The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1686: The Return

Chapter 1686: The Return

Seeing the divinely noble man and seeing that familiar face that fascinated women all over the world, Zhu Que held back tears for a long time, but eventually, they still welled up in her eyes.

“Master, you are finally back!”

Qing Long and the rest of the divine beasts knelt on one knee, put their fist on the ground, bent down, and shouted, “We respectfully welcome the return of our master!”

After 20 years, the king of Siam had finally returned.

On the top of Purple Wisteria Mountain, the lights of the divine palace, which had been silent for 20 years, finally lit up again.

The entire Siam Continent was in commotion.

Countless eyes stared at the mountaintop towering into the sky, widening their eyes and stretching their necks, trying to make sure what they saw was true.

The lights in the divine palace lit up, which meant that the Divine Venerable had returned.

The king who controlled the life and death of the Siam World. He, who was above all being, finally appeared again after disappearing for 20 years.

In the divine palace, the pillars forged with divine crystals lit up one after another.

In the dim hall, guards wearing golden armor walked out of the crystal pillars one after another, standing on both sides.

They were the guards of the divine palace. They had been waiting in slumber for 20 years. Now, their only master had finally arrived.

“We respectfully welcomed the return of the Divine Venerable.”

The guards on both sides knelt and shouted with uncontained excitement and expectation in their voices.

That was the king they had looked up to all their lives, the unique master of Siam and the divine palace — the Divine Venerable Ji Mingyu.

At the end of the divine palace, a man in mysterious clothes approached slowly.

The radiance of the crystal pillar illuminated his face as if it were sketching the exquisite and unparalleled features that once made people’s hearts tremble.

High above on the millennia-old black jade throne, wisps of pale clouds enveloped it. When that tall and noble figure sat down, a dense spiritual energy emanated from the divine palace, shrouding the peak of the Purple Wisteria Mountain.

Under the hall, pairs of reverent eyes fell on the man with scorching warmth.

Qing Long, Bai Hu, and Xuan Wu stood on both sides of the man.

The four ferocious beasts: Hun Dun, Tao Tie, Qiong Qi, and Tao Wu lurked in the darkness.

Wearing a crimson robe, Zhu Que folded her fiery red wings behind her, knelt, and reported, “Master, the Four Divine Lords have already delivered the spiritual tokens and requested an audience with you. Master, shall I invite them up?”

Ji Mingyu did not answer Zhu Que’s words, but said lightly, “How’s the Siam Continent doing in the past 20 years?”

Zhu Que lowered her eyes slightly. A crystal clear blue gem slowly floated toward the man high above.

“Master, please look.”

That was a heavenly spiritual treasure primarily crafted from the recording stone, capable of linking the senses of all living things in the world, recording every change in a particular realm.

While not all minor details could be recorded, significant developments, however, were never overlooked.

Ji Mingyu imprinted his Divine Sense into the recording spiritual treasure. In the blink of an eye, the changes in the realm were already inputted in his mind.

A sharp light flashed in his eyes as he said slowly, “It seems that in these 20 years, there have been quite a few troublemakers.”

A smile appeared in Zhu Que’s eyes. She spoke decisively, “Master, how would you like to deal with those individuals? Please give your orders.”

Ji Mingyu threw the recording spirit treasure to the ground and said coldly, “Tell the Four Divine Lords that they get to see me after they have cleaned up the troublemakers under their jurisdiction!”

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