A World Worth Protecting

Chapter 22 - It's Crushed...

Chapter 22: It’s Crushed…

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The din was deafening. There were even many who appeared out of the second level’s exit. All of them were surveying their surroundings with ferocious looks, hoping to find traces of Wang Baole.

This scene immediately left Wang Baole alarmed. He was not afraid of a single person, but if it was a legion…

Wang Baole blinked. He felt that it was not embarrassing to cower in front of a legion of people. Thankfully, the club had people of all shapes and sizes. He was not the only fat one present, nor was he very conspicuous. Wang Baole quickly left the club and returned to Ethereal Dao College.

The crowd failed to find Fat Rabbit in the club and burned with aggrieved anger. They clenched their teeth, resolving to teach Fat Rabbit a good lesson the next time he came.

However, not everyone visited the fight club daily. Similarly, there were too many people in the club. After all, its clientele was made up of everyone who liked fighting in Ethereal City.

Therefore, although there were many people who had witnessed Wang Baole’s dominating actions that day, few people noticed him in the beginning when he came again three days later.

Even if there were some, they were few in number, and the news did not spread. This allowed Wang Baole to visit the fight club every other day. Every time he went there, he would begin as an unknown during his first battle and rapidly develop to the point of driving everyone spectating mad. Slowly, after visiting the fight club more than ten times, the legend of the fat rabbit who bent fingers slowly spread despite his attempts at maintaining a low profile.

“I heard that a fat rabbit who loves bending the fingers of others appeared in the club!”

“The rumors mention a fat rabbit who is extremely evil. When he fights others, all he sees is their fingers!”

“I even heard that the bastard is quite nasty. If he isn’t able to bend fingers the entire time, he will not even spare his opponent’s toes!”

All sorts of rumors and discussions constantly spread within the club. It did not reach a point where everyone knew of the fat rabbit, but eventually, the moment Wang Baole appeared, he would instantly gain an audience. It even reached the point where Wang Baole realized that people paid attention to every entrance on the first floor.

Not only that, he had also learned from others that people had organized themselves into a Rabbit Annihilation Alliance. This left him astounded. Thankfully, he was already very skilled in finger bending from fighting hundreds of times. He felt that he needed to keep a low profile and decided to end his training.

These people are too unreasonable. Since it’s a freestyle fight club, why must they be so agitated? I’m not bending fingers but practicing my twisting technique! Wang Baole was peeved. In fact, he had been entering the Hallucination realm nearly every day to fight the senior sparring partner. He would only head for the club after being tortured to a certain extent.

This cycle not only allowed him to vent his stress, it could also increase his technique greatly. He went from completely not being the senior sparring partner’s match—with him being instantly taken down—to being able to resist him for quite some time.

This improvement gave Wang Baole hope. Although he did not dare head to the fight club, Wang Baole continued training by himself and, with some confidence, took a deep breath before opening the Hallucination realm.

The biting cold wind and the fluttering snowflakes encased the area in ice. The familiar surroundings made Wang Baole hold his breath and focus. He looked at the sparring partner that slowly materialized nearby, his eyes burning with fighting spirit. Over the months of fighting the senior sparring partner, he had become somewhat infuriated from having his fingers bent countless times.

“This time, I’ll definitely make you admit defeat!” Wang Baole loosened his arms for a moment as his aura instantly changed. It was staggeringly sharp!

If Wang Baole was said to have been an inchoate sword in the past, the present him had rapidly metamorphosed after numerous battles in the club, turning him into a sharp, unsheathed sword.

Although he was not extremely rich in combat experience, he had long exceeded his former self.

The instant the senior sparring partner appeared, Wang Baole’s speed rose suddenly. He instantly jumped forward and appeared beside his opponent, raising his right hand to grab forward.

The senior sparring partner had the same expression as usual. He did not retreat and instead advanced. The suction force in him suddenly emanated as he grabbed at Wang Baole. Almost at the instant they were about to touch, a glint flashed in Wang Baole’s eyes. He released his suction force as an invisible vortex appeared between the two of them. As they tugged at each other, they collided.

With a bang, Wang Baole retreated a few steps. The senior sparring partner was no different. No one was able to gain the upper hand when the suction forces were unleashed.

Wang Baole’s eyes wore a look of excitement. He rapidly approached once again, and soon, he began exchanging blows with the senior sparring partner in the Hallucination realm.

He was fast, but so was the senior sparring partner. Gradually, their figures meshed together. They would blast backward when the suction force reached its limit each time. It caused the surrounding snow to rapidly fly toward them before violently scattering outwards.

Others would definitely have been alarmed if they were to see this scene. In fact, Wang Baole’s battle with the senior sparring partner had surpassed the level of Physical Seal. Even a Pulse Enrichment expert would be surprised by this battle.

