Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 1800 She Would Remember This Day Always

Chapter 1800 She Would Remember This Day Always

He watched the beautiful girl, untainted by the world, as she stood on a rock with her clothes billowing against the wind where she stood. There was a look of adoration in Long Yin's eyes, which he did not realize at all.

Long Yin walked toward her from behind as he stared at the girl, whose height only reached his chest, and he suddenly reached out to hug her.

Hexin did not even realize that his arms were already circled around her. Her eyes were staring at the sunrise in the distance. She was absorbed by the beauty in front of her, unable to pull away from it.

She had wanted to see the sunrise here for a long time, but her parents never had the time to accompany her. She could only experience it through books and read about how gorgeous and breathtaking the view of the sunrise could be.

Hexin's wish had finally come true now and she was finally able to understand the beauty described in poems.

She felt very excited and could not calm down.

"Hexin, this is the first time I've got to watch the sunrise with you," Long Yin suddenly said.

The wind was blowing strong and Hexin did not hear him. She tilted her head and asked, "What did you say?"

Long Yin paused at the sight of the girl's questioning look in her eyes. He suddenly lowered his head and placed his lips near her ears to say, "I said, I'm glad that I'm able to be part of something you did for the first time in your life."

His warm breath blew into Hexin's ear and she could not help trembling. Her cheek suddenly felt hot and she stared at him with her dark, watery eyes.

Long Yin felt his heart stir and he suddenly lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

Hexin did not expect him to suddenly kiss her and her heart skipped a beat. When she realized what was happening, she tried to distance herself, but she was standing on the edge of a rock and she would fall off if she stepped back.

While she was hesitating, Long Yin had already grabbed her tight around the waist and easily kissed her on the lips.

Her mind swirled dizzily and went blank.

Long Yin's kiss was just like his personality. It was strong, domineering, and gave her no room to reject it.

Hexin was no match against him. She was pushed back against the wall of the rock behind her and her body went weak and helpless.

It was a long time before Long Yin finally released her. The passion in his eyes lingered as his slender fingers brushed her soft, delicate face.

Hexin's cheek felt ticklish and she quickly grabbed his wandering fingers. She blushed and glared bashfully at him. "Stop that. I'm ticklish."

Long Yin's heart fluttered as he watched his fingers being grabbed in her hand. His palm was against the wall of the rock as he half-hugged her. His deep, dark eyes stared straight at her.

Hexin felt uncomfortable with his staring; it felt like her body could go up in flames any minute. She quickly released his hand and said with slight embarrassment and anger, "Stop staring at me…"

A smile twinkled in Long Yin's deep, dark eyes when he saw the blushing girl and how she was breathless. He finally stopped teasing her and straightened up as he said huskily. "Alright. Let's go. We'll head back now."

Hexin leaned against the rock when she heard this. She lowered her head and did not move at all.

Her knees were already weak after getting up the mountain. After being kissed like that by him, they were now like jelly and she could not walk at all.

However, she was unable to voice out this embarrassing problem.

"What's wrong?" Long Yin gave her a puzzled look when he saw her leaning there without moving.

"I'd like to stay here a little longer and continue watching the sunrise," Hexin said in a small voice with her lips pressed.

The look in Long Yin's eyes deepened when he heard this. "Are you feeling unwell?"

"No." Hexin immediately shook her head in denial.

"Is that so?" Long Yin's eyes seemed to be able to see through anything. "But the sun has completely risen. There's nothing to see now. The best view is when it makes its first appearance during sunrise."

"You're right, but it's a rare opportunity for me to be here. I'd like to stay a little longer because I have no idea when I'll be here again. I might never return." At this point, Hexin sounded a little dejected. No matter what, she would remember this day always.

She would always remember that Big Bro Long Yin had brought her here to see the sunrise.

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