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Chapter 1561: A Heavenly Garden!

Chapter 1561: A Heavenly Garden!

1561 A Heavenly Garden!

"Everything? You sure about it?" Olivia asked with a surprised look.

"Yep, just be careful and make sure to store everything properly," Felix mentioned.

"You must share a real tight bond with the ancestral dragon," Selphie said while giving him an impressed look.

Felix laughed a little and didn't divulge deeper into his relationship with Elder Imyr.

"During the day, focus on your harvest, and when the night comes, I will put you in my illusion domain and bestow upon you the wisdom eye to help you with your training."

Noah nodded in understanding and straightway took off alone, having no plans to explore the pocket with their company.

Felix ignored him and split his team. He placed Olivia and Selphie in a team while leaving Bodidi and Candace together.

He planned on exploring alone with Nimo.

Everyone was somewhat satisfied with this split and they began their journey too, leaving Felix and Nimo behind.

Felix didn't need to tell them that he would be getting all of the natural treasures as they knew about it. No one complained or was bothered by this.

Felix had already done so much for them and they were eager to pay him back in any way possible.

Even Noah who desperately desired to find new natural treasures for consumption to increase his strength, wasn't going to put himself before Felix.

While his motives were pure, he was still going to benefit from helping Felix since he could replicate those treasures in his illusion domain and let him consume as many as his body could handle...Or even turn them into potions to make the effects stronger.

A blessing for anyone without illusion immunity!


Sometime later...

Deep within the heart of the mountain, Felix returned to the cave where he had first discovered the enigmatic dark moss.

As he entered, the dim light filtering through the narrow opening cast eerie shadows upon the rocky walls. The air was cool and damp, carrying a faint earthy scent.

To his amazement, his nose picked up on the familiar peculiar scent of the dark moss without needing to drink any enhancing potion.

Felix trailed the scent until he reached a dead end.

"I guess it has grown in another area.' Felix thought while touching the thick rocky wall, 'It seems like it's one of its conditions for growth is closed mountain pockets.'

Without the hassle of digging a big path like before, Felix placed a finger on the wall and materialized a small driller with destruction mist. Then, he created a thin nickel-sized long hole that extended into the pocket.

Next, he transmitted himself into flowing water and went inside the hole. In less than a split second, his form manifested back to a human on the other side.

Nimo copied Felix's action and popped off on his shoulders.n-/((--)(-//.I(.n

Not bothered by the lack of light, Felix scanned around and found that the dark moss had regrowned in patches along the walls of the cave.

Its tendrils, now pulsating with a faint, ominous energy, stretched out like veins seeking sustenance.

With nimble fingers, he delicately harvested the dark moss, being cautious not to disturb the fragile balance of this mysterious place.

Last time he had made a huge mess to enter the cave and it had affected its growth area.

Fortunately, the dimensional pocket was ever-changing, allowing a similar location to emerge that fulfilled the conditions.

After he was done, Felix exited in the same manner and filled up the hole again.

"Elder, can you point me towards the areas richest with elemental energy?" Felix requested, not wanting to go completely blind.

'Sure, situated seven hundred kilometers to the east, you will discover a small pink puddle that is surrounded by numerous hives of black wasps. On top of the puddle, you will find a family of lotuses.' Ancestor Imyr shared, 'They are emitting strong charm elemental energy.'

'Much appreciated.'

Felix transformed into a lightning bolt and zoomed past half of the forest in less than a millisecond before popping off into his form after arriving at his destination.

He looked below him and noticed a small, seemingly innocent pink puddle hidden amongst the trees.

With his impeccable vision, he was easily able to spot a hive of giant, ominous black wasps, camouflaging perfectly on the trees.

When he got close, their buzzing filled the air with a threatening hum, and their presence sent shivers down the spines of even the bravest souls.

Undeterred, Felix approached the puddle while having his spiritual pressure forming an invisible shield around him, keeping the wasps at bay.

The wasps were left frozen in midair as they watched the intruder encroach on their trap mechanism like nothing.

"Interesting, I have never seen such a lotus before," Felix uttered with a look of fascination after picking a bunch of delicate multi-colored lotus flowers from the shimmering pink puddle.

Each petal seemed to emit a soft, soothing glow, contrasting sharply with the foreboding surroundings.

Felix examined the flowers closely, his keen senses sensed that the flowers were releasing an invisible pinkish charm mist.

His mental defenses were undestructionable, plus, he possessed both illusion and lust immunity, making him the worst enemy of this lotus.

As he delved into the lotus flowers' energy, he checked for any signs that would help him determine its grade better.

'Its energy level is enough to put it in the S grade zone, but unless I studied its true effects, I wouldn't know for sure.' Felix smiled, 'For now, let's name it Charming Lotus.'

If Asna was around, she would have rolled her eyes at his terrible naming sense that seemed to never approve.

He put the grown lotuses into singular containers and left the smaller ones for future generations...Then, he requested the second area from Elder Imyr and continued on his expedition mission.

With his movement speed, overwhelming strength, perfect guidance from Elder Imyr, and great understanding of botany, Felix was able to collect more than forty types of natural treasures above A grade in less than an hour!

There were even a couple of S+ and SS-graded natural treasures mixed in them! Obiviously, the majority were unknown, which meant his grading wasn't precise, but still, it was an amazing treasure for the kind of trouble he went through!

Other explorers would have to go through death trials, lose many of their companions, and still, either come empty-handed or find A-

grade or less natural treasures.

Just like what happened to Felix's expedition mission in the Shurima Temple...Yet, here he was, picking the greatest treasures left and right without breaking a sweat.

All because he had the 'f*ck you' type of strength.

Meanwhile, the other groups were also pulling their weight just fine as none of them was considered a weakling.

When night time arrived and everyone returned to the camp and beamed all the harvested natural treasures near the bonfire, even the tenants were startled by the number of A+ grades!

"Is it me or did your pocket dimension get even richer?" Thor wondered.

"Did it? I never bothered to check." Ancestor Imyr replied with a carefree tone.

"It's not that, we have gotten a decent collection only because he was guiding them towards the best areas in the dimension." Lady Sphinx explained, "In a couple of days or even less, you will start to notice a significant decline in their quality."

"I thought so too." Felix approved.

This was the reason Felix wasn't too pleased with their loot.

He understood that if they visited all the best possible locations and they still hadn't found another SSS+ natural treasure here, then god knows how difficult it would be in the outside universe.

To concoct a potion regardless of its rank, three materials were required at the bare minimum...So, he could never be satisfied with these results.

'Let's hope that our fortune will turn around tomorrow.' Felix murmured hopefully.

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