Villain Retirement

Chapter 755 755: A Different Development

Chapter 755 Chapter 755: A Different Development

A few years ago, down in the Nexus, Bard was just casually chatting with his AI and asking for updates about the new universes they are discovering and visiting.

"So, what do we know about this one, Anna?"

[Nothing, Whiteking. That is why I wanted your attention. I advise personally exploring the universe yourself.]

"Huh…" Bard had his hand on his chin as he looked at the portal in front of him. With the technology he developed, he could somewhat see through the portal. It wasn't clear, but it was enough to give him a rough idea of what was on the other side.

"...Isn't it just a ruined universe?"

[I do not know, Whiteking. But I am detecting traces of technology developed by your variant on the other side, that is why I wanted your attention.]

"...Hm," Bard's helmet emerged from his skin and quickly wrapped around his head. He then started waving his fingers, interacting with the HUD floating in front of him, "Are these images right? Horkans are living in New York?"

The Nexus was not exactly that omnipotent, no. Due to the energy it required to operate, Bard has only programmed the portals to connect in one single area—the one they were already in, New York.

Perhaps one could even call it the Nexus York, as it connected all the New Yorks of all universes—well, at least that is what Bard wanted to call it first, but Nannah profusely disagreed with him.

[Yes. The people on the other side match the Horkans' appearance by 98.6%]

"Huh," Bard once again placed his hand on his chin. Soon, however, his entire silhouette disappeared as he stepped forward, "I am going in to check the other side. Anna, record this expedition."

[Expedition to Earth-1218. Officer on Duty, Whiteking.]

And with those words, Bard casually stepped inside the portal; not even thinking much of it as he had done this a thousand times already.


But what welcomed him on the other side was not New York, not even the people that live there, no. He was in an empty space of nothing—just white everywhere.

"Anna, did you mess up the travel?" Bard quickly called for his AI… but it did not respond, "Anna?"

Bard just stood there in all the whiteness, not daring to move as he inspected everything he could. Soon, however, a silhouette of a human emerged—no, materialized in front of him… introducing itself as Machina, a primordial god.

And right there and then, Bard realized how small he truly was compared to the actual cogs that run the multiverse. They talked about many things.

About Golden Fox. About the dangers of the multiverse.

One could even say that Machina was complimenting Bard for what he was doing. But more so than anything else they have talked about, there was one thing that stuck to Bard.

A warning.

A warning to stay away from the universe he was about to travel to just moments ago. Machina then started showing him visions—visions of another Bernard Ross.

Bard watched as his variant lived a fairly normal life. Well, fairly normal in terms of Bernard Ross, that is. One could even say that this Bernard did not really stand out amongst the other Bernards—something in him was… lacking.

But then something happened, something happened before he could don the cape of a superhero. They were invaded by an alien race, in which he watched as they killed a dear friend—Steve Bridges, who is known in other universes as the Prophet.

And then, something in him just snapped. He used his technological intellect to massacre the alien race that invaded Earth. At first, Bard was not really surprised by this, as a lot of other Bernards have gone the same path.

But this Bernard did not stop. He hijacked the alien's ship and used it to travel to the homeworld of the invaders… and killed each and every last one of them, innocent or not. Bard once again did not flinch, as other Bernards have done the same; wage a war against the other worlds.

But then… this Bernard was able to kill the last of the Norinlads, lobotomized them, and then harnessed their ability to 'speak' with machines. And for Bernard, someone who was just able to figure out how things work… this was an incredibly dangerous power to have.

This Bernard had done what his other variants could not—conquer the entirety of his universe, Known and Unknown. He doesn't just kill. He enslaves…

…he conquers.

And he will never stop.

"He is dangerous, Megawoman. The most dangerous among us. And now he knows…

…he knows we exist."

"..." Aerith stayed quiet the entire time that Bard was telling her the story. How could she not, when even she realized the threat King the Conqueror poses to the multiverse?

If everything Bard said was true, then his threat was at the same level as Riley Ross. Except instead of killing everyone, he wants everyone to kneel before him.

"How long?" Aerith then asked, "How long until… King reverse engineers the portal?"

"He probably already has," Bard closed his eyes; his head, subtly shaking, "Leave. We'll handle this situation ourselves."

"I can help. We can help," Aerith also shook her head.

"Like how you helped my people?" Bard opened his eyes that now once again contained rage in them, "You've done enough, Aerith. Leave."

"If he is as dangerous as you say he is, then you need our help," Aerith, however, insisted as she approached Bard, "Please, let me make up for what I have done, and let me help save other uni—"


But alas, before Aerith could finish her words, Bard waved his hand; the portal, flying straight toward Aerith as he did so, swallowing her whole.



"She's right, Dad."

And now, with only the two of them surrounded by a forest of debris, Nannah's whisper resounded in the thick air.

"She is," Bard nodded as he looked around, "We do need help… but not from them."

"Are you… no. Please, not them."

"Just help with the rescues, Hannah. Let me handle this."


"Anna!" Bard completely ignored Nannah as he called for his AI.

[Yes, Whiteking?]

"Prepare the White Room," Bard then let out a very long and deep sigh as he started walking away,

"Call… for the Council of Ross."



Once again, Aerith was transferred to another universe mid-sentence. This time, however, she did not really have the leisure to look around, as what welcomed her was a glowing crimson halberd on her neck. The very same weapon she used to fight Darkday.

…And it was being held by none other than her mother, Queen Adel.

"...Mother," Aerith whispered as she looked at Queen Adel. And with her not responding and just looking at her with contempt, Aerith gained the time to look around…

…only to see everyone chained down in what she could only assume to be themarian steel.

"Shit…" Aerith whispered again, "...I forgot all about this."

"Your mother seems very mad at me, Aeri—"

Riley, who was the closest one to her, was quickly decapitated by Queen Adel as soon as he spoke.

"You dare still collude with the enemy that wiped out our entire race, Aerith?" Queen Adel almost growled as she grabbed Aerith by the hair.

"It's…" Aerith gritted her teeth, "It's not like that, Mother. Riley Ross is someone that we can't—"

"Silence!" Queen Adel then slapped Aerith right on the cheek, "That is not what Queen Aerith said."

"Queen… Aerith?" Aerith then very slowly looked to the side, only to finally realize that one of them was not actually chained.

Aerith-1 was completely free; her eyes, looking at Aerith in extreme disappointment.

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