Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 3119 (END) - God of Creation! (Finale)

Chapter 3119 (END) - God of Creation! (Finale)

Chapter 3119: God of Creation! (Finale)

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Ye Yuan destroyed the Door of Eternal Life with one sword?

They felt that their brains seemed to be somewhat short-circuiting.

“W-What in the world happened? The Door of Eternal Life is gone. Then what … what the hell are we? Also, what … what on earth … is he?” Bloodstone looked at Ye Yuan with a blank face, muttering to himself.

With the Door of Eternal Life disappearing, the panic in their hearts was spreading rapidly.

It was because this world and the past world that they knew seemed to have become different.


Also, Ye Yuan this freak, just what kind of existence was he now?

Ye Yuan’s brows furrowed slightly. Suddenly, the Door of Eternal Life appeared behind him.

And his Door of Eternal Life actually flew straight into his body.

Ye Yuan discovered that there seemed to be an additional thing in his dantian area.

“Is this … a world?” Ye Yuan was rather surprised.

Back when, when he became a divergent cultivator, world power turned into the Dao sword.

Since then, he no longer had an inner-world.

But now, the Door of Eternal Life actually turned into a world and fused into his body?

More accurately speaking, this was not a world but a world seed!

However, Ye Yuan could feel that this world seed was very powerful.

It was even … not weaker than the 33 Heavens!

And right at this time, the Dao sword in his hand actually turned into a crystal!

The crystal directly submerged into his body.

Ye Yuan’s both eyes suddenly snapped open. His body actually underwent a complete transformation!

Every muscle in his body seemed to have been reborn!

Feeling his new physical body, when Ye Yuan looked over toward Bloodstone again, it was like he was looking at an ant.

He currently only needed a thought, and he would be able to kill the other party easily!

“I’m …”

Ye Yuan had a confused look. He transcended the 33 Tribulations of Apocalypse just to be able to have a battle with Bloodstone.

But now that he succeeded in transcending the tribulation, he discovered that the other party was not worth mentioning at all.

This was seriously too surprising.

Everyone naturally felt Ye Yuan’s transformation too.

Bloodstone looked at Ye Yuan, his body was clearly still the size of a human, but he felt like it was as big and tall as a giant.

This kind of extreme contrast made him extremely terrified in his heart.

Right then, the void shook.

Amidst the darkness behind the Door of Eternal Life, three figures actually walked out.

These three people were dressed in taoist robes, long hair fluttering, with a sage-like appearance.

The aura leaking out of the three of them gave people a vague and ephemeral feeling.

It was as if … immortals descending to the mortal world!

When Bloodstone saw these three people, he seemed to have grasped the final life-saving straw. Kneeling down with a thud, he howled, “Heavenly Dao Envoy Bloodstone, pays respect to three Exalted Immortals! Reporting to three Exalted Immortals, this boy transcended the 33 Tribulations of Apocalypse, and he attempted to overthrow Heavenly Dao to make himself king! Exalted Immortals, please take action and punish this villain!”

Although he did not know who these three old taoists were, without a doubt, these three people were ridiculously strong!

If someone could still deal with Ye Yuan in this world, it would be none other than the three of them!

The three people ignored him, arriving straight in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan frowned slightly, becoming attentive and going on alert.

“Genesis( Spirit Treasure, Virtue) pays respect to Martial Uncle!”

Outside of everyone’s expectations, these three taoists actually clasped their hands and bowed toward Ye Yuan, their attitudes extremely humble.

Bloodstone’s entire body shuddered, plopping his bottom down, his entire person like he had lost his soul.

The three exalted immortals that came from the outside world actually called Ye Yuan out as their martial uncle!

This … …

Mi Tian and the others exchanged glances, their eyes full of shock.

Ye Yuan was very surprised too. He even thought that these three people came to find trouble. He did not expect that they directly bowed down.

“Martial uncle?” Ye Yuan frowned and said.

