The Genius Doctor, My Wife, Is Valiant

Chapter 1298-END - 1298 1298: The End

Chapter 1298-END - 1298 1298: The End

1298 1298: The End

With all three grenades, about 75% of Jiali’s men died. Even Jiali’s car had been thrown into the distance due to the impact.

As she crawled out of the car with her head covered in blood, ready to run, she was stopped by Cutie.

“Ah… Ah Chuan! Please have mercy on me! I don’t want revenge anymore! You killed Hawkins. Isn’t that enough?!”

“I am not Ah Chuan. My name is Cutie, a robot that Ah Chuan gave to his wife.”


Jiali had no idea what was going on.

So… She targeted the wrong person?

It wasn’t until now that Jiali finally understood that it wasn’t Zhan Lichuan who was powerful. It also wasn’t Zhan Lichuan who brought along two robots to join the battle. These three robots were the lure that he had placed in order to catch her.

Cutie reached out and noticed that there was a huge muzzle from ‘Zhan Lichuan’s in palm.


Jiali’s men noticed that Jiali was in trouble and quickly shot Zhan Lichuan, even when they were severely injured.

The bullet hit his head, but Zhan Lichuan did nothing but stare at the man. Then, the bullet was squeezed out of his head and it fell to the ground.

The sound of the bullet falling onto the ground was soft but it was incredibly shocking for both Jiali and her men.


Finally, Jiali accepted the fact that the ‘Zhan Lichuan’ standing before her was just a robot. She was the one who fought three robots with everything that she had.

Jiali looked around in vain. There were flames everywhere. Most of the passersby had already run, seeing how a huge fight was about to start.

There were corpses everywhere on the huge street.

When they got rid of all the men that Jiali brought along, Cutie aimed his muzzle at Jiali’s assistant.

His body instantly exploded into a million pieces.

Seeing what had happened to him, Jiali finally felt frightened. She wanted to negotiate with the other party, but realized that they were just robots.

Just as she was thinking, Cutie aimed his muzzle at one of the car’s oil boxes.

The car exploded, and so did Cutie and the two robots that came with him.

Cutie, who longer had clothes on, turned into a puddle of fluid and slowly left the scene.

Everyone was dead and the entire street turned quiet.

The military and police forces were already on standby. It has been a long time since such a terrible fight had occurred in the Centrals.

This was an odd fight, as there were no survivors.

They didn’t even have anyone to interrogate.

However, the most frightening thing was that everyone present was dead. They wanted to release death certificates, but all of them were blasted and burnt so badly that their faces were no longer recognizable. They couldn’t identify anyone present at the scene.

Since Jiali wanted to fight her enemies till her death, she didn’t bring anyone who was important. These men were mercenaries working for her and the Hills. How would anyone be able to figure out their identities?

Therefore, there was no answer to this crime scene that happened on the streets of Central.

All of them went back empty handed.

Jinqian, Zhan Lichuan, and Du Yanzheng sat at a cafe located next to the river, there for almost an hour.

An hour later, Zhan Lichuan looked at his wife and brother.

“Do you want anything else? The Black Forest cake here looks nice. Qianqian, you may like it.”

Jinqian already had three pieces of cake, but that wasn’t going to stop her from having another one.

“Sure! Another one please.”

Then, Zhan Lichuan bought a slide of Black Forest cake for his wife.

With that, all three of them returned home.

The Hess family was huge and it wasn’t just a simple estate.

With 300 years of history, the building itself was like a palace.

Underneath the sun, there was a similar grave placed next to Jiamo and Du Bo.

This was what they promised El.

“Sister Qian, Yanzheng, Ah Chuan. Time for dinner.”

Vincent had sent someone over to pick them up for dinner.

Vincent was indeed someone interesting.

Jinqian was just a young woman, but he was calling her Sister Qian.

When they asked him about it, he mentioned how his father called her ‘big boss,’ and it was only natural for him to call her Sister Qian.

However, since he had already returned home to the Little family, he should be aware that Du Yanzheng and Zhan Lichuan were not his brothers. They were not related by blood.

