The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 3588 The End

Chapter 3588 The End

She immediately felt relieved.

Dong Yujie's sacrifice hadn't been a waste.

Jiang Huaizhou did not disappoint Dong Yujie.

Lu Man seemed to have realized something as she said. "So it's because of jealousy that she spread false rumors. If this went out, how much impact would it have on Yujie?"

"You're enjoying talking so much," said Lu Man coldly.

Qu Xiangqian said immediately, "My daughter is immature. I promise not to spread any false rumors related to Miss Dong, oh no, it's Miss Jiang."

As he talked, Qu Xiangqian pulled Qu Mengyu back, not allowing her to get close to Jiang Huaizhou and Dong Yujie.

Lu Man said impolitely, "Yujie is my friend. If I hear that there are rumors like this accusing her, I won't go easy on you!"

"No, of course not," said Qu Xiangqian immediately.

Qu Mengyu did not expect Dong Yujie to be good friends with Lu Man.

Even if Dong Yujie really had a relationship with Lu Qiyuan, with Lu Man standing up and speaking for her, nobody would believe it.

After all, who would help the mistress of the biological father, who was treated as an enemy?

Besides, even without all these, Qu Mengyu also did not dare to offend Lu Man.

As such, she did not dare to say anything.

Because of Qu Mengyu, the atmosphere was stiff.

Even if Qu Xiangqian had the heart, it was not the right time to introduce himself to Han Zhuoli to build connections.

If they continued staying here, Qu Xiangqian was worried that not only would he not build any connections, he might let Han Zhuoli remember a bad side of him.


If that happened, then it would be impossible to collaborate in the future.

Right now, he could still dream about it.

As such, Qu Xiangqian said, "We won't disturb you guys anymore."

After saying this, he immediately dragged Qu Mengyu away and left.

Qu Mengyu also did not dare to be arrogant anymore.

She followed obediently as Qu Xiangqian dragged her away.

Qu Mengyu had always been someone who bullied the weak but feared the strong.

When the Qu Family left, Lu Man greeted Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Dong.

"I apologize for not greeting uncle and auntie because of that scene just now," said Lu Man courteously.

Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Dong were very nervous. After all, it was their first time seeing someone so famous.

To them, Lu Man's popularity was even greater than Han Zhuoli's.

The two shook hands with her nervously, saying that it was fine.

"You chased them away. Thank you. Otherwise, we won't even know what they're going to say," said Mrs. Dong, full of gratitude.

"It's nothing. Besides, Yujie and I are friends, of course, I have to say something for her," said Lu Man, "They shouldn't dare to speak nonsense anymore, but just in case, if they still speak nonsense, tell me."

"My biological father hasn't done a single good thing, but he finally has some use this time. As his daughter, the others naturally trust my words more. If I come out to explain, nobody will believe Qu Mengyu," said Lu Man.

Mrs. Dong quickly thanked her.

Lu Man then left with Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli and her two little balls had already been sent to the family home to play with the two elders.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were also happy to have their alone time.

The two little balls would be brought here by the two elders tonight.

When they entered the private room, the Han Family and a few relatives had already arrived.

Although there were a lot of people, this room was huge.

The massive round table could seat forty people. The Han Family, the Shi Family, Wang Juhuai and his wife were only seventeen people combined.

There was a lot of space even after sitting down.

As for Han Zhuoli's two little balls and Wang Yijun would not take too much space.

A high chair was arranged for every little one.

Wang Yijun could sit steadily now.

Han Linxun and Han Linzhe could sit and eat on their own.

The three were well-behaved.

Lu Man brought some food that the two little balls could eat.

The two ate obediently without making a noise.

The rotating tray on the table rotated automatically, a little like those restaurants with conveyor belts.

When the dishes were rotated to someone's side, they would take some to eat.

The two elders were the oldest ones there.

As such, everyone asked the two elders to make a toast to start the party.

Old Mrs. Han felt that she was not good at making a toast, so she made Old Mr. Han do it.

Old Mr. Han did not decline.

He raised his glass and said, "Our three families, everyone is already big and strong. The Han Family has daughters-in-law coming in to be our daughters. You two families also have sons-in-law going over to be your sons."

