System vs Rebirth

Chapter 1082 Next Destination

Chapter 1082 Next Destination

"It's coming in your way." Anna shouted.

"Don't worry. It's the perfect time to test it." Noel smiled, looking at the incoming demons. There were a total of ten demons. They were mostly low and mid level demons. This was perfect to test their new creations.




The beasts let out their roars to show their ferocity. However, Noel simply took four cards from his pocket.

When the demons were about to reach him, Noel tossed them forward and instantly activated the runes.

The beasts pounced on him, disregarding the cards. But in that instant, the card projected spiritual energy in all directions, forming a barrier.

With four cards standing next to each other, it turned into a barricade.

"!!!" The beasts noticed it a bit too late as they had no way to stop their momentum. In the end, they ended up crashing into the barrier. The other demons behind them also jumped and ended up sandwiching them with the barrier.

Instead of a roar, the demons let out a shrill that gradually faded away.

Now that the demons had been stopped, Noel tossed a rune into the air and jumped back. The rune was activated in the air and showered the demons with light beams, killing all of them.

Noel couldn't help but smile as though he were satisfied with his creation. These cards were just prototypes, so he didn't expect a lot.

However, this was much better than he imagined. The first part was the barrier. They were just the lower version of the Spiritual Barrier Rune.

The fuel stored inside each card was enough to activate the rune and maintain it for a while.

Of course, more spiritual energy would be used if the demons had a more powerful impact on the barrier.

As expected, this new profession, Rune Meister, would be the key to achieving it. They not only had to be good at inscribing cards, but they also had to understand how much spiritual energy should be inserted into the card as well as give recommendations.

All those tasks could only be given to elites.

More importantly, the second experiment was completed. The Rain of Light rune that had been embedded into the card he threw into the air played a significant role.

Even for him, inscribing an intermediate rune on a small card was challenging. However, he had proved that the concept was possible.

In addition, because he tossed the rune into the air, he could activate it from above them. If he had to use this rune with his hand, he wouldn't be able to reach such height.

That was why these rune cards could open up a new possibility.

Unfortunately, once he used the cards, he had to retrieve them and replace the flattened crystal to use it again.

In a battle, it was simply close to impossible, especially during a big fight that involved hundreds or thousands of people.

"How is it?" Anna asked.

"Yep. It's pretty good. I'll try making several cards with intermediate runes in them. This will increase our firepower even more, especially since we only wield our sword with one hand." Noel explained.

"That's good. Although I want to let you continue with your experiments, unfortunately, we don't have much time. Our next destination lies behind this hill."

"Okay." Noel nodded and retrieved the cards before climbing the hill with Anna.

The sight on top of the hill was fabulous as expected. There was nothing that stood in their vision. All they could see was the horizon and the vastness of the blue sky.

It was rather peaceful to see this kind of scenery.

However, when they lowered their vision a little bit, they would see their destination.

"So, this is the place…" Noel muttered, his voice was filled with astonishment.

"Yes. According to the information, this place is the most dangerous. The area is just slightly smaller than a small city. There are a total of 27 buildings and they're said to have been inhabited by more than five thousand people in the previous civilization.

"I believe that this area has been explored by your ancestors in the past, but due to the passing of time, there are a lot of demons now inhabiting this place." Anna nodded.

They were looking at it from a hill not far from their next destination, so they were able to see the whole area.

Even though 27 buildings were considered low for a city, ten of these buildings were five-story tall and extremely wide. It wouldn't be weird if each of the buildings could host hundreds of people at once.

There were also some suspiciously large buildings that didn't look like housing.

Still, the biggest thing that took up the land was the black-

colored road that stretched far away. Most of the road had been covered by wild grass or rubble.

If they took this road into consideration, he believed that the area would be much bigger than what they could see.

Nevertheless, they had to explore this area.

It was possible that they had to stay here for a while, considering how big it was.

"Still…" Noel furrowed his eyebrows.

"What's wrong?"

Noel pointed at one of the big things out in the open. It had been destroyed, but it looked similar to the thing he had seen before.

No, he never saw this big thing in the real world. He saw it in his consciousness, specifically when his ancestor showed a lot of things from the previous civilization.

However, there was one problem. "That thing… was supposed to be flying in the sky. I saw it in the memory that my ancestor shared."

"!!!" Anna widened her eyes. "What? Do you know that thing?"

"I'm not sure. It's similar to what I've seen, but I don't know how it can fly or how to operate it." Noel paused for a moment. "Anyway, we should check it right away. There seems to be a lot of demons…"

"True. But you're going to tell me everything you know about this place tonight."

"Alright. Alright." Noel chuckled as he moved first.

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