However, Vincent was like an elder brother and addressed them with the gentlest tone.

There were 40% of shares with the elders of the Hess family. As for the remaining 60%, El had 12% and he gave all of them to the brothers, along with another 12% that Jiali had. The remaining 36% belonged to Eddie.

Eddie only had 6% left with him in order to ensure that he could still survive once he came out of prison.

As for the remaining shares, Eddie gave all of them to Zhan Lichuan and Du Yanzheng.

Therefore, Du Yanzheng and Zhan Lichuan suddenly ended up with 54% and became the heads of the Hess family.

However, the results of the election had been released. As expected, Du Yanzheng would be the youngest president that Country Z had.

As for Zhan Lichuan, he already had AO2. How would he still have time to care about the Hess family?

However, he was a businessman. Even if he didn’t like the Hess family, he still had to take over the part that belonged to his mother.

In the end, both of them decided to give 6% of it to Vincent.

Vincent might have been Bacard’s son but Eddie was the one who raised him.

Eddie had no child of his own. When he took Vincent away from Bachard, he thought that Bachard would be grateful towards him instead of hating him. This was why he always treated Vincent as the one who would take over his role.

However, Hawkins also became an obedient man towards Eddie. That’s when Eddie started hesitating, wondering if Vincent or Hawkins should be the next in line.

Vincent had been taught since he was young and the education that he had received would definitely be more complete compared to Hawkins. He knew everything about the Hess family.

Therefore, Zhan Lichuan immediately gave Vincent the role, since he didn’t have the time and effort to deal with the Hess family.

Vincent was Bachard’s son and Bachard worked for his wife.

This meant that they were family and he would definitely be someone trustworthy.

When the court declared its sentence for Eddie, they had already returned to Country Z.

Eddie was the head of the Hess family, but he allowed his nephew, Hawkins, to carry out such an inhumane experiment. Although what Hawkins did was unacceptable and was supposed to be heavily punished, Hawkins ended up getting killed in prison. He already got what he deserved, and no further punishment was given to him.

It was impossible that Eddie wasn’t aware of what Hawkins was up to, but instead of stopping him, Eddie allowed him to do whatever he wanted. This was why there were so many people from all over the world who were held captive, and some even ended up dead. There were so many families that had been broken apart because of them.

Eddie was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment.

This was something of a surprise for Eddie.

He was thinking that he was the head of the Hess family. Du Yanzheng and Zhan Lichuan left him with 6% of the family shares, and they didn’t further target him. So, he thought that the judge would still take him as a member of the Hess family and he would not be sentenced to more than 5 years imprisonment.

He didn’t think that it would be 20 years!!!

He was already 57 years old. 20 years later, he would be 77 years old! Even if he could reduce his time in prison, he would still be 70 years old! How could he enjoy anything by then?

As for the Medical Federation, Jinqian took over it. The first thing that she did was disband the gene experiment. Even if they were to do any research on human genes, it had to be approved by the FDA. If there was anyone who dared to carry out an inhumane experiment, they would be harshly punished.

The second thing was to get rid of Dong Yuetong.

The third was an announcement. Although she was the director, the Medical Federation was run by Bachard.

Just like the Lawrence Institute, where Hong Lu was in charge of managing it.

She would only be dealing with the difficult cases that were now piled up like mountains ,and she would be focusing on her surgery.


When Jinqian first returned to Country Z, there weren’t many of them who knew her.

However, after everything that happened, was there anyone who didn’t know who she was?

When their drama ‘Mirror World’ aired, everyone adored Jinqian’s character. There were also lots of scenes where she refused to use a stunt double and managed to complete it on her own. This allowed most scenes to be done perfectly, and most of the audience had a great time watching it.

Therefore, Zhan Lichuan and Di Jinqian’s wedding became the wedding of the century. Everyone from all over the world wanted to attend their wedding.

There wasn’t only one wedding ceremony that would be happening.