Genesis bowed and said, “Yes, the three of us apprentice brothers administer Heavenly Dao samsara on behalf of Master! Martial Uncle has experienced the baptism of the 33 Tribulations of Apocalypse and attained Great Dao, becoming a God of Creation, standing as an equal with Master! We naturally have to call using the title martial uncle!”

God of Creation!

Each word that Genesis said, it shocked until everyone stared wide-eyed with their mouths agape.

Only then did they know that these three people were actually Heavenly Dao’s controllers!

And there was actually still a God of Creation above them!

Bloodstone broke down!

W-What kind of existence did I offend?

When Ye Yuan heard this, he was extremely surprised too.

However, it was related to the changes in his body. He knew that these three people were not lying.

“Then … what about your master?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

“Hahaha … Junior Brother, I’ve waited a thousand great cosmic eras for you. You finally appeared! This Dao … is not alone!” Before his voice faded, a figure already stepped out of the black hole.

This was a young taoist looking similar to Ye Yuan in age.

But what was a great cosmic era?

The moment this person came out, he grabbed Ye Yuan’s hand and was very warm.

Ye Yuan looked at the arrival and actually had a feeling of meeting someone with the same pursuit.

Fusing with the Dao sword, his body already underwent upheaval changes and was already completely different from these people.

He had already transcended life!

Even if it was Genesis three people, they did not give Ye Yuan this kind of feeling too.

Only this young taoist in front of him gave him the same feeling.

“Paying respects to Senior Brother!”

Although full of uncertainty in his heart, he still answered.

The young taoist looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “I’m called Hong Jun, born at the beginning of heaven and earth! The 33 Heavens world is the world that I created! You came from insignificant importance, but now, you’ve already entered the ranks of God of Creation! From now on, we’ll address each other as apprentice brothers! I created the 33 Heavens world, and set up the Tribulation of World Creation, in hopes that someone can tread out their own Great Dao and become a God of Creation! A great cosmic era is a hundred billion years! I’ve already waited for a hundred trillion years, but no one could attain godhood! Today, I finally waited it out!”

Clearly, Ye Yuan’s appearance made Hong Jun very happy.

A thousand great cosmic eras, there was only him, one God of Creation, in this world.

As the saying went, too high to be touched; he was too lonely!

Now, Ye Yuan attained godhood. He finally had a kindred spirit.

When Ye Yuan heard, he could not help having a sudden realization in his heart.

It turned out that this 33 Tribulations of Apocalypse was actually to let people attain godhood!

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and said in surprise, “Doesn’t that mean that if you want to attain godhood, you must become a divergent cultivator?”

Hong Jun nodded and said, “That’s right! The Heavenly Dao that I established is merely a form of order! Without even daring to break Heavenly Dao’s order, how do you even talk about becoming a God of Creation? God of Creation is the creator of order to begin with! Without the courage to break apart the bird cage, it’s forever impossible to become a God of Creation! However, just having courage isn’t enough. One also needs to have sufficient strength! The 33 Tribulations of Apocalypse is another bird cage that I set up! Only by breaking this bird cage will one be qualified to call me brother! Over these 1000 great cosmic eras, countless geniuses have lived and perished. Someone had once made it to the 30th tribulation before but ultimately still failed!”

Ye Yuan was rendered dumbfounded from listening. Turns out that everything was actually all just a test!

And the others were similarly incredibly shocked!

No one thought that divergent cultivation was the only way to attain Great Dao!

Those that obeyed heaven would flourish, and those who defied heaven would die. This was merely a joke for the weak to console themselves with.

“It’s actually like this! It’s actually like this! Defying heaven is the true Great Dao of Eternal Life!” Under the void, Yang Qing revealed a look of sudden enlightenment.

Suddenly, his body erupted with a powerful aura.

All of his strength actually started dissipating crazily.

Ye Yuan looked at Yang Qing, and his brows could not help furrowing slightly.

Hong Jun smiled and said, “This child has great courage!”

But Ye Yuan was a little worried. The path of a divergent cultivator was not so easy to walk!

A thousand great cosmic eras, a hundred trillion years, but only he, one Ye Yuan, appeared!

The path of a divergent cultivator was full of thorns and bumps.

