The Return Of The God Level Assassin

Chapter 1058 'ROMANTIC'

1058  'ROMANTIC'

AFTER meeting at the Flower Cave, the four decided to move together as they explored the ice lantern festival. They stayed there until evening and watched the lanterns lit up one by one. When it was time for dinner, eating together just became a natural course of action.

They went to a pretty famous hotpot restaurant. Because Shen Ji Yun had already reserved a private room beforehand, they didn't have to wait and were able to enter immediately.

Luo Jin actually also planned to have dinner with Su Yuqi in a hotpot restaurant. So, this fit in with the itinerary he made for today's date. It's just that it irked him a bit that he had the same idea as that guy, Shen Ji Yun.

Anyway, when they arrived at the restaurant and were led to their private room, the hotpot ingredients like vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, seafood, and noodles, as well as thinly sliced cuts of different meat, were already there. Two types of broth were already simmering on the divided pot on the table.

"You guys start cooking, I'll just go to the restroom," Su Yuqi said and then walked out of the private room.

The three sat down around the table, with Shen Ji Yun and Luo Yan sitting on one side and Luo Jin sitting on the opposite.

Luo Yan glanced at his brother, mirth filled his eyes. Anyone who knew him well enough would immediately guess what he was thinking right now.

"Ah Jin, tell me honestly, how far has your relationship with Sister Yuqi developed? Since the two of you were already on the stage of hugging each other, is it safe to assume you're on your way to becoming an official couple?" he asked, with obvious teasing in his tone.

"As I've said, it's not a hug. It's an accident! An accident you cause!" Luo Jin once again tried to clear up that misunderstanding.

Luo Yan shrugged. "Your bodies overlapped while your arms were wrapped around each other. Isn't that what we call a 'hug'?" He turned to Shen Ji Yun, who was busy putting ingredients on the broth. "Right, Brother Ji Yun?"

Shen Ji Yun nodded. "Right."

Luo Jin was about to deny it once again. But he knew that if he did, it would just be a never-ending loop. Instead, he just turned his attention to Shen Ji Yun. "You, don't just agree with everything my brother says!"

Shen Ji Yun barely glanced at him before going back to cooking. "There's a saying that 'a happy home starts with a happy wife'. And to make the 'wife' happy, you should always have the mentality that they're always right," he said, as if that was enough of a response.

There were so many loopholes in that explanation, like the fact that there's no way that a person could always be right. Thinking that way could actually not lead to happiness, but to something quite the opposite.

But somehow, Luo Jin could not object to what he said. Because if he was in his position, he would probably just also agree to whatever Su Yuqi said. He didn't want to admit it, but he probably had more in common with Shen Ji Yun than he had thought.

He clicked his tongue. Just thinking about it annoyed him for no reason.

"See, you should learn more from Brother Ji Yun," Luo Yan said, leaning his head on Shen Ji Yun's shoulder. "If you can be half as romantic as him, sweeping Sister Yuqi off her feet would be no problem."

Luo Jin just looked at Luo Yan as if he was talking nonsense. Shen Ji Yun, with his frozen face, and the word 'romantic' just didn't suit each other. He might not know how guess what was happening. He walked forward, thinking of mediating.


The man didn't wait for him, though. He shouted with a reddened face filled with anger. that guy managed to trap his brother into a relationship, but he was sure it wasn't because he's romantic.

He just shook his head and decided not to comment.

After a while, Luo Jin noticed that Su Yuqi was taking quite a while to return. Was the restroom that far from here? Was it on another floor? No, restaurants like this would definitely have restrooms on each floor. So, what's taking Su Yuqi this long?

He's starting to feel antsy for no reason.

When another five minutes had passed and Su Yuqi still hadn't returned, he stood up and decided to check if something had happened.

"I'll be back in a sec," he said before walking out of the private room.

He was going to ask a passing waiter where the restroom was, but before he could, he noticed a small commotion up front.

The door of a private room, probably two rooms away, suddenly opened. To his surprise, Su Yuqi walked out, pulling a crying waitress who was holding at her messy uniform as if afraid that it would be pulled off of her.

Before Luo Jin could walk towards there and ask what was happening, a man followed out of the room, glaring at Su Yuqi.

"What do you think you're doing? This is none of your business!" the man said, almost shouting.

Su Yuqi sneered as she pulled the waitress behind her. "Hah, this is a hotpot restaurant, just in case you've forgotten. If you want that kind of service, go to an entertainment salon or something." She looked at the man up and down, then added mockingly, "Ah, but based on the cheap clothes you're wearing, you probably couldn't afford it."

Just from what Su Yuqi said and the state of the waitress, Luo Jin could immediately guess what was happening. He walked forward, thinking of mediating.

The man didn't wait for him, though. He shouted with a reddened face filled with anger. "You bitch--!"

The moment the bastard raised his hand, Luo Jin ran as fast as he could. Maybe the fastest he ever did. When he stood in front of Su Yuqi, the man's hand landed on his cheek and a loud slapping sound echoed.

"Ah Jin, you..."

Luo Jin didn't turn to look at Su Yuqi. Instead, he looked at the man in front of him. "Just so you know, whatever happens next is purely self-defense."


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