Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 21 Hunt Commission

The chilling murder in that person's eyes were just too terrifying…..

Just one glance had made his heart falter and caused him to lose the strength in both legs. That gaze, that desire for slaughter, he had not ever seen them even from his Elder brother….. never had he been so terrified!

Who would have believed it! ? A dignified Master of Martial Arts frightened witless and running away from a kid who possessed not a sliver of mystical powers?

But that was exactly it! He knew for sure that if he did not run at that moment, they would not live!

When she saw the middle aged man forcibly dragging the young girl to run away, Feng Jiu was feeling a little puzzled. [Didn't he say that she would not be a match for him? Why was he running away? She had thought that after she dealt with the guards, she would be able to have another match with him!]

The dagger in her hand drew an arc, which sliced the last man's throat. The blood gushed out from the wound and that man fell in a heap on the ground.

Looking at the more than ten bodies on the ground, her eyes were expressionless, without the slightest pity showing.

She had always lived by the rule of "you do not offend me, I do not offend you", hence, for people who seeked to take her life, she would not show mercy in the slightest.

She retrieved the Cosmos Sack from the young man's hip, but found that she could not open it. Thinking about it a while, she seemed to remember that something like this needed a person to possess mystical powers before it can be opened. Since she possessed none, she would naturally not be able to do it.

But she found a few sticks of burning embers from the bodies of the guards and she stuffed them into her clothes together with the Cosmos Sack before she suddenly recalled that she had carelessly forgotten about one person.

"Where is that uncle? Don't tell me he left again?" She glanced around at the surroundings and shouted out a few times: "Uncle? Unnnncle?" as she walked further forward, but she only found the area filled with the carcasses of the ferocious beasts.

"Meat….." She eyes lit up as she surveyed the carcasses on the ground, almost salivating, and all that she thought of at that moment, was the image of well roasted, aromatic, fragrant and juicy meat.

She rubbed her tummy and gulped on her saliva. Immediately taking out her dagger, she cut off a whole hind leg and carried it off in search for a good place to enjoy her roast meat.

It was almost two hours later that the middle aged man and the young girl who had left earlier returned to the spot.

"Big Brother!"

The young girl ran forward and hugged her brother's body as she wept in grief. "How am I going to tell Father that you're dead when we get back? Big Brother, how can you die like this….. Hoo….. Hoo….."

When he saw the clan's carefully selected eighteen guards were all dead, and even his nephew had lost his life here, the middle aged man's eyes were filled with indescribable grief. One of his hands was tightly clenched into a fist, while the other injured hand just hung limply unable to exert any strength at all.

"Ying Rou, carry your brother's body back and give him a proper burial. We will definitely avenge ourselves for what happened this day!"

The young girl wiped at her face and said in between sobs: "Second Uncle, that little beggar is here in the Nine Entrapment Woods. If we leave now, how are we going to seek revenge? Once we get out of this woods, we won't even know where to start finding him!"

"No, there is no need for us to do it ourselves. When we get back, I will go to the Mercenaries' Guild and commission a hunt for the little beggar and someone will definitely pluck the head of him!"

His voice was low and grim as he said it, his eyes lowered. He was looking at his own lifeless hand and as the desire to kill grew, he however knew that he was not the little beggar's match!

Hearing those words, the young girl wiped at her tears once more and carried her brother's body on her back. That was when she discovered that the Cosmos Sack at her brother's hip was missing and she said: "Second Uncle, that person has even taken my brother's Cosmos Sack!"

"That's even better! We have many ways of finding him!"

His eyes took on a vicious gleam as he stared into the deep recesses of the woods' inner reaches. Although their trip here had been for the mythical beasts, but it was obvious at that moment, they were not in good enough shape to venture any further into the woods.

As for that little kid, he swore, he would make that kid's life a living hell!

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