Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 49 Three Times must be Destiny!

Upon hearing what the little Fire Phoenix said, Feng Jiu's eyes filled up with joy and reached out to pinch his pink little cheek and said: "Aren't you always the one saying how much you detest me?"

"My revered self still detests you, but you belong to me afterall. If it is my revered self bullying you, that will be fine. But I will not allow any other person to do that." The little fellow was highly indignant as he spoke, but a pity for that squeaky childlike voice as it could not deliver much of the impact intended.

"With this miniaturized body?" She raised up an eyebrow and laughed lightly: "I think you will fall over with a slight push."

Sensing that his power was being questioned, he stood up immediately and proclaimed loudly: "My revered self is the Ancient Sacred Beast, the Fire Phoenix! Although I am still in my infancy now, but I have afterall inherited the power of the Ancients and possess great power!"

"Alright alright alright, then tell me. What is it that you know?" She said with a laugh, asking nonchalantly.

He was after all just a kid that looked to be about three years old. So how strong could he be?

"Don't judge my revered self based on my outlook of being just a small child. My power is more powerful than that of a cultivator at the Nascent Soul stage. If not for that man's consciousness binding me back at the hidden palace previously, that boundary barrier would not have been able to stop my revered self."

The short tiny figure stood there with his chin lifted, trying to portray a "I'm so powerful" look to Feng Jiu, which caused her to be unable to suppress the corners of her mouth from lifting up, and she played along by looking at him with an adoring gaze.

"You're actually so powerful! ?"

"Of course!" He was looking mighty proud of himself, his eyes showing his high spirits.

"But no matter how powerful, you are still my contracted beast and I am still your owner!"

She said that with smiling eyes, which would remind the little fellow of the fact that he deliberately wanted so much to forget. As expected, she saw his entire body slump, deflated as he looked at her with sad and forlorn eyes.

"Oh right! Do you want to go inside the Spatial Ring? If not, if a small tiny kid like you were to suddenly appear in the Nine Entrapment Woods, you will undoubtedly draw lots of attention to yourself. If those cultivators of Immortality are to find out that you are the little Fire Phoenix, then we will be in big trouble."

Her Master had told her when he was about to send them over here, that when they came out of the Swords' Tomb, they would appear back within the Nine Entrapment Woods, as they had been deep below the ground of the Nine Entrapment Woods. He was able to bring them out of the deep underground, but not out of the Nine Entrapment Woods.

The little Fire Phoenix had initially wanted to refuse, but when he heard those words she said at the end, he finally nodded his head albeit very reluctantly. As she was really too weak, and although he was strong, drawing attention to them when they went out there would still be rather troublesome for them.

"Such a dear."

After seeing him nod, Feng Jiu carried him up and gave him a kiss, where she saw his face immediately turned a bright red, and his shy and embarrassed reactions made her can't help herself but to laugh out loud.

Feng Jiu reached into her consciousness and the little Fire Phoenix immediately went into the space within the ring.

And after the six hours passed, a vortex appeared appeared above the Swords' Tomb, and with a swoosh, she was sucked into it…..

"Huh? Where is this?"

She looked around at the place she had just appeared in, seemingly still within the Nine Entrapment Woods. But there wasn't a single soul around, not even a beast could be seen. It was so quiet it was rather creepy.

And, it was already night.

"Brrr! So cold." She rubbed at her arms. She thought to herself as she walked in the woods: [Wonder if that big oaf Guan Xi Lin is still waiting for me there?]

After walking quite a distance, she suddenly heard the sounds of battle.

[A battle?]

Her eyes were puzzled and she immediately hid her aura as she walked towards the noise.

When she reached, she hid behind a huge tree and peeked her head out slightly to see in front. When her eyes caught sight of the familiar figure, she froze involuntarily and blinked her eyes.

[ That uncle? It's really him again?]

Including the last two times, meeting him again this time, made a grand total of the lucky three! They were indeed destined to meet. In just a few short days, they had managed to meet three times.

But, why does it look like something is not right with him?

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