"Actually, in the past, I was the most concerned about Zhuoling. He's too indifferent. Other than work, he did not care about anything else. I was afraid that he would live his whole life without any emotions. Luckily, he met Xiaoya. Thanks to the Shi Family for having such a good girl like Xiaoya to save our Zhuoling."

Shi Xiaoya's parents shook their heads. "It's also Xiaoya's blessing to have a husband like Zhuoling."

"And Lu Man," said Old Mr. Han, "This child Man Man is very capable and good-tempered. She's also the matchmaker of Zhuoling and Xiaoya. Even Zhuofeng and Jiling met because of Man Man. Man Man saved our family's three single boys in a flash!"

Han Zhuoling was speechless. "…"

Han Zhuofeng didn't know what to say. "…"

Han Zhuoli raised his chin proudly.

His wife was outstanding!

"Hahahaha, Man Man is our family's lucky star," said Old Mr. Han as he himself felt that Lu Man was amazing, not to mention that she gave birth to twins on her first try.

The twins would be enough for the elders in the coming years.

Xia Qingwei could not help but laugh.

It seemed like Old Mr. Han was overjoyed.

"As for Zhuofeng, he succeeded the first time he shot a movie. This is what we didn't expect. This child did not ruin the prestige of our Han Family!"

"It's also because of your support," said Old Mr. Han, "As for Juhuai, he's finally together with Qingwei. I've been worried about him having no sons for so long. But now it's good now, he has a wife, he has a son and a daughter, he has everything."

"Qingwei has suffered a lot in the past, but that's all in the past now. Now, Qingwei has her own business and a beautiful family."

Xia Qingwei smiled at Wang Juhuai.

These were all given to her by Lu Man and Wang Juhuai.

In her life, she met a player like Lu Qiyuan.

However, she was lucky to have such a good daughter like Lu Man and to reunite with Wang Juhuai.

Then, her life became better and better as time went on.

Her life was not a loss, it was all worth it.

"These few years, we are living better and better!" Old Mr. Han raised his glass. "Today is Mother's Day."

"Among those who are present, my wife, Xiaoya's mom, Man Man's mom and Man Man herself are the main characters today. Happy Mother's Day to you!" said Old Mr. Han.

Everyone raised their glasses.

Everyone had red wine except for Shi Xiaoya, who poured a glass of mineral water for herself.

However, nobody asked her to drink alcohol. During gatherings, they all drank beverages they were used to drinking.

Those who could not drink alcohol could drink water or juice. Nobody would force anyone to drink alcohol.

Everyone took a sip.

Everyone stopped being courteous and started talking and eating.

When the fish soup was rotated, Han Zhuoling scooped a bowl for Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya was about to drink, but the fishy smell was too strong for her to endure.

She retched, and her face went pale.

"What happened?" Du Yiqin was the first to notice Shi Xiaoya's unwellness.

Shi Xiaoya immediately put the fish soup down. Her face was still pale, but she did not stop smiling.

Han Zhuoling cleared his throat and said, "There's good news today. I wanted to announce it tonight while we're celebrating and when everyone's here."

Everyone looked over, and they had a hunch in their hearts.

They looked at Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya in excitement.

Especially Lin Liye and Old Mrs. Han; they were almost at Shi Xiaoya's face.

Han Zhuoling said, "This afternoon, Xiaoya and I went for a checkup in the hospital. Xiaoya is pregnant, it's already been a month."

"Yes! Yes!" Lin Liye cried a little.

She felt that she would ruin the mood if she cried, so she held it in.

However, she could not help but feel excited. After all, Han Zhuoling was already old.

Now, he would finally have his own kid. It was great!

The two elders were smiling so wide that they could not close their mouths.

"Good news, good news! Zhuoli has a son and a daughter, and Zhuoling will soon have a child. Now, we just have to wait for Zhuofeng and Jiling to get married!" Old Mrs. Han was overjoyed.

The family was getting bigger and bigger. It was becoming more and more complete as well, along with so much good news as time went on.

Han Zhuoli raised his glass and said, "Let's raise a glass for Big Brother and Sister-in-law."

Everyone raised their glasses.

"In the future, the Han Family will only have nothing but good news!" Old Mr. Han laughed out loud.

The room was filled with everyone's laughter.

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