Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3457 - 3457 Tang Lei Is Taken Away

Chapter 3457 - 3457 Tang Lei Is Taken Away

3457 Tang Lei Is Taken Away

Since Tang Kangquan had returned, he didn’t want to and wouldn’t be foolish enough to go against him at this moment and cause trouble for himself.

However, he really hoped that something bad would happen to Tang Lei.

Even if he wanted to replace Tang Kangquan, he would only do it when he was confident enough. He always left himself some room to maneuver. Therefore, even though Tang Kangquan knew what he was thinking, he wouldn’t make things difficult for him until he did something wrong to him or the Tang Corporation.

Tang Lei, however, was different! He had been causing trouble for him just because of his position as chairman. Luckily, he had the ability to handle it, so he hadn’t allowed Tang Lei to successfully make things difficult for him.

As soon as Tang Lei heard that, he was taken aback. Although he was also worried and uneasy, he still indignantly retorted. “Uncle, what do you mean? What evidence do you have against me? What did I do?”

“You know what you did,” said Tang Kangwei, believing that Tang Kangquan had found some evidence against Tang Lei.

“I didn’t do anything. How would I know? You are slandering me,” Tang Lei said angrily.

“You will know soon whether I’m slandering you or not. Do you think my brother said that just for fun?” Tang Kangwei said.

Tang Lei immediately looked at Tang Kangquan and said pitifully, “Dad, I don’t know what you have found out, but I have never done anything wrong to you or the company. Maybe someone wants to frame me!”

“My grandfather hasn’t said anything yet, and you already have so much to say. Don’t you know that a clear conscience fears no accusation? My grandfather is not a fool. He can distinguish between truth and lies,” said Leng Xiaoyao.

Tang Lei was struck dumb for a second. Although Leng Xiaoyao’s words were reasonable, he still felt guilty and nervous!

Soon, the police arrived at the door, and Tang Lei’s heart sank.

“We received a report that Mr. Tang, Tang Lei, the acting chairman of the Tang Corporation, is suspected of bribery and murder. Please come with us,” said the leading police officer.

Although everyone was somewhat prepared for the news, they still felt a sense of sorrow when they heard the police say it.

“No, you must be mistaken. I didn’t bribe anyone or commit murder…” Tang Lei immediately denied it, but his guilty look betrayed him.

“We are not mistaken. Miss Leng and Old Master Tang personally came to our police station to report the case,” said the leading police officer.

Tang Lei abruptly turned to look at Leng Xiaoyao and Tang Kangquan with resentment in his eyes. “Since you accuse me of bribery and murder, you must have evidence! If there is no evidence, then it’s all a false accusation.”

“We have evidence.” Leng Xiaoyao said coldly, “If you want evidence, I’ll give it to you.”

Leng Xiaoyao took the computer from a bodyguard. After some operation, the video of Tang Lei in front of Old Master Tang’s hospital bed appeared on the projection in the conference room.

Seeing that, Tang Lei trembled all over. Why was there a surveillance video of the ward?

Subconsciously, Tang Lei wanted to rush over and stop Leng Xiaoyao from playing it. However, before he could get close to her, he was stopped by two bodyguards. He couldn’t break free no matter how hard he struggled.

Then Tang Lei’s voice sounded from the projection.

“Dad, you’ve been lying here for three years. Why don’t you just die!”

“If you die, everything will be over.”

“I killed your son and daughter-in-law several years ago.”

“If you can’t bear to part with your grandchildren, when there’s a chance, I’ll let them meet you.”

“I have to say that your grandchildren are lucky. They were beggars for three years, but they were taken in by kind people.”

“I originally sent some people to catch them, but failed.”

Everyone had always suspected that Tang Heng and his wife’s death was related to Tang Lei, but because there was no evidence, it couldn’t be confirmed. So when Tang Lei admitted it himself, it was still a surprise.

In the video, they saw Old Master Tang’s fingers move a little, but then Tang Lei asked for medicine to make sure that he would never wake up again.

However, he was unsuccessful because a doctor happened to come in.

Although he didn’t succeed, he couldn’t escape the charge of attempted murder.

Moreover, he admitted that he killed Tang Heng and his wife, so he couldn’t escape the charge of murder.

“No, none of this is true. Someone must have imitated my voice to record this conversation. It’s not me who said it. It’s not me…” Tang Lei refused to admit it.

“By the way, there is also a ledger here that was taken out of your safe.” said Leng Xiaoyao, taking out the ledger.

Seeing the familiar ledger, Tang Lei collapsed on the ground.

He was doomed. He was totally doomed this time.

In the end, Tang Lei was taken away, and the police quickly froze all of his accounts and expelled Zhang Hongyu and her child from the Tang family’s house.

Since the Tang family’s house originally belonged to Old Master Tang, they could no longer stay there.

Zhang Hongyu immediately went back to her own family’s house for help, but her family didn’t want to get involved for fear of getting into trouble.

Zhang Hongyu had no choice, but to turn to Tang Lei’s friends in official circles. Most of them didn’t want to get involved either, but a few came forward to help.

However, the police had already been reminded by Li Mochen to take this case seriously, so it was useless for anyone to speak up for Tang Lei, especially since the evidence was conclusive!

Old Master Tang still wanted to know if Tang Yue and Tang Fei’s situation was also related to Tang Lei. So they needed to continue questioning him, and it would take some time to solve the case.

After Tang Lei was arrested, Old Master Tang made a short speech in the conference room. “You are all old employees of the Tang Corporation. I know that everyone has his own ideas, goals and purposes, but since we are all shareholders of the Tang Corporation, I hope that you can truly care about the company. Only when the Tang Corporation is doing well can you receive returns. Invest as much as you want and get as much return as you deserve. Don’t think about other things, because it’s useless. Tang Lei is a good example of someone who’s coveted what others have, and ends up losing everything. Is that what we want? We can’t risk our lives to make money because even if we earn money, we won’t be able to spend it if we’re dead.”

After hearing Tang Kangquan’s words, many people began to reflect.

What were they fighting for?

They couldn’t go after the chairman position like Tang Lei did.

First, they didn’t have the right to do so. Second, they didn’t have the courage.

In fact, they formed factions privately just to get some benefits from those who wanted to win them over. However, if they lost more in exchange for these benefits, wouldn’t it be a bad deal?

After thinking about it, they decided to be loyal towards Tang Kangquan.

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