Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 1906 Taking The Scenic Route

Chapter 1906 Taking The Scenic Route

Little Shrubby might not have felt the effects of the gravity around the Great Meteorite Wall personally, but he could still tell that there had been some change.

"Yeah." Lin Mu replied to the beast. "The gravity is gone now… I removed its source." He added.

"Oh, okay." Little Shrubby said, not minding it much. "Where do we go now?" he asked.

"Right up there." Lin Mu pointed to the top of the wall. "I think we can get a really nice look at the area from there."

"Yes!" Little Shrubby was convinced, and Lin Mu jumped onto his back.


With that, the two turned into a red blur that raced up the tall wall that reached the skies. Little Shrubby's sharp blade like claws extended and dug into the solid wall, giving him a perfect grip while running.

Lin Mu finally got to check just how tall the wall really was.

'Over a hundred kilometers tall… This might really be the tallest place on the Continent… No, maybe even the Rust Sky World.' Lin Mu thought.

He knew that there were other peaks in the World that reached a similar height, but they were still lower than this for sure.

'I don't think anyone got to measure this wall anyway since they couldn't approach it.' Lin Mu reckoned. 'Unless the Transcendent Immortals tried to measure it themselves, which I doubt, I might just be the first one to do so.'

With a small exploration achievement under his belt, Lin Mu finally saw the top of the wall.

As expected, it was very flat, having been compressed perfectly due to the gravity. But what was not exacted was its thickness.

"Whoa… this is basically a plateau at this point." Lin Mu saw a flat expanse that extended for nearly ten kilometers.

Or at least that's what he could see. The horizon was hidden behind it, and he would need to move further ahead to properly confirm the thickness of the wall. From his current position, though, he could see the Minor Mite mountains rather clearly.

"The scene is rather nice." Lin Mu and Little Shrubby paused to bask in the beauty.

The Minor Mite Mountains were grayish brown and rose from the middle of a green blanket of trees. It looked unique and extended for as far as Lin Mu's gaze went.

He stood there for a few minutes until he felt satisfied and moved on.

"Let's get to the other side and see how it is." Lin Mu spoke, and Little Shrubby ran once more.

On the wall itself, there was nothing to see. But with how wide it was, Lin Mu was sure the Empire would probably be able to make use of it somehow.

'Considering its position and topography, this seems like the perfect place to make a military fort.' Lin Mu thought.

Of course, flying all the way up here would be difficult for a lot of immortals, but if someone installed something like an elevator, it would become easier.

Though he reckoned some might just put in a teleportation array instead. It would be convenient for those coming from a long distance away. Plus, it made sense to connect the capital city with an important place like an army fort of this size.

"Eh, whatever it might be, it isn't for me to decide." Lin Mu pushed it out of his mind and looked forward to the other side of the wall.

As they continued to move, Lin Mu could see the width of the wall extending more. Only after the fifteen kilometer mark did they finally see the horizon in the distance.

"Yep, this is basically a plateau." Lin Mu confirmed.

Being over fifteen kilometers in width and hundreds of kilometers in length, this was basically a giant plateau that spanned a wide area.

A short while later, Lin Mu and Little Shrubby finally reached the other side of the Great Meteorite wall.

"This is even better!" Little Shrubby said out loud.

"Indeed." Lin Mu agreed.

Unlike the grey termite mounds from the Minor Mite Mountains, the area here was a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

He saw two rows of tall green mountains that extended all the way to the horizon. There must have been at least a hundred mountains in each row while between them a continuous valley extended.

The valley was filled with trees, plants, and bountiful wildlife. The trees were of different colors too, ranging from a vibrant green to calming amber and serene blue.

Then there were the patches of flowers mixed in that dotted the vast expanse of the valley.

This place was none other than the Serene Glass Valley!

"Those should be herb farms." Lin Mu guessed, seeing the pattern in which the flower patches were growing.

They were made in a step formation around the mountains and adorned their sides.

But that wasn't all, as Lin Mu could also see buildings in the distance. They were so tiny from here, they barely looked like dots.

'Considering this area is right next to the Great Meteorite Wall, they probably didn't consider building stuff here. They are just growing herbs and more plants instead.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

It did make sense to do that too, as there would be better security on this side. After all, they would have never thought that someone would cross over from this side of the wall. The area of strong gravity worked as a natural barrier that neither humans nor beasts would cross.

It was at this point that a thought appeared in Lin Mu's mind.

'Nothing should happen now that the gravity is gone… right?' Lin Mu had a strange expression on his face.

So far, he couldn't tell whether anyone had discovered that the gravity had disappeared, but he knew it wouldn't stay hidden forever.

"Well, not my thing to worry about." Lin Mu gave up on thinking of the consequences. "They're a major power, so they should be able to handle a change." He reckoned.

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