Chapter 744: Fifth Grade Inner Sensing Pills

Chapter 744: Fifth Grade Inner Sensing Pills

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Shi Shanshan and Tao Junqi were not in a coma for a long time, they soon woke up, and immediately remembered the previous events. Swallowing the ginseng liquid in their mouth, knowing that it was the husband who replenished their bodies, tenderness rose in their hearts, but at the same time, they were a little impressed by each other’s stubbornness.

Especially when Shi Shanshan found herself lying in the arms of her husband, she felt a little impatient. Her previous stubbornness was as ridiculous as a farce.

“Why is this happening, husband?” As the eldest sister, Gao Yue is naturally the most suitable to come forward at this time, and it can also relieve the embarrassment of the two girls.

“The medicine is too strong, stronger than a thousand cuts.” Yang Chen shook his head slightly, but then immediately continued: “However, although it is not very helpful for understanding the qi and blood for the time being, it is helpful for tempering the will. Shanshan and Junqi, you are so powerful, your husband thought you couldn’t bear it, and waited for you to ask for help, but you survived, and you fainted with pain. You really deserve to be my women.”

Yang Chen’s words made the eyes of Shi Shanshan and Tao Junqi light up. Among the crowd, only Yang Chen and them had tasted the third grade inner sensing pill, so they naturally understood it better than the others. With Yang Chen’s statement, their previous stubbornness became less embarrassing and turned into courage.

However, to be honest, Yang Chen’s words are very reasonable. That level of pain, if you can really endure it, will indeed greatly hone your will. This thing of will has nothing to do with the cultivation of spiritual awareness, it only depends on the strength of one’s heart. After going through this experience, it seems that one’s spirit is a little sublimated.

Of course, the two girls really admire Yang Chen now. That level of pain, Yang Chen actually endured it from the beginning to the end with just a painful expression on his face, it was not something a human could bear, it was thanks to their husband who endured it so abruptly.

When it comes to tempering the will, all the girls started to be interested. Although Yang Chen’s Nine Serenity Flying Sword can temper the state of mind, it is another way of tempering. Different from the current one, this one is all about exercising one’s endurance and the ability to endure pain.

If you can persevere under this kind of pain and keep your mind focused, they believe that no matter how much damage you suffer in actual combat, you will not immediately panic and lead to complete failure. It’s another way to save your life.

As a result, Yang Chen originally planned to seal up the third grade inner sensing pills, but now each of the women asked for a few pills to hone themselves.

Yang Chen didn’t stop them either, it wasn’t that he didn’t love his women, but that sometimes suffering under such a controlled situation was better than suffering in actual combat without training.

Of course, Yang Chen himself had other plans. In the process of enduring the third grade inner sensing pill, Yang Chen suddenly discovered that it seemed that as long as his body was strong enough, he could endure this kind of pain even more. Conversely, this level of pain is more conducive to tempering one’s own body.

Yang Chen has already practiced the body refining technique to the initial stage of sea pouring strength. Basically, Yang Chen already feels that it is impossible to go further in the mortal world. The medicinal effect of the third grade inner sensing pill made him think of another way, using the pain caused by the third grade inner sensing pill to temper the body refining technique.

Strong muscle strength, strong bones, strong fascia, plus strong will and the ability of the nervous system to endure pain. In the previous cultivation, the outer musculoskeletal fascia is strong enough, but the inner nervous system is still relatively weak. The third grade inner sensing pill seems to be able to make up for this shortcoming.

According to normal practice, the body refining technique can only be cultivated by ordinary cultivators who have reached the Immortal world, because the body has undergone numerous transformations, making it extremely powerful. Of course, the effect of the body refining technique transformation will be thousands of times harder. Even in the realm of sea pouring strength, it will take at least a thousand years or even longer to reach the point where the internal nervous system is also tempered, and then it will be tempered by external and internal influences and gradually become stronger.

However, the third grade inner sensing pill completely omitted this step, directly acting on the nerves, enhancing one’s own senses thousands of times, artificially causing this kind of ubiquitous severe pain, and there is a more suitable quenching method than this. Is it the way of refining the body?

Thinking of doing it, Yang Chen immediately took another third grade inner sensing pill into his mouth, arranged the restraint, and activated the yellow turban warrior body refining technique.

After swallowing the elixir, the body began to plunge into pain again. The incomparable physical body became more and more distorted, frantically resisting this boundless pain from within.

As soon as the body refining technique was activated, Yang Chen noticed that his ability to endure pain had greatly improved. Although he was still excruciatingly painful, it hadn’t reached the point where he couldn’t bear it. It seems that the third grade inner sensing pill was not very effective.

Next, after Yang Chen endured the effects of a third grade inner sensing pill, he immediately changed to a fourth grade inner sensing pill. The fourth grade inner sensing pill medicinal effect is ten times stronger. If he was not practicing the body refining technique, it will definitely make Yang Chen want to die, just like Shi Shanshan and Tao Junqi.

After using the fourth grade inner sensing pill, Yang Chen got used to it after using it for a while, and after eating all the fourth grade inner sensing pills he refined, Yang Chen began to swallow the fifth grade inner sensing pills.

The fifth grade inner sensing pills finally gave Yang Chen the feeling that he was approaching the limit. After relying on the body refining technique to survive, Yang Chen felt that the effect of the inner sensing pill was too short, and it had already passed after he had just experienced it. If he wanted to continue to practice, he would be interrupted if he continued to take it and if he only used one, he always felt a little unfulfilled.

For the first time, Yang Chen had the idea of ​​modifying the pill formula, and then this idea got out of hand and became more and more intense. However, there are mainly two directions that he wants to modify the inner sensing pills.

One is to maintain the original function, to detect the circulation of qi and blood in the body. The reason why the inner sensing pill was unable to detect the circulation of Qi and blood in the third grade was because the sensory amplification was too painful, and it was impossible to concentrate on experiencing the circulation of Qi and blood. In fact, any other senses other than detecting Qi and blood, including vision, hearing and pain, are just side effects and have no meaning at all.

If all these side effects can be shielded, then the inner sensing pill will still have a considerable auxiliary effect on cultivation. Speaking of which, the inner sensing pill was obtained from the monster race, the medicine of the monster race is always rough.

Of course, if these side effects are shielded and the time can last longer, it will be better and better, and that is the real good medicine.


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