A single misstep and it would be the outcome of one’s divine soul being destroyed.

Of the countless powerhouses present, were they not moved?

But nobody dared!

A thousand great cosmic eras only produced a single Ye Yuan, this kind of ratio made people daunted at the sight of it!

Very soon, all of Yang Qing’s powers completely dissipated, and he actually became a lower Lesser Sublime Heaven!

Everything was back to square one!

“Ye Yuan, I, Yang Qing, will be your lifelong rival! If you can become a God of Creation, I can too!” Yang Qing pointed at the sky with his spear as he yelled.

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and said loudly, “Okay, I’ll wait for you! When you achieve status as a Creation God, you and I will fight again!”

“Hahaha …”

Amidst the loud laughter, Yang Qing carried a long spear and disappeared into the horizon.

After Yang Qing left, Ye Yuan suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Senior Brother, Ye Yuan has a request!”

Hong Jun waved his hand and tapped at the void with a smile.

A beautiful figure walked straight out of the void.

Seeing the arrival, Yue Mengli was overjoyed and ran straight toward her.

“Elder Sister Lingxue! You … You’re finally back!” Two rows of clear tears had already fallen.

Ye Yuan was also extremely agitated in his heart when he saw Mu Lingxue.

His hardships along the way were actually all for Mu Lingxue!

Hong Jun smiled and said, “When you turned your divine sense into myriad, I knew that you’d be able to corroborate your Dao and become a God of Creation! So, once the war of the blood race started, I protected Sister-in-Law. In addition, her incomplete divine soul is already fully recovered too! Take it as a big gift from your brother.”

Ye Yuan looked at Hong Jun and cupped his fists as he said excitedly, “Many thanks, Senior Brother!”

The world that Hong Jun created, he would not interfere with the operation of this world.

If not for Ye Yuan, he would not have made a move to protect Mu Lingxue.

Ye Yuan looked at Mu Lingxue and was actually speechless at this time.

Mu Lingxue was still ice-cold. When she saw Ye Yuan, she did not seem too agitated.

“L-Lingxue.” No idea why, but when he faced Mu Lingxue, he was actually somewhat flustered.

Suddenly, Mu Lingxue smiled sweetly. The whole world seemed to have melted.

“Congratulations, Ye Yuan!”

Ye Yuan frowned slightly, a bad feeling welling up in his heart. He hurriedly said, “Lingxue, I’m sorry! I …”

Mu Lingxue smiled and said, “You didn’t let me down. Li-er, Big Sister prays that you guys last a lifetime and never leave or abandon each other!”

When Yue Mengli heard that, her expression changed drastically, and she said, “Elder Sister Lingxue, you … you’re mistaken! I’m sorry …”

Mu Lingxue stroked Yue Mengli’s face and said with a smile, “Silly girl, I’ve seen everything that you did for Ye Yuan. You didn’t let anyone down. You guys didn’t let anyone down. The person I know is that Ji Qingyun who was unparalleled among his contemporaries, not Ye Yuan! He’s yours. He has nothing to do with me!”

Finished saying those words, without waiting for Yue Mengli to refute, she saluted Hong Jun with folded hands at the lower right side and said, “This lowly girl’s wish is already fulfilled here. Mister Hong Jun, please send me into samsara, and for me to be reincarnated!”

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, and he said in alarm and anger, “No way!”

Mu Lingxue turned around and stared right at Ye Yuan.

Although the current Ye Yuan was already revered as a God of Creation, facing Mu Lingxue, he was actually scared.

“You … Why is there a need for this?” The alarm and anger turned into a bitter smile.

Mu Lingxue said coolly, “You should know, even if you’re a God of Creation, there are also things that you can’t control!”

By the side, Hong Jun sighed lightly and said, “Pray ask what is love, guiding people till death do them apart! What you said is right. Even if it’s a God of Creation, there are also things that you can’t control! Sigh, silly child, have you thought carefully?”

Mu Lingxue nodded and said, “I’ve thought it through!”

Hong Jun nodded and said, “Forget it. Since you’re insistent on doing so, then … I’ll send you off!”