Although Ling Siqi and Di Yunxi already had a son together, the Di family still explained what happened in their past and how the woman who tried to harm Ling Siqi was now in jail.

Therefore, the wedding of the eldest son, Di Yunxi, and their youngest child, Di Jinqian, was carried out on the same day.

Friends of the Di family along with Di Yunxi’s personal friends were already incredibly frightening, but with Zhan Lichuan and Di Jinqian in the picture along with the Du family, everything became even more glorified.

The rest weren’t as important, but there would be royalty attending as well. For example, royalty from Country I and Country Y’s prince and princess, along with those from the Centrals.

It would have been difficult for it to be held in Country Z.

However, about a week ago, Du Yanzheng completely defeated his enemy and became the president of Country Z.

His new identity made it easier for them to welcome their VIP for the wedding.

The wedding was held on a private island owned by the Di family.

The island had a gorgeous view and there was a seven-star hotel built by the Di family. The entire island was 5 acres wide and it was just right for them to hold all their guests there.

Coincidentally, the hotel has not served anyone, so most of their important guests would be able to experience the services and facilities found in a seven-star hotel in Country Z.

The impression that they had of Country Z was stuck at about a decade ago. They had no idea that after all these years, Country Z had already become something completely different from what they remembered.

The luxurious wedding that the Di family held had indeed shocked most of the businessmen, who had always looked down on Country Z.

The wedding was perfect. Well, there were also some imperfections.

There was even something unexpected that happened.

When the wedding was over, Jinqian changed into an evening gown.

Due to how there were so many guests, Jinqian felt exhausted. She brought her sister-in-law to a place where there was no one so that they could catch a breath and drink a sip of water while enjoying the view.

The beach, waves, cactus, beautiful people, delicious food and the gorgeous view…

Jinqian was in a good mood, and that’s when one of their men told her that Dong Yuetong wanted to meet her.

Jinqian smiled as she said, “Bring her here.”


This was the Di family’s estate, but Zhan Lichuan was the one who was in charge of the security.

He brought those from the AO2 to be in charge of the security of the wedding ceremony.

AO2 was able to become the richest company in the world without revealing who their director was for all these years, and it was obvious that they had skills up their sleeves.

It was definitely the power of technology.

Dong Yuetong was led by two bodyguards.

When she saw Jinqian, Dong Yuetong instantly got on her knees.

Jinqian and Ling Siqi sat under a huge umbrella with their feet in the sand. They were enjoying cocktails and fresh fruits in order to replenish their energy.

Dong Yuetong managed to kneel on her knees under the hot sun.

“Miss Dong, we aren’t that close. I can’t accept such a huge gesture from you. If you really want to give me a wedding gift, you should give me money instead. I am a practical woman and I don’t really like these things.”

Dong Yuetong felt suffocated, but she had to do this!

“Miss Di… Madam Zhan, please be kind enough to return the Tang Sect to me. Those belonged to my sister!”

Seeing how Dong Yuetong was acting as if her parents were dead, Jinqian lifted her brows, “The Tang Sect? I never took that away from you? I’m not lying to you. The Tang Sect only has those cunning men left. Why would I want it? Aren’t you the one who has been managing it?”

Dong Yuetong started crying, “Madam Zhan, you are now the young miss of the Di family, as well as the young mistress of the Zhan family! Your husband is now even the head of the Hess family, and Mr. Du is the new president of Country Z.

“You already have so many resources. Why can’t you just return what my sister left behind for me? The Tang Sect is about to turn bankrupt because of how you took away my sister’s properties! Can’t you just return them to me? Even if it’s just a small part of it!

“My fiance’s family noticed that the Tang Sect is now almost bankrupt and he wants to cut ties with me! I have nothing left because of you! You also said that there are no grudges between us, right? If you’re mad at me for how I said those disrespectful things when your husband was still crippled in bed, I can apologize to you for what I’ve done! Please!”

Dong Yuetong really had no idea when Di Jinqian and Saka knew each other.

How was it that Di Jinqian knew everything that her sister had?

Jinqian even lied to her that she was Chang.

