and preach to all living beings?”

The reason why he did not choose to directly transcend and leave was because the upper limit of the cultivation path in this world was still at the Immortal Emperor realm. It was far from reaching the end of cultivation.

As the Foundation of Existence, perfecting the cultivation path of the world was a necessary thing, and it was also a way to perfect himself.

Hong Fugui, Jiang Qiqi, Pei Qingshu, and Li Mingqiong naturally knew that this was a huge blessing, so they bowed and thanked him. They followed Cui Heng back to the beginning of time and became the innate Supreme Gods.

Now that the world had just been established, the Primordial Chaos was divided, the Great Dao was obscure, and there were no living beings.

Hence, Cui Heng assigned Hong Fugui to control the sky and laws. Pei Qingshu controlled the land and all the living beings. Li Mingqiong controlled men and created all intelligent species.

After all the living beings in the world stabilized, he established a Dao Palace in the world with Jiang Qiqi accompanying him.

… .

The world that had just been established was a wilderness. All living beings were ignorant and civilization had yet to develop.

On this day, an endless and holy voice suddenly spread throughout the entire world.

“I’ll establish a Dao Palace in the center of the world and start a lecture on the Dao Validation Immortal Technique. All living beings can come and listen!”

(End of book)

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