Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

Chapter 2210 Certain

Chapter 2210 Certain

?In certain respects, it could be said that the void itself was the immortal plane while the bubble worlds were the invaders as opposed to that being said of the void beasts.

Either way, with a bubble world right here, Dyon didn't need to go out and search for the perfect asteroid. In addition, since this world wasn't destroyed, the sturdiest parts of it – around the world core – were still intact.

In other cases, when the bubble world imploded, the world core would be the first to go, so the precious ores around it would suffer the greatest. In fact, what Dyon was doing now – targeting a healthy world – was exactly what those who created the most powerful of graveyards did.

However, compared to them, Dyon was a level better. Who had ever heard of a world core being so peaceful…? And even further, who had ever heard of using a world core's energy to forge a graveyard?

'I guess for the next few months, I will have to become a weapon's smith.' Dyon smiled a confident smile.


The most fundamental technique Dyon would need for this build was the immortal grade creation array. Just like the abode he built on the immortal ancient battlefield, he would need it to create the basic structure of the graveyard.

The immortal grade creation array was a level higher than the mortal master grade version. It had the ability to seep in the atmosphere and change the structure of its fundamental elements to its controller's liking.

As an aside, Dyon also realized that the amount of soul strength needed to create venerable grade and higher heavenly herbs was obscene. It would likely be necessary to use concepts from the immortal creation array in order to cross that barrier.

Thanks to this, Dyon had actually had a lot of practice with this method. Back when he was still on the Dark Flame bubble world, he had used his funds to buy up every venerable grade herb he could find. He had done this not only to solidify his foundation as an alchemist, but also to look into what it would