In fact, what they were competing in was, more importantly, the control of their suction forces other than their speed and bodily strength. This demanded minute control, with the need to be adjusted all the time. Only with different release frequencies would the desired effects be achieved.

Not only that, the suction force was not only directed from the palm, but from the entire body. This resulted in many variations when it came to battle strategy. Thus, the need to judge their opponent’s battle strategy and lure their opponent into a trap developed in the duo’s battle.

As the sounds of their clashes shook the surroundings, time slowly passed. Soon, five minutes passed. Wang Baole was already panting heavily, but his eyes were filled with excitement. He had not had his finger bent by the senior sparring partner up to his point. It made him very confident.

“It’s time to end this. Senior sparring partner, I’ll let you have a taste of how awesome it feels to have your finger bent!” Wang Baole roared with laughter. The instant the senior sparring partner approached, his eyes emitted a strange glint. All his sweat pores instantly sealed shut as he used a technique at the Physical Seal realm.

Immediately, the world inside and outside his body seemed isolated from each other, forming two separate worlds. At the same time, the devouring seed began releasing a maniacal suction force under his control. It instantly reached its maximum strength as his body trembled. Unknowingly, he had even slimmed down a little as though his body shape had changed.

By sealing his physical body, the suction force was unable to fully permeate his body; this resulted in a vacuum. The instant the senior sparring partner came in front of him, Wang Baole roared. He removed his Physical Seal realm instantly, and the suction that was brewing in strength was unleashed at full force.

Amid the booms, the surrounding wind and snow surged over. The senior sparring partner clearly did not expect this move from Wang Baole. His body was finally under the suction force’s influence when it came close, causing him to stumble a little.

This slight misstep gave Wang Baole a chance. In his maniacal laughter, he took one step forward and landed in front of the senior sparring partner. His right hand grabbed his finger like lightning, and with his excitement and stirring feelings, he yanked it upwards ruthlessly!

“Kneel down and call me daddy!”

The senior sparring partner’s body jolted, and just as he was about to kneel down, a black glint flashed in his eyes. The glint was identical to the light in the black mask. Simultaneously, a fleeting smile tugged at the corners of the senior sparring partner’s mouth. He raised his other hand rapidly, pressing down on Wang Baole’s wrist firmly.

Not only did he manage to stand up straight by pressing down, his suppressive force made Wang Baole cry out. His palm immediately lost its strength as he failed to grab his opponent’s finger. His suction force had, for some unknown reason, been severed instantly.

Just that alone could be ignored, but when the senior sparring partner got up, he rapidly raised his right foot and… kicked Wang Baole in the crotch.

A cry more tragic than any before erupted from Wang Baole; it was sharp and ear-piercing. People who had never experienced this before could never imagine such a cry.

Wang Baole even felt that he had heard a crack. His mind instantly went blank, overwhelmed by the unprecedented pain. It left him crying tragically as he lost all his strength. He rolled around on the ground, his hands at his crotch.

Wang Baole was almost in tears. Cold sweat drenched his shirt. Even the cold winds were unable to make him feel cold. His entire being was on the brink of insanity. He was whimpering in pain with a voice that had a different tone to usual. “They’re crushed. Heavens, they’re crushed.”

The senior sparring partner did not continue. He stood by the side, watching Wang Baole without any expression. Only after some time, when the intense pain had somewhat eased, was Wang Baole able to quickly pull open his pants with a pale expression. He heaved a sigh of relief when he looked down. However, the lingering fear in his expression turned more intense.

“Shameless! Despicable!” Wang Baole looked up and clenched his teeth. The hate he had for the senior sparring partner was indescribable. He had been filled with confidence and believed that he could finally turn the tables, but he had never imagined that the senior sparring partner would have such a despicable move.

He wished to continue sparring with him but was too afraid. He even wished to protect his crotch, but he realized that he could not do it in the Hallucination realm. It appeared that there was something different after the senior sparring partner changed.

Finally, Wang Baole left the Hallucination realm extremely depressed. He struggled outside for a long while. On the one hand, he would have to experience the excruciating pain if he continuing the sparring, and on the other hand, there was his anticipation of becoming Head Prefect. Finally, the latter won over the former, and with a loud roar, Wang Baole entered the Hallucination realm again.

His tragic cries would occasionally echo throughout the Hallucination realm. Every time, Wang Baole would feel as though his crown jewels… had been crushed.

Half a month later, his mind was in a mess, almost to the point of going crazy. Even when he walked through the Dao College, he would instinctively cover his crotch when anyone gave him a glance.

All of this left him burning in a depressive anger. He aimed his sights once again… at the freestyle fight club.

I want to engage in real combat!

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