Second World

Chapter 1763 The Seventh Spear

Chapter 1763 Chapter 1763. The Seventh Spear

?As their weapons and the floating weapons around them clashed endlessly, an additional floating weapon appeared. This was Jeanny's spirit weapon, the skill that Jeanny gained from using the universal technique book.

As a spirit weapon of a legendary-grade weapon, it was different from a normal spirit weapon. It wasn't as special as Spark, of course. Jeanny's spirit weapon looked like a spear but with a distinctive look. It had the body of a spear with four extruding arms that ended with smaller spears. After the main body performed a stab, the four smaller spears made follow-up thrusts, effectively delivering five rapid stabs with each attack.

Abasi was already having trouble keeping up with Jeanny's well-controlled stabs. Adding the spirit weapon, he received even more hits. Abasi roared in fury and activated Unrestrained Rage. His eyes turned red. A red aura swirled around his body. All the damage he had suffered made him stronger.

With one powerful swing, he smashed the golden spears and Jeanny's spirit weapon to the side. He then made a forceful lunge at her.

Jeanny didn't panic. She had prepared when she saw the red aura on Abasi's body. Her spear engaged Abasi's powerful cleave. When the two weapons touched, there was no clanking sound. Jeanny's spear didn't fight the axe's momentum. It spun around it instead. The spinning became faster with each passing second.

Jeanny was flying backward as her spear spun around Abasi's axe. Abasi felt like all the power he exerted into his swing had fallen into a bottomless sea. He also couldn't retract his swing. His axe was sucked by Jeanny's spear movement which had turned into a vortex. Even the flames of his axe were doused by this vortex.

Jeanny's Engulfing Vortex had undergone a great improvement after she learned to execute it using mana manipulation. With one heave, the momentum from the vortex threw Abasi down. Abasi was helpless in fighting the force despite his increased strength. The engulfing vortex used his own strength against him. This was as if he was fighting both Jeanny and himself.

While Abasi was unbalanced from the throw, Jeanny made a stab downward using the active skill of her legendary spear. The skill was called World-ending Stab. It was a ranged skill that dealt high physical damage.

Abasi felt a sting within his heart. A split second later, a sharp energy burst out of his chest. He screamed from the agony.

Jeanny didn't let up. She followed up with a combo using Heaven Spear. The image of a large spear fell from the sky and impaled Abasi. The thrust sent him crashing down to the ground.

Jeanny landed on the ground a few meters away from Abasi. Abasi was in a terrible state. His HP was below thirty percent. He was shaking as he rose. The World-ending Stab had caused a wound inside him.

"Give it up! You have lost," Jeanny exclaimed.

Abasi spat on the ground. He tightened the grips of his giant axe. "A duel to the death! Remember?!"

Jeanny creased her forehead. If it was up to her, she preferred not to kill Abasi. Despite them always being on conflicting sides, she respected Abdu and Abasi. They were battle-hardened warriors with unquenchable fighting spirits, but she guessed it was the same fighting spirit that compelled them to be unwilling to accept defeat even if they died.

Jeanny also tightened the grip on her spear. She took a stance with her spear's sharp end pointed in Abasi's direction. If he wasn't willing to give up, she could only respect his mettle by giving him her best.

"Graahhh…!!!" Abasi uttered a sky-splitting roar as he rushed forward.

The roar was empowered by mana manipulation. Any normal opponent would have been destabilized, but Jeanny was no normal opponent. Instead of being knocked off balance by the roar, she closed her eyes and emptied her mind. The deafening roar faded into nothingness.

During her time in captivity, she was unable to level up. All she could do was train her spear art and mana manipulation. As a result, her control of mana manipulation had undergone an upgrade. She was now focusing her mana on her spear. The mana circled around her spear and her body, forming a synchronized link. The sensation gave her the feeling of being one with her spear.

She relied entirely on her mana sense to detect her enemy. Her mana sense informed her that Abasi was rushing toward her. In her mind's eye, Abasi moved in slow motion. She could see every detail of his movement. Her mana reached out from the tip of her spear toward Abasi who was on his way. Her mana touched Abasi's mana. She could feel how turbulent his mana was. How full of rage. So furious was Abasi that he didn't notice that his mana was forming a link with Jeanny's.

Domon's words reverberated in Jeanny's mind. Spear was the king of weapons. When a spear thrust, it was to penetrate its opponent without a doubt. With this mantra, she thrust her spear forward.

What she performed was the final stage of her Seven Spears Assaulting Heaven, the seventh spear. The mana link she had established on her opponent guided her spear. It went straight to the target as if a guided missile.

The spear thrust as if it was a single stab, but it was actually seven extremely rapid stabs, all hitting the exact same spot.

Jeanny's spear struck when Abasi had only started swinging. His axe stopped midway, and so did his advance.

The spot that Jeanny hit was Abasi's throat. At the moment, there was a huge hole in that throat. Jeanny's spear art had caused a wound in Abasi's body which was normally only possible from a high-level skill.

Abasi made several steps back as blood poured out of the gaping hole. The HP bar above him rapidly decreased with each passing moment until it finally hit zero.

A well-placed wound could instantly kill a native even when the native's HP bar was still full. This was proven when the Eldritch Beholder killed Katili Strongbone, one of Verremor's war chiefs, with a single hit. Even if Abasi's HP bar wasn't so low, it was possible that he still died.

Abasi remained standing despite his zero HP. He stayed like that for a few more seconds before falling to his knees. His eyes were still staring furiously at Jeanny. After his knees gave in, he fell forward with his face hitting the ground. Several loots fell beside his body.

Jeanny sighed. There was sadness in her heart. The father and son of two warriors had died at her hands. If only things were different…

She didn't let this trouble her for long. She picked up Abasi's loot. After gazing at the orc's body another moment, she summoned her hippogriff and mounted it. The battle had not yet ended.

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