Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

Chapter 1136  Deciding The Path Ahead

Chapter 1136  Deciding The Path Ahead

Nia really did not know how to answer. She could tell her Mama loved the man named Creige with her entire being. Of course, they were ready for this. But she also knew that at one time, her mother loved her father as well. But now that her Mama, who had been reborn so many times since she first died, and her father who did not even attempt to look for her until just recently knew things were lost, but this did not change the fact that she would always love her Mama.

"Mama, I will do my best to make sure that father does not do anything stupid. But for now… Can I stay with you? I have missed you so much…." Nia's eyes turned red. She wanted to spend some time with the person who gave birth to her even if she no longer looked the same. She knew deep inside that this was still her mama.

Kana smiled warmly at Nia. She did not know this daughter or if they were even lying to her or not, but she still felt a connection that was hard to ignore. She reached out and rubbed Nia's head before pulling her into a hug. "You can follow me as long as you want. You can meet your sisters as well. They are all good girls and will accept you instantly."

Nia hugged Kana tightly. This was the feeling she had longed for for so many years. She buried her face into Kana's chest and began to cry. The warmth only her Mama could give her was now filling her entire body.

In another place, Francessca sat on a luxurious couch with snacks and wine of all kinds displayed in front of her on a table. "Miss Fran, please enjoy. When the goddess returns, tell her she only needs to ask, and we will prepare all the meat she wants."

now just because she was always next to her. Now, these people of this plane were sucking up to her left and right.

"I will be sure to do that." Francessca smiled and gave a polite nod. She was a bit overwhelmed. She was being treated as Kana right now just because she was always next to her. Now, these people of this plane were sucking up to her left and right.

While it was kind of nice, she was really unsure how she should handle it. If it was the her of before, she would have played it up and began ordering everything she could and making people serve her, but now…. "I have really changed after Kana came…."

She was actually glad that she had changed so much. If she had not, she would have led a life of ruin. Now she understood what it meant to be kind and not some privileged little girl with her family backing.

"Fran! I am back!" Kana's voice filled the air. A tear in space opened up in front of Francessca. Kana Slowly stepped out of it with another young woman following after her.

"Kana, this is?" Francessca asked out of curiosity.

"This is my daughter Nia. You can say she is a daughter from my first life?" Kana replied while tilting her head to the side.

 "Mama, it was indeed your first life," Nia replied with a smile. She walked over to Francessca and bowed her head. "My Name is Nia. It is a pleasure to meet one of Mama's friends."

"Hello, Nia. My name is Francessca. You can just call me Fran if you want. So, Kana's child from her first life. Hard to comprehend past lives since normally one would not remember it." Francessca had no idea if she had a past life or not. Kana had told her about her own past lives, so she understood the whole concept of it all, but it was still hard to understand.

"Reincarnation is something that only happens when one is lucky. It takes millions of soul energy just to reincarnate a single soul." Nia suddenly explained. "If you are one of those lucky people, the river of reincarnation will erase your memories unless your soul is too strong. But normally, from my plane, those who are born are firstborn. They are not reincarnated, as reincarnations only happen on the lower planes. It actually depends on the lower plane you have created."

"Wait, you have to create a lower plane to reincarnate?" Francessca was really confused.

"Yes, unless you are already from that lower plane. You can also ask someone who has a lower plane if you can reincarnate on it. But where I come from, it is almost impossible to now have your own lower planes." Nia kindly explained. Before coming to meet Francessca, Kana had asked her not to mention anything about her previous life beyond certain things. She did not want to cause an uproar about how this was not the final destination for those who were seeking power.

Mainly because Kana was not even sure where this other plane was, she had to speak to Nia more about this origin plane. The place where everything began. She wanted to get enough information on how dangerous the place was before finally trying to head there herself. She also needed to make sure her family was going to be strong enough to survive there.

The last thing Kana wanted was for her own family to be killed as soon as they arrived. She had no idea if there was an outer space there or if there were multiple universes either. She did not even know if this was the end of everything. What if there was an even higher plane of existence that was mainly filled with entities that were made up of atoms and other particles? There were many questions to ask and many things she did not know. So she could only hope when they were answered, she could figure out a way to power all of her loved ones up to the point that they would be able to survive in this more powerful plane. She was also kind of curious to know where she had started from as well. But she knew one thing for sure. She would never give up her current family, no matter what. And if anyone touched them, she would destroy everything in her path to get revenge.

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