She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1766: Side Story 3: The Young Master Who Wants to Experience Romance (3)

Chapter 1766 - 1766: Side Story 3: The Young Master Who Wants to Experience Romance (3)

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The fragrance of wine spread. The young man hadn’t drunk a single drop of wine, but his eyes were already misty. He looked up at the starry sky and leaned against the wheelchair. With tears in his eyes, he said, “I killed all the

people who hurt you. If you can rest in peace, give me a dream.”

The young man’s body had been severely injured by the car accident. He was already at the end of his rope, but he was still hanging on with the obsession of ‘revenge’.

After he had finally taken revenge, the youth was like a balloon that had been poked. He instantly became dispirited.

He leaned against the wheelchair sleepily.

It wasn’t physical fatigue, but mental fatigue.

“Young Master.” At this moment, a thin blanket landed on the young master’s chest and thighs, blocking the cold wind. Then, the tall youth bent down and squatted beside him. He looked up at him as he said, “It’s cold outside. Shall we go back?”

“Sheng Shi’an,” the young master muttered softly.

Sheng Shi’an stared into his eyes and replied, “Young Master, I’m here.”

The young master lowered his eyes and looked at his legs, which were no longer moving. Then, he said, “It hurts…”

For the first time, the young master showed Sheng Shi’an his pain and weak side.

Sheng Shi’an looked at the young master’s legs with pity in his eyes. Then, he asked the young master, “Can I see them?”

The young master took the initiative to lift his pants, revealing a pair of dark blue stockings.

Sheng Shi’an took off his socks and stared at his legs that were covered in burn scars. The leg bones were clearly broken, and his flesh had seeped in. Inside, there was the ice and fire poison of the Poison Demon Spider.

There were only two ways to detoxify the Poison Demon Spider.

They could either kill the Poison Demon Spider and force his beast form to spit out the poison, then inject the poison into the young master’s legs and slowly expel the poison. Otherwise, they could only find a Prime Master pharmacist who was good at detoxification to treat the young master.

No matter which option it was, they had to go to the Great World.

“Those who are poisoned by the ice and fire poison only have five years to live.” After a pause, Sheng Shi’an continued, “This is for cultivators.”

The young master wasn’t surprised to hear this.

He said, “Civilians have shorter lifespans, right?”

Sheng Shi’an felt sorry for him, but he still nodded and said, “Civilians only have two years to live at most.”

Two years of lifespan…

In other words, when Sheng Shi’an resigned, it was also the time when the young master awaited his death.

Sheng Shi’an told the cruel truth, “Young Master, you only have three months to live.”

The young master remained calm.

He nodded and said, “I’ve already signed a hundred-year cooperation contract with the Caro Clan. In the future, the Wang Clan will share the core scientific research data with the Caro Clan. During the cooperation, no matter who is in charge of the Wang Clan, the Caro Clan will protect the Wang Clan.”

This was already the best outcome he could get.

“I want to live my own life for the remaining three months.”

Sheng Shi’an said, “What do you want to do? I’ll accompany you.”

The young master thought about it and suddenly lamented, “I’m 18 years old. I’m an adult now.” The young master had just reached adulthood last month.

Sheng Shi’an nodded as well and said, “You’re an adult, so you should indeed do something meaningful.” Sheng Shi’an opened the Al and prepared to write a list of Young Master’s last wishes. Then, he asked the Young Master, “Young Master, what do you want to do? I’ll accompany you for the next three months.”

The young master blurted out, “Find someone to sleep with to experience my first romance.’

Sheng Shi’an was speechless..

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