The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 2251: She Saved You

Chapter 2251: She Saved You

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Chang Xinhui screamed, looking at Qi Xibei with fear and anger.

A knife appeared in Qi Xibei’s hand and he stabbed it into Hu Yanlin’s leg!

Was she trying to kill Hu Yanlin?!

Chang Xinhui was so anxious that she wanted to rush forward.

” What are you doing?!”

“Captain, stop her.”

‘ Don’t disturb my treatment,” Qi Xibei said lightly.”


Everyone was stunned.

Was this treatment? Wasn’t it killing?

Qi Xibei did not even raise his head as he continued to cut Hu Yanlin’s leg with the knife.

Soon, Hu Yanlin’s leg was covered in black blood.

“You want to kill someone!” Chang Xinhui panicked. If it wasn’t for the captain stopping her, she would have already rushed forward.


“Shut up.” Qi Xibei turned to look at her coldly.” If you don’t want her to live, you can continue to cause trouble.”

Qi Xibei’s gaze made Chang Xinhui’s heart skip a beat, and she subconsciously shut her mouth.

She realized that Qi Xibei’s aura was very strong, and she could not say anything else.

After intimidating Chang Xinhui, Qi Xibei continued with his work.

She used a knife to cut open the wound on Hu Yanlin’s leg. After squeezing out the black blood inside, she flipped her hand and a bag appeared in her hand.

When he opened it, he saw silver needles of different thickness.

These silver needles shocked everyone.

Was this really treatment?

Qi Xibei’s eyes were calm. One silver needle after another landed around the wound on Hu Yanlin’s leg.

However, Hu Yanlin’s wound did not heal after the needles landed on it. Instead, the blood flowed even faster.

Hu Yanlin was about to faint. She gritted her teeth and couldn’t even speak.

Although she did not want Qi Xibei to do anything, she did not have the strength to retort at this moment.

The blood of the Flaming Blood Beast was not only highly toxic, but it also had a numbing effect.

Her entire body was in pain and numbness. She felt complicated and was about to go crazy. How could she have the strength to refute?

After an unknown amount of time, which seemed like a very long time, but also seemed like a very fast time, the numbness and pain in her body began to fade.

The fading effect was very fast, as if it had just begun and soon ended.

She felt the pain that had trapped her recede like the tide.

When she opened her eyes, she met Chang Xinhui’s concerned gaze.” Yanlin, are you alright?””

Hu Yanlin’s expression was a little blank. She turned her head and looked around.” I…” What about me?”

“You’re fine now!”

Chang Xinhui was extremely excited.” Your poison is cured! You’re fine!”

These words made Hu Yanlin dazed for a while before she was surprised.” I’m fine?!”


Chang Xinhui held her hand.” Your poison has been cured, you won’t die!”

“This… What happened?”

Hu Yanlin frowned in confusion. She clearly felt that she had lost consciousness, but why was she still alive?

This question made Chang Xinhui’s expression turn awkward.” Have you forgotten what happened before? Have you forgotten who saved you?”

Could it be that the poison would affect his memory?

Hu Yanlin blinked her eyes. When her memories returned, her eyes widened.

“It’s her?”

Hu Yanlin widened her eyes in shock.

“Yes, it’s her.” Chang Xinhui’s expression was complicated.” She saved you. If it weren’t for her, you would have died by now.”

Hu Yanlin’s face scrunched up. Her mouth moved, but she didn’t know what to


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