I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 3022 - The End (5)

Chapter 3022 The End (5)

The other so-called rich families couldn’t even be compared to the Mo family.

A drone hovered above the open-air garden, recording everything that happened at the banquet.

In order to protect Young Master Mo’s privacy, the reporters were not allowed to enter.

The pastries and delicacies were placed in various corners of the garden. Hundreds of attendants carried silver trays filled with champagne and fine wine as they shuttled through the bustling crowd.

The world-renowned orchestra was playing beautiful and moving music on the spot. It was said that this orchestra was the royal band of Country M, and they had always performed for the royal family. This time, the royal family of Country M took the initiative to arrange for the royal band to come over to cheer up the Young Master of the Mo family’s 100-day banquet.

The Mo Residence was bustling.

At the airport.

Yan Shaoqing looked at his friend and sighed. “Must you leave?”

Gong Zeli smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “It’s not like you won’t come back. Why are you so sad? If you want to see me, you can fly over anytime.”

Yan Shaoqing sighed again. “That’s true, but you’ll be overseas. It’s not as convenient as it is now. You can ask me out whenever you want to meet me. But since you’ve decided, what else can I say?

“But how many years are you planning on staying abroad? It’ll take you at least three to five years to build the overseas market. Are you planning to stay overseas the entire time?”

Yan Shaoqing didn’t expect Gong Zeli to fall so deeply.

Qiao Mianmian had already given birth, but he still hadn’t come out.

He said that the Gong Corporation wanted to expand to the overseas market, so he decided to personally go overseas to manage the newly established company. But Yan Shaoqing knew very well why he was going overseas.

The Gong Corporation’s main revenue market was in China.

Even if a new company was established overseas, he didn’t need to go there.

But it was good that he was going overseas. Once there, he could start a new life. Perhaps in a year or two, he could completely let go of her.

Gong Zeli kept quiet for a while before looking up at Madam Gong, whose eyes were red and swollen from crying. After a while, he said, “It’s decided to be three years. If there’s nothing special, I probably won’t be back.” “You…” Yan Shaoqing couldn’t help but sigh again. He felt that he sighed more on this day than in the past year.

“Alright, it’s almost time for the security check.” Gong Zeli looked away from Madam Gong and lowered his eyes. His long and thick eyelashes covered the emotions that flashed past his eyes.

Unwillingness, reluctance, pain, confusion…

When he looked up again, no emotion could be seen on his face.

He took out a box from his bag and handed it to Yan Shaoqing.

Yan Shaoqing was stunned. “What’s this?”

Gong Zeli’s voice was calm. “Give the gift to the baby for me.”

Gong Zeli didn’t specify who it was for, but Yan Shaoqing immediately understood.

This was a gift Gong Zeli prepared for Qiao Mianmian’s baby.

Yan Shaoqing took it. The box was made of sandalwood, and he guessed that it was a longevity lock.

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