Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World

Message From the Translation Team

Translator Afterword

Even though it's been a couple of weeks since the novel ended for me, it still feels a bit surreal that I'm finished with Rebirth Thief. After dedicating four years of my life to it, I feel sort of lost and restless. That said, I'm happy to have experienced this journey alongside you guys. It's been a source of consistency for me over these rocky few years of my life. There were many times I was seriously considering dropping the novel, when things were getting rough in real life, and as a translator, wondering if I was really cut out for this scene. However, I'm glad I stuck it out, and one of the things that kept me going was reading your discussions in the comments and interacting with you guys there or on Discord. Without your support, I don't know where I'd be in life right now, but I'm sure it would be much worse off, and I really mean it when I say this.

Regarding my thoughts on the end of the novel, the story personally ended for me in Chapter 937. Everything thereafter was just an epilogue with Mad Snail tying up as many loose strings as he could. Honestly, I enjoyed it for what it was. I used to get really annoyed by the retcons, inconsistencies, and dropped plot threads in Mad Snail's writing in the beginning. I'm sure some of you older readers remember the page-long rants I would go on about it. But I eventually learned to accept that this was just a fact of life with the author.

All in all, it's been a fun ride, but I don't plan to end it here. I've come to realize that I still love translating and bringing these fun stories to you guys. From what started out as a fun hobby to give back to the community has developed into a career I genuinely want to pursue. So, I'd love to have you guys join me again in seeing where this ship will take us next.

Editor Afterword

No matter how great the journey, it must end one day. Well, here we are. When I began on this journey four years ago, I never could’ve imagined it would lead to here. Rebirth Thief seemed like one of those novels you would start, but never finish. Unfortunately, it has. I want to thank everyone who has been here with us throughout this journey from the bottom of my heart. Shanks, I could’ve never been here if it wasn’t for you. You gave me trust when I needed it the most. Devshard, you showed me how little I knew of editing, and taught me how to improve. And of course you, the reader, without whom all of this wouldn’t have been possible.

It has been a phenomenal four years. From laughing with Shanks over the latest interesting Snail math to reading the many comments under each chapter, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of working on this novel and I’m eager to see what the future has in store for me. For now, I can say that I will continue working with Shanks on the next project. I hope to see all of you there!

Future Projects

In keeping with the tradition of Flowerbridgetoo (my dear friend who I formerly worked for as the editor of Martial God Asura), I've translated shortlist of teasers for novels I found interesting and worth picking up. I'd originally selected five, but that had to be cut down to three after I came down with a bad flu this past week. You can vote on which one you like the best, and it might influence my decision on the novel I pick up for my next main project.

Read the Teasers

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P.S. To those asking me to pick up World Defying Dan God, though it's not off the table, I'm not really keen on picking up dropped novels.

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