However, not long ago, Dong Yuetong found out that Di Jinqian was not Chang.

It was Bachard from the Little family!!

Di Jinqian was just an outsider, but she was in control of both the Lawrence Institute and the Chole family. Dong Yuetong had been played by Kuan Yuchen recently as she just found out that Kuan Yuchen was in fact the boss of Flower.

Most importantly, Bachard even gave the entire Medical Federation over to Di Jinqian!

All of them seemed to be working for her. If she hadn’t realized that all of her elder sister’s properties now belonged to Di Jinqian, she would have been an idiot.

“Wow. That’s not bad. You seem to have figured something out.”

Jinqian got up and asked, “Now, do you know who Jing, Mo, Chang, Chen are? Do you know what businesses your sister has now?”

“I know that Chen is Kuan Yuchen, the head of the Chole family, which means that Chloe belongs to my sister and the same applies to Flower! Chang is Bachard, the head of the Little family, who is also vice director of the Medication Federation. He gave you the position as director, which means that he is Chang!”

Jinqian nodded her head, “Anything else?”

“I don’t know the rest but all of these companies belonged to my sister. Miss Di, you don’t even know my sister, and you’re hogging all of it to yourself. This is definitely unacceptable.

“You don’t even need them. Please give them back to me. If you were her friend, you can’t just allow the Tang Sect to turn bankrupt!”

Dong Yuetong bit her lips and pretended to be pitiful.

Jinqian got up from her seat and walked toward Dong Yuetong. She bent forward and said, “Jing would be Prince Ryder. He is in charge of all the firearms that Saka has. The men that those idiots from the Tang Sect have been ordering around? They were all personally trained by Prince Ryder.”

Dong Yuetong was stunned as she stared at Di Jinqian.

“As for Mo? That would be Di Yunmo, his name was Di Yunrui before this. Well, he is now my elder brother. He has his hands on all the landed properties, department stores, and investments that belonged to Saka. You don’t even know her well. Saka has a net worth of 3 trillion and they are found all over the world. The most important asset that she had wasn’t money, but people. She has friends all over the world.”

3 trillion?!

Dong Yuetong was like a muted mule now.

That b*tch! She had 3 trillion, but she only gave Dong Yuetong an empty shell!

The Tang Sect wasn’t able to run any businesses, and they were heavily involved in lots of debts. All of the elders from the Tang Sect were like vampires sucking onto her blood.

With how the truth of how she conspired with Hawkins to kill Saka got exposed on the internet, the rest of the elders treated her like their enemy and demanded she restore the glory of the Tang Sect.

Dong Yuetong knew that Saka was loaded and she was powerful, which was why she decided to work for the Medical Federation.

She only wanted to take over Saka’s fortune and be married to Young Master Xue.

If she knew that Saka had 3 trillion worth of businesses and that ‘Jing, Mo, Chang, Chen’ were these people, she would have never killed Saka.

She regretted her actions long ago.

Now, she was feeling even more regretful.

“Miss Di, I can do anything, even beg. Please! Seeing how I am the only family Saka has left, please return my sister’s inheritance to me? Even if it’s only a smart part of it.”

“Seeing how pitiful you are now…”

Dong Yuetong’s eyes lit up with hope but then, she heard Jinqian say, “I don’t have money with me. Do any of you have a 100 yuan note?”

Dong Yuetong turned speechless instantly.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

One of them passed a hundred yuan note to Jinqian.

Jinqian took the money and when she saw the hatred and rage in Dong Yuetong’s eyes, she placed the money in the other party’s bag and said in a soft tone, “My dear sister, how can you be so stupid? Can’t you figure out who I am?”

As Jinqian softly whispered next to Dong Yuetong, a lightning struck inside Dong Yuetong.

Dong Yuetong looked up in shock and stared at Di Jinqian in disbelief.

They were two different people, but at this moment, this woman looked exactly like her sister.

This must be why when she saw Jinqian for the first time, she hated the sly smile that was seen on Jinqian!

