The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1276: Interrogation

Chapter 1276: Interrogation

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Everything bad that happened over the past three months in the Sacred Domain had all been blamed on the Seven Sacred Mountains by the Luo clan. 

The news was explosive, with the people hardly believing their ears.

They were skeptical at first, or rather not wanting to believe it out of fear. For these events meant that they were mortal enemies with the Sacred Mountains.

The Eight Emperors had killed countless people for their own selfish need to cultivate, while the pricks backed by the Sacred Mountains declared deadly laws that killed even more, and these two were in fact related.

The people wanted revenge for all those tragic deaths. But the enemy was too strong, what was a mantis to do when facing a chariot?

As such, the people labeled it as a misunderstanding, that the Sacred Mountains weren’t evil.

Now though, the Luo clan ripped the facade wide open, declaring war on the Sacred Mountains. 

It was like saying… 

[Since none of you gave the guts to fight, we are willing to become their lambs instead.] 

The people were conflicted.

The Sacred Mountains were too strong. They didn’t have the strength to fight them. It was suicide…

Then a righteous leader came, just in time to guide the lost flock and bring them justice.

The bright announcement was pasted in every corner of the Eight Emperors’ lands, alarming the folks once more. 

“By the authority vested in us, in a world where the heavens and the earth show no mercy, treating all living beings as mere livestock, and where Saints act unrighteously, extracting the blood and flesh of the common people, we, the united forces of the house of Luo, now decree to carry out the will of heaven. We shall unite with heroes from all corners of the world, together, to confront the Sacred Mountains, to punish its wrongdoing, to quell the grievances of the common people, and enact heaven’s will…”

All the people read the red words with shock.

“T-the Luo clan wants to punish the Sacred Mountains!”

Cries sprouted all around, “How can this be? Who in the Sacred Domain can ever contest with the Sacred Mountains? The Luo clan is honorable, but would they defy the true powers that be?”

“What a pity. With the Eight Emperors finally gone and the Luo clan ruling the lands, we could finally live in peace. Now they’re going to their deaths. But to what end?”

“The Luo clan is suicidal and the lands will be in conflict again.”

All the people talked about the recent announcements, all shaking their heads and lamenting about the Luo clan’s shortsightedness, as well as the harsh times awaiting them.

[Who will unite the lands with the Luo clan gone?]

Only a few got fired up, deciding to go to the Luo clan and join them in the war. Even if death was a certainty, they would go down swinging.

While some hid and grinned in the shadows. They waited for the Luo clan to die so they could take over the lands. 

All the opinions were either of support, of denial, or lamentation, but none around truly believed in it. The situation was clear, even the evil Sacred Mountains were still almighty. The Luo clan was still just a bug. The outcome was obvious.

Then, a shocking event had taken the world by storm, changing their opinions on the spot…

On the 6th Sacred Mountain, in a dark chamber, Luo Yunhai was tied to a cross and bleeding, forming a large bloodstain at his feet. The flickering torches shone on his pale face now and then, revealing his weak state.

The Mountain Lord stood before him, glaring and unfeeling.

He reached out to wipe some blood on the swollen face, mocking, “Still won’t talk? I’m giving you one more chance to tell me the truth. How did my son die? Who did it?”

“I… don’t know…”


Luo Yunhai’s voice was rough and quiet, followed by a sudden strike that flung his head to the side. He chose to bear through the pain rather than cry out.

His chest had a metal rod through it. It was now being yanked around and made blood gush out.

“Still won’t talk? You won’t die, but sometimes life can be worse than death.”

He Haodong gnashed his teeth and roared, “Tell me who killed my son?”

“I don’t know.” Luo Yunhai closed his eyes and howled.

He Haodong was outraged, “Humph, have it your way. If you don’t know then what’s Chu Qingcheng doing in your clan?”

“I told you. She came here by herself. That’s all I know.”

“Bullshit, she doesn’t have the strength to get out of the Ruby Cloud Sect. There were Emperors watching her every movement as well. The Enchanting Empress had told me already so don’t try to lie to me!” He Haodong’s tone went higher as he finished.

With blood dripping constantly, Luo Yunhai still stuck to his same words, “I don’t know! She just came to the Luo clan and said she left the Ruby Cloud Sect, that she could only rely on us. How should I know how she escaped? Go ask her instead!”

“You think I don’t want that instead of wasting time on you?”

He Haodong grew mad, “Are you oblivious or just faking not knowing how important she is to me? Using force on her will ruin everything I worked for over the past century!” 


Luo Yunhai panted, his eyes mocking, “So this is the Sacred Mountain Lord, nothing but a common street thug. Since you can’t deal with her, you’re taking out on me. Humph, well I know nothing!”


Luo Yunhai’s head flung to the side from the punch, coughing blood and teeth.

“Ignorant fool, stop being pretentious!” 

He Haodong left with a flick of his sleeves, “The fools of Eight Emperors’s lands are getting outrageous to look down on the divine Sacred Mountains. It’s time we teach them what real terror is.”

He Haodong closed the iron gate behind him.

Luo Yunhai smiled as he sighed.

[It’s like big brother Zhuo said, he won’t touch sister Qingcheng. I’m relieved…]

Luo Yunhai closed his eyes, slipping into unconsciousness…

He Haodong walked out of the room and two people appeared in a bow.

He Haodong glared, “How’s the girl? Is she making trouble?”

“Mountain Lord, all she’s done is insist on wanting to see that kid.”

“Good, just remember to treat her well if we want to get anything.”

“Yes, Mountain Lord, just like the ancient texts say. She can only give what she holds of her own will, never forced. We won’t let the young miss feel any regret.”


He Haodong nodded and held a bloody piece of clothing with a warm smile. He then went with the two towards a refined room. He knocked, “Qingcheng, may I come in?”


He Haodong smiled at her cold tone and regarded the charming Chu Qingcheng inside as he entered.

Chu Qingcheng was urgent in her demands, “Where’s Yunhai? Where are you holding him?”

“Don’t worry, Qingcheng, young master Luo is my friend that I treat with respect and care. He’s my guest, ha-ha-ha…”

“I want to see him!” Chu Qingcheng said.

He Haodong shook his head, looking kind, way different from the vicious side he showed moments before, “It’s not possible. Men and women need to keep their distance. You and Feng’er haven’t married, but I see you as my daughter-in-law. I could never let some random boy get close to you. It’ll be a scandal throughout the Sacred Mountains.” 

“Don’t call me that. Your son is dead and I have nothing to do with the Sacred Mountains!” Chu Qingcheng snapped.

He Haodong sighed, “My son had to have been fated with you. He was so excited when he came back from outside. You were all he talked about. I could tell that he was in love.”

[Just keep acting. You think I haven’t heard your son’s talk with my master? That’s not love, but selfishness over something I have.] 

Chu Qingcheng rolled her eyes, though she didn’t reveal it for if He Haodong knew his deceit was out, he wouldn’t be as accommodating.

To save Luo Yunhai, to keep the Luo clan safe, she had to play along…

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