Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 47 Seeking the Blue Edge Sword

When Feng Jiu regained her consciousness, she and the little Fire Phoenix were already in the Swords' Tomb. As far as the eye can see, swords were everywhere, and in the air, the sharp aura of the swords could be felt distinctly.

She lowered her head and glanced once at the little guy tugging at the corner of her clothes before she opened her hand to reveal the inconspicuous ring she had held in her grip. She bit hard on her finger and dripped her blood onto it and she saw the badly tarnished ring give a bright flash and it suddenly became as good as new, but it however, remained as inconspicuous as it had before the renewal.

She put the finger onto her finger and it automatically conformed itself to her. She poured her consciousness inside the ring and just as her Master had said, there was a space inside that contained quite a heap of skill manuals and treasures. She probed deeper into the space and she found herself suddenly bounced right out of the space.

She gathered back her consciousness and did not go back inside the ring, but to stare at the mountain of swords before her and sighed: "I need to find the Blue Edge Sword from out of so many swords here? Looks like it is not going to be an easy task at all!"

"Even if you are unable to find the Blue Edge Sword, you can still find others. There are quite a number of good swords in the Swords' Tomb." The little Fire Phoenix replied to her statement by reflex and once he said those words, he suddenly seemed to have remembered something and he stared at her proudly to say: "Don't think too much into it. My esteemed self isn't really concerned with your affairs."

"I know, I know."

Feng Jiu said with a laugh, and held the little fleshy hand in hers before walking deeper into the place: "Let's go! Since we are already here, let's roam around a little. Six hours is the time we have. If we do not find a suitable sword within that time, we will be transported out of this place. We need to make full use of the time we have."

With his hand held in hers, the little Fire Phoenix was a little shy as he went: "Humph!". However, he did not let go of her hand and allowed himself to be led inside.

The swords surrounding them were emitting with their sharp aura, every single one of them lodged in the ground. Some of the sword's edge were already rusty and after walking for quite awhile, they still had not managed to sense the Blue Edge Sword's location, and Feng Jiu wanted to put her Master's words to the test. Do the swords really choose their owners?

She grabbed out at a sword nearby and tried to pull it out. However, the sword remained deeply lodged in the ground and would not budge even an inch. When she wanted to exert more strength to attempt another time, she suddenly felt a chilling aura bursting forth from the sword itself and she quickly retracted her hand.

"Heh heh, that's quite amazing." Feng Jiu said in astonishment, her eyes sparkling with eager interest.

"What is so amazing about it? The swords in the Swords' Tomb have always done that." The little Fire Phoenix said in disdain, lifting his tiny head to stare at the foolish woman who was acting just like commoner and continued on with a frown on his face: "Are you really going to search through all of them?"

Hearing that, Feng Jiu was taken aback a moment and she asked: "If not, then?"

The little Fire Phoenix's expression was one that said he expected as much and his eyes were filled with contempt as he looked at her saying: "You are really dumb."

Having been properly and completely despised, Feng Jiu was however really helpless. Who asked her to not know about any of this! ?

"Didn't that man leave a you a slight trace of his blood essence? Close your eyes and try to release your senses and see if you can detect and trace of the Blue Edge Sword's aura around!"

"That can work?"

The little fellow lifted his chin and he tried his best to sound wise by lowering his voice: "The Blue Edge Sword is no ordinary sword and moreover, you have a tinge of its previous owner's blood essence. Of course you will be able to sense its whereabouts."

"I'll give it a try."

And she attempted it immediately. Feng Jiu closed her eyes and removed all other distracting thoughts from her head but just to quietly feel the different auras within the Swords' Tomb. It was roughly half a burning incense stick's time later that she suddenly opened her eyes, surprise and delight sparkling in them.

"I found it! Over there!" Having really sensed the aura of the Blue Edge Sword, she was highly elated in her heart.

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