Finished saying, a whirlpool appeared above the void.

Ye Yuan could feel that Life and Death Samsara Great Dao leaking out of that whirlpool.

Clearly, that was the Door of Reincarnation!

Mu Lingxue bowed slightly and said, “Thank you, Mister Hong Jun!”

Finished saying, she leaped and flew into the whirlpool.

Yue Mengli burned with anxiety and said, “Big Brother Yuan, why didn’t you stop her?”

Ye Yuan sighed lightly and said, “Can’t be stopped!”

“Then … Then what should we do?”

Ye Yuan suddenly beamed and said, “I entered samsara. She has entered samsara too. With this … we’re considered even, right? Li-er, after we’re wedded, we’ll go find her!”

… . .

Everything subsided. Progenitor Bloodstone three people prostrated before Ye Yuan, trembling heavily.

“T-This old man had eyes but couldn’t see, offending God of Creation! G-God of Creation, please spare my life!” Bloodstone said quiveringly.

Ye Yuan looked at him. His gaze did not have a trace of mercy as he said coolly, “The wages of sin is death! I’ve told you, Heavenly Dao won’t let you off! Do you think that by controlling a Dao, you can transcend everything?”

“I … I … This lowly one will definitely turn over a new leaf in the future and be your most loyal dog!” Bloodstone said in a panic.

He had plotted for several hundred years and finally controlled a Dao.

He did not want to die!

But Ye Yuan clearly did not have the intention of letting him off. Only to see him lightly wave his hand, Progenitor Bloodstone turned to ashes without even letting out a miserable cry.

Heavenless and Samsara knelt there, sweat already drenching their clothes, not daring to even breathe loudly.

Ye Yuan looked at the two and said, “From now on, the two of you are confined for a great cosmic era. You’re not to take half a step out! Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself!”

When the two heard that, it was akin to being granted amnesty, hurriedly kowtowing and giving thanks.

Everything settled down. Ancestor Hong Jun cast a spell. The 33 Heavens returned to its initial-most order again.

Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven became the strongest heaven out of all the heavens with a leap!

“Junior Apprentice Brother, although you’ve already corroborated your Dao to become a Creation God, you’re still completely clueless about how to create a world. You and I shall return to Great Luo Heaven. I’ll impart to you the method to create a world! As for your loved ones and friends, they can immigrate into your world after you finish creating the world!” Hong Jun said.

Ye Yuan nodded his head and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble Senior Brother. However, before this, I want to make a trip back to Immortal Grove World first, to go and see my parents.”

Hong Jun nodded and said, “As it ought to be/ I’ll wait for you in Great Luo Heaven!”

Finished saying, Hong Jun took a step and entered the Door of Eternal Life.

Great Luo Heaven was behind the Door of Eternal Life.

In that world, only one person could live. That person was Hong Jun!

Ye Yuan still had many things to do here.

Such as reviving his own father, Ji Zhengyang.

The present Ji Zhengyang had already been reincarnated.

However, with Ye Yuan’s ability, finding him and letting him recover his memories was naturally not a difficult thing.

And the Immortal Grove World, the Ye Family had already propagated into a massive family.

But back then, Ye Yuan sealed the Immortal Grove World, not letting people of this world ascend.

In the Immortal Grove World, Ye Yuan saw his younger sister and also saw the Ye Family’s juniors.

However, he did not divulge his identity.

Everything would wait until after he finished creating the world.

… . .

In the Immortal Grove World, Ye Yuan told his real identity to Ye Hang husband and wife.

Back then, he did not dare to tell his parents out of fear that it would deal them a blow.

But now, it was different.

He helped Ye Hang husband and wife find Ye Yuan, who had already reincarnated, and let him recover his memories.

And thus, the Ye Family was reunited.

After finding Ji Zhengyang, Ye Yuan was also reunited with his parents.

Just like that, Ye Yuan spent a rare comfortable hundred years in the Immortal Grove World.

A hundred years later, Ye Yuan brought Yue Mengli and set off on the journey to find Mu Lingxue …

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