The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 5669 was no match for Yan Qjngcheng

Chapter 5669: Chapter 5669 was no match for Yan Qjngcheng

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Sect Master Yuan was not dissatisfied. After all, first come, first served.

However, when he led the people from the lower house to the next lightning stone producing area in a hurry, he found another bright red mark on the stone wall at the entrance.

Sect Master Yuan’s expression immediately turned ugly. However, he thought that perhaps the people from the upper house and the middle house had also separated, so they occupied two producing areas.

With this thought, he put down the dissatisfaction in his heart and continued to lead the people from the lower house on their journey.

However, when he saw that another lightning strike stone site had been marked, sect master Yuan’s expression completely darkened.

It was obvious that deputy director Xiaofu and the others had done it on purpose!

They had deliberately occupied three lightning strike stone sites, so that sect master Yuan and the others had wasted a day’s time.

The next lightning strike stone producing area was half a day’s journey away from here, and it was already Shenshi. There was no time to find the next lightning strike stone producing area.

The students of the lower house were not fools. They had also thought of this, and their faces were full of anger. The upper house and the Middle House had gone too far!

They were all students of the Ten Directions Academy. was there a need to go so far? !

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes and walked to the stone wall. She took out cheap slut No. 1 and cut off a piece of the stone wall with the red mark. Then, she turned it into powder with a slap.

Under everyone’s confused eyes, Hei Xinjiu calmly put cheap slut No. 1 into her storage ring and clapped with a smile:

“Sect master, I told you that vice-director Xiaofu wouldn’t go so far. There really is no mark here. This is great!

“Let’s hurry in! If we delay any longer, the sky will turn dark! ”

Sect Master Yuan was stunned at first, then his eyes revealed a trace of a smile. “That makes sense. Everyone, follow me in. ”

The others were dumbfounded, but they still subconsciously followed sect master Yuan into the room.

After walking for a while, everyone finally reacted. The upper house and the middle house were damaged, but they still couldn’t win against Yan Qingcheng!

The wicked will be tortured by the wicked. To deal with those shameless people from the upper house and the Middle House, Yan Qingcheng still had to take action!

After a quarter of an hour, everyone arrived at the origin of the lightning strike stone. However, they encountered a lecturer and a few upper house students. The mark on the stone wall must have been left by them.

When lecturer Yan saw Sect Master Yuan and the people from the lower house, he could not help but be stunned. He said, Sect Master Yuan, this? You did not see the mark on the stone wall?”

Sect Master Yuan was stunned. “Mark? What Mark?”

The people of the lower house all gave a thumbs up in their hearts. The acting skills of the sect master were high! If they didn’t know the inside story, they would have really thought that the sect master didn’t see the Mark!

When Instructor Yan saw sect master Yuan like this, he could only say, “I left a mark on the stone wall at the entrance. This place has already been taken by US first. Sect Master Yuan, please move to another place. ”

“Instructor Yan, are you joking? Did you really mark the entrance?”?

Along the way, we’ve already found two marked lightning strike stone producing areas. If this place had also been marked, wasn’t this thing done a little too far?

Is this forcing our lower house to return empty-handed today? Could it be that vice-director Xiaofu arranged for you to do this?”When sect master Yuan finished speaking, his tone already carried a bit of sternness.

Instructor Yan secretly complained in his heart. Looking at the situation, if he admitted that there was a mark, sect master Yuan would definitely not let it go.

These were all people from the lower house. If they argued, he would not be able to gain the slightest advantage. Moreover, he was not vice-director Xiaofu. He did not dare to go against sect master yuan..

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