This must be why she always found Di Jinqian scary!

This was why Jinqian suddenly became Dr. J and ruled the Lawrence Institute!

Turns out…

Di Jinqian was Saka!

Although she had no idea how Saka became Di Jinqian, her six senses had always been accurate.

Dong Yuetong was sure that this woman was Saka!

No matter how hard she tried, this woman would always be ahead of her.

“It was a quick goodbye earlier, which was why I forgot to tell you something important.”

Dong Yuetong stared at the woman who was like a vixen and her lips trembled.

“Oh… Make that two.”

Dong Yuetong had no idea what was happening.

“First, I was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to settle Xue Jinyuan, which was why I placed those drugs on him. Did you enjoy it that night?”

Dong Yuetong was in shock. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

This woman was a monster!

“You… Why… He was…”

Di Jinqian didn’t want to hear those words coming out of her mouth.

“Stop right there. I don’t like it when you use that word on a bastard like him. My husband is only Zhan Lichuan. As for Xue Jinyuan, he wasn’t good enough. Since the both of you had been secretly trying to test things out behind my back, why didn’t you complete it then? Why hold back?”

Jinqian smiled as she continued, “As for the second thing… I had intentionally told you the location of my house because I knew that you would tell Hawkins.”

Dong Yuetong was utterly confused, as she couldn’t understand why.

“I was deep into depression and no longer had the will to die. If I died alone, it would have been boring, but I didn’t want to drag you along with me. I couldn’t have you sticking onto me even after I’m dead. So, I decided to just tell you the location of it and then get someone to film you while you were telling Hawkins about it. Hahaha! My dear sister, how do you like this surprise?”

“You’re mad! You have completely lost your mind! You’re the reason why I suffered all these years! Why did you have to do this to me?! Why?”

“Why didn’t you ask my parents why they adopted you? When we were kind to you, you didn’t ask a single question, but when bad things happened, you’re starting to question me again? What a joke. Oh… You can stop thinking about the Tang Sect and your dear fiance. The police are waiting for you outside. As for them, I would make sure that they will disappear from the surface of the earth and no one will ever hear of them in the future.”

The shock in Dong Yuetong’s eyes was now replaced by hatred and rage.

She suddenly rushed towards Jinqian as she muttered to herself, “Then you shall die one more time!”

Just as she was about to kick Jinqian’s leg, she hit something that was as hard as metal, even when Jinqian’s legs looked skinny and fair.

Jinqian moved as well as she stomped onto Dong Yuetong’s chest.

Dong Yuetong felt as if this b*tch was about to crush all of her internal organs.

As she glared at Jinqian, Jinqian answered her with a smile, “My dear sister, have you forgotten that I was the one who gave you everything? I’ve told you before not to be too arrogant. No matter how highly you think of yourself, I will be able to pull you down.”

The police have finally arrived and Jinqian instantly broke Dong Yuetong’s Qi.

Jinqian was the one who taught her all these and even gave Dong Yuetong part of her Qi.

Now, she was taking back all of it.

Dong Yuetong had lost everything, and she looked lost.

No matter how hard she cried, Jinqian ignored her completely. The rest of the guests knew that Dong Yuetong had been arrested by the police, but no one spoke up for her.

However, no one would be dumb enough to offend the Di family for an orphan who was a nobody.

This was just a minor episode that happened at the ceremony.

Although things didn’t go smoothly, she was still able to avenge her past life.

It wasn’t that Saka had no abilities to die with Dong Yuetong, who wanted her dead. Saka was having trouble controlling her emotions. She couldn’t get herself to do it.

This included treating herself and dealing with both Dong Yuetong and Xue Jinyuan.

Now, she had a great life before her, there was no reason left for her to be alone outside.


That very night, Zhan Lichuan and Di Jinqian went back to their room with a large group of people following them.

As they worked together seamlessly, they managed to pass through the challenges given by their friends and families.

When everyone left, Jinqian laid comfortably in Zhan Lichuan’s arms.

As he held his beautiful wife in his arms, Zhan Lichuan felt as if his heart had been completely filled.

He was supposed to be someone waiting for death, but she was the one who pulled him back. Not only did she allow him to restore his previous glory, she also gave him the perfect marriage.

Zhan Lichuan’s eyes were filled with love as he looked at his wife.

“Dear, thank you.”

Jinqian’s eyes looked absolutely gorgeous.

They were emotional and in love.

“What for?”

“You saved my life and gave me the chance to be normal again. Thank you for giving me your life and a perfect family.

Zhan Lichuan was laying close to her and Jinqian could clearly feel his breath against his neck.

Jinqian, who was usually a calm and smart woman, suddenly felt lost in Zhan Li Chuan’s eyes. She had melted in this warm love that her husband had for her and she only wanted to stay here.

“Thank you for giving me a family, Ah Chuan. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The story was supposed to end here, where the prince and princess lived happily ever after.

But… That wasn’t the case.

As their lips were about to touch and they would be able to experience a wonderful first night as husband and wife, they suddenly heard a noise coming from the window.

This was an island and there was no need for them to build high rise buildings, but this was still the 16th floor. Why would there be noise coming from outside the window?

Zhan Lichuan and Di Jinqian had a sharp look in their eyes.

Zhan Lichuan did not move. Instead, he connected with the robot using his brainwaves.

The beautiful table next to them suddenly turned into a robot and rushed outside instantly.

“Oh my!”

“Chup chup!”

There was the sound of a child and a chicken.

Jinqian was afraid that the robot might injure other children and she quickly asked, “Who is it?”

Zhan Lichuan was already at the window before Jinqian.

However, Zhan Lichuan was stunned by the window and Jinqian looked at it curiously.

In between No.1’s arms… Tweezers? There was a chicken.

The chicken was still trying to flap its wings while using its beak to attack No.1’s hand.

No.1 was made of high end nanoparticles and Zhan Lichuan was the only one that could control it.

Jinqian knew how powerful this robot was.

It was the kind which would only appear in science fiction movies.

It was a kind where it could not be burnt or destroyed, and even in liquid form, it would be incredibly strong.

However, could anyone tell her why there was a chicken on the 16th floor? Was the chicken’s claws made of nanoparticles as well? How did it break No.1’s arm?

No.1 held onto the chicken tightly, but at the same time, its arm was being destroyed by the chicken.

However, No.1 was a robot. Once it was broken, it could still catch it with the other arm.

“What on earth is that? Get No.1 to bring it in here right now!”

Jinqian felt that she had discovered something new! She was feeling excited.

“It’s too strong. No.1 can’t bring it inside.

Jinqian looked at Zhan Lichuan and she was utterly confused.

Zhan Lichuan might look calm but he was shocked as well.

“It’s true. The chicken has the same strength as No.1.”

“You told me once that these nanoparticles are stones with the highest density, and that they are the strongest metal found until today.”

Zhan Lichuan nodded his head, but his eyes were stuck on the chicken who was trying to set itself free.

The chicken was about to cry when he saw how the idiot behind it was hurting it.

It gave it its all, and it was followed by a loud ‘Pffttttt.’ Then, a small poop fell out of its backside.

Jinqian commented, “It pooped while trying to set itself free.”

Zhan Lichuan was speechless.

Zhan Lichuan and Jinqian were both amazed by the chicken and their eyes were locked onto it.

Suddenly, it looked as if there was something else helping the chicken from above. The chicken who had the same strength as No.1 suddenly got stronger.

“Chup chup!”

The chicken gave another loud cry, and with a loud sound, No.1 pulled out a bunch of feathers from its head.


Jinqian was sure that she saw something colliding with the chicken feathers in the air, and there was a surge of energy coming at them.

“Be careful!”

Seeing how something wasn’t right, she wanted to protect Zhan Lichuan, but he beat her to it.

Then, the surge of energy landed directly on Zhan Lichuan.

Both of them were thrown onto the bed.

With a soft thud, the bed broke.

Fortunately, they had a thick mattress.

“Ah Chuan, are you alright?”

Jinqian quickly reacted to it and looked for Zhan Lichuan, but he wasn’t saying a word.

The woman who loved having a mysterious and seductive smile on her face suddenly looked at her husband in shock.

He was still the same…


His pajamas were way too big for his size now.

This was originally a 28 years old man, but he suddenly became a young boy who was only 5 years old.

A mini version of Zhan Lichuan appeared before her.

Most importantly…

There were a pair of horns on Zhan Lichuan’s head!


Jinqian let out a loud cry, and even Zhan Lichuan was shocked.

Seeing how cute little Ah Chuan was, Jinqian felt impacted by the adorable look on her husband’s face.

“So cute!”

Zhan Lichuan then realized that his wife must have gone mad.

She picked him up, threw him in the air, and started kissing him.

This was the time where Zhan Lichuan got the most kisses.

After kissing his cheeks, she moved on to kissing his dragon horns. She even touched them with her soft lips.

It tickled Zhan Lichuan, and then he realized…

He was now a child! He wouldn’t be able to do that!

Once Jinqian was done, she noticed that Ah Chuan was in despair.

He was mad and there was smoke coming out of his cute little nose. His dragon horns, which were white earlier, had turned pink.

Jinqian hugged onto him before she started comforting him.

He was too cute!

Zhan Lichuan just wanted to die.

“Aren’t you even going to ask what caused me to be in this state?!”

Ah Chuan started panting in anger.

Jinqian chuckled as she said, “I think I know why!”


“I regained my memory when I hit myself on the head earlier,” Jinqian covered her mouth and started giggling.

“Then why didn’t you turn small too?!”

Zhan Lichuan got even angrier and his velvet horns turned red.

Why was he the only one?

He got all his memories back as well and he knew why all this had happened, but why was it that when this girl was much smaller than him, he was the one who turned little?

Suddenly, a young girl’s voice appeared.

“Sister, Brother-in-law, I’m terribly sorry. I accidentally got in contact with you, which is why you remember your true self now, but they told me that you have to stay here for a few more decades. Until hundreds of years later, we will come back for you! So, you can’t leave just yet! Oh, your body will go back to normal in 12 hours.”

The small version of Ah Chuan was stunned.

Only 12 hours?

That would still be acceptable.

“However, you will return to this state after another 12 hours.”

Zhan Lichuan turned speechless.

So, for the rest of his life, there would be 12 hours where he would be mini?

“I have to leave now! Xiao Fa is pissed since you plucked its feathers. Oh! He’s a phoenix, not a chicken. That’s all for now! I have to leave now! We shall meet in heaven. Oh wait! I will still be on earth. I would not be back yet when you are, but if you have time, remember to visit me!! I will be Yun Duo!”

The voice disappeared and the only people left were the mesmerizing Jinqian and a mini version of Zhan Lichuan, who was puffing with rage.

Zhan Lichuan, the prince of the dragons.

Di Jinqian, the third princess of the Di family.

Due to an accident, both of them fell onto earth.

Jinqian then stared at the sky outside the window.

The huge, endless sky.

Her friends and family were all up there.

Although it had been a long time since she met them, it was only 20 days since she had been separated from them. A day in the heavens was a year on earth.

Even if she had to stay here for a hundred years, it would only be a hundred days for them.

Plus, before they were to come for Ah Chuan and her, they would be living a happy life on earth as well.

She had her parents and also four dear brothers who loved her, along with friends who couldn’t bear to part with her.

The future was still long ahead, but now she was already feeling extremely blessed.

Seeing how little Ah Chuan was still puffing with rage, Jinqian loved it so much that she started giggling again!

She was in love with this little Ah Chuan!

Ah Chuan was still thinking about how to arrange his time since he would be tiny for 12 hours a day, but he soon got distracted by the beautiful face that was getting closer to him.

His velvet pink horns moved and there was smoke that came out of his nose, but Ah Chuan still enjoyed being surrounded by the love from his wife and also the kisses and hugs that followed.

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