illicit relationship

Chapter 1792 Welcome Home, Husband

Chapter 1792 Welcome Home, Husband

'Today is one of the best days of my life.'

Xiao Tian was currently soaking in the tub alone.

After having sex with all of his wives, he headed to the bathroom to take a shower. He wanted to clean his body, so he stopped having sex with his women.

Of course, he would have sex with them again later because it was their honeymoon.

"Today, I will enj-" Xiao Tian stopped his words halfway when one of his wives suddenly entered his bathroom. "My Jingxian, what are you doing here?"

He was startled when he saw his beautiful wife entering his bathroom like it was hers.

"I'm taking a shower." Long Jingxian responded as she cleaned her body.

"I know that. I mean, why are you taking a bath in my room?" this was the reason why Xiao Tian was shocked.

"What's wrong with me taking a shower in your bathroom?" Long Jingxian responded without looking at him. "Your bathroom is my bathroom because we are a husband and wife now. Isn't that right?"

Xiao Tian was at a loss for words.

'Did she learn it from Fei and Yukina?'

He did not say anything anymore and kept looking at her.

Even though he had seen her naked body many times, the flames of lust still appeared within him.

The lust within him grew bigger when Long Jingxian turned around and showed her big breasts to him.

Long Jingxian was much more beautiful and sexier after drinking his blood, so Xiao Tian could not fight back the lust within him.

For this reason, his penis was slowly erect when he stared at her naked body.

When Long Jingxian noticed his expression, she immediately said, "You have seen my body many times, so why are you still making a face like that?"

At this moment, she still had not noticed his erect penis.


Even if she noticed it, she would still act calmly because she knew her husband was a pervert.

"I suddenly think that I'm the luckiest man in the world." he was not lying when he said this because all of his women were beautiful and always supported him.

Upon hearing his words, Long Jingxian's lips curled up into a smile. "You have a glib tongue."

"Come here, my love. Let's cuddle in the tub." Xiao Tian uttered.

Long Jingxian placed the shower head on the shower slider. She had cleaned her body, so she decided to grant his wish.

"What is this?" Long Jingxian asked as she pointed her right index finger at his erect cock.

"Well, my wife is so beautiful, so I can't help it." He did not hide his erect penis because she was his wife.

"You are indeed a pervert husband." She stated.

"You already know about it." He uttered. "Come here. I want to hug you from behind."

Actually, Xiao Tian only wanted her to sit between his legs, but Long Jingxian suddenly did something shocking.

Instead of sitting between his legs, she sat on his penis!

Yes, she put his erect cock into her pussy after stepping into the tub!

Xiao Tian was her husband, so it was her duty to satisfy him.

And she also wanted to have his baby, so she decided to make him happy.

"Ahh…" a seductive moan escaped from her little mouth when his huge penis spread her vagina into the size of his cock.

"Jingxian, this is…" Xiao Tian said in surprise.

"Do you like it?" she inquired.

"I love it!" Xiao Tian responded.

After asking him to embrace her from behind, she uttered, "Husband…"

"Hmm? What's wrong?" he asked.

"Thank you for everything." She answered. "Thank you for giving me and my daughter happiness."

"It should be my words." He uttered. "Thank you for appearing in my life."

She was thrilled after hearing his words. "Husband, I want to have you baby."

"Then let's make a baby now." he uttered.

"Un." She nodded her head.

Without pulling his penis out of her pussy, they immediately had sex.

Because they were in the tub, he decided to fuck her from behind. Of course, she did not mind it because it also gave them pleasure.

"Ahh…Ah…Ah…" Long Jingxian moaned louder as she grabbed the tub.

After having sex for several minutes, Xiao Tian finally reached his limit. "Jingxian, I'm cumming… I'm cumming…"

"Cum in me. Cum in me." Long Jingxian said as she moaned.

"I'm cumming…" like what she wanted, he shot out his white sperm deep inside her pussy.

"I'm cumming too." she had a massive orgasm when her pussy was filled with his sperm.

"Huft…Huft…Huft…" the duo breathed heavily.

"It was amazing, my love." Long Jingxian uttered.

"Yes. It was amazing!" he uttered. "How about we head to my room and continue on the bed?"

"Sure." She agreed instantly.

Without waiting for another second, they walked out of the bathroom.

To their surprise, they saw Yukina lying on the bed naked.

Not only that, but she was also playing with her pussy.

Anyone who saw her would know immediately that she was masturbating in his room.

"Yukina, what are you doing?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"Hehe." Long Jingxian giggled.

Yukina stopped playing with herself and spread her pussy widely, "Handsome, put your cock in my pussy now. I want to become one with you."

"Husband, grant her wish now." after saying that, Long Jingxian pushed Xiao Tian to Yukina.

Yukina was also his wife, so she told him to satisfy her, too.

"Handsome, hurry up and put your cock into my pussy." Yukina was happy when Xiao Tian approached her.

"What a lewd wife!" after saying that, he thrust his huge penis into her pussy.

"Ahh…Ahh…Ah…" Yukina moaned as she wrapped her arms around his back.

'Handsome, handsome, handsome…'

Her mind was instantly on cloud nine.

Because she had masturbated before, she reached her limit shortly after that. "I'm cumming… I'm cumming…"

Xiao Tian immediately pulled his penis out of Yukina's pussy.

Without waiting for another second, he grabbed Long Jingxian's right hand and uttered, "My wife, it's your turn again now."

Long Jingxian smiled softly when he put her on the bed. "Come here, my husband. Let's become one again."

"I'm coming, my wife." After saying that, Xiao Tian put his huge penis into her pussy.

And like that, his room was filled with seductive moans again.


Time went by quickly, and without realizing it, it had been six months since Xiao Tian became the Ruler.

At this moment, all the Xiao family members were dead. Xiao Tian and the others killed them after they were satisfied torturing them.

The Xiao family's wealth was now in Xiao Zhan's hands.

As for Li Mei, Xiao Tian put her in the villa.

He put her in the villa and ordered many people to guard her.

Even though he did not kill her, he did not let her out of the villa because she was his enemy.

The Li family's wealth also fell into Xiao Tian's hands.

Now, Xiao Tian was officially the richest man in China.

Even his father and the Qing family were not as rich as him because he was already rich before taking the Li family's wealth.

Of course, they did not mind it because Xiao Tian deserved it.


Xiao Tian's Mansion, Family Room.

Shi Fei and the others were sitting on the couch.

All of them wore happy faces because they were pregnant with Xiao Tian's baby. They even got pregnant at the same time.

That was why they were thrilled because this was what they always wanted.

"Our husband said he was on his way home." Shi Fei spoke abruptly.

"Let's go to the front yard to welcome him." Liu Ning uttered.

"Un." After nodding their heads, they headed to the front yard.

They walked carefully because they were pregnant.

"It's him. It's him!" Yun Xin Er uttered.

Ye Qingyu and the others kept looking at his car, waiting for him to get out of his car.

'What is this?'

Xiao Tian was shocked when he saw all his women in the front yard.

After Xiao Tian got out of his car, Su Ruanyi and the others said in unison, "Welcome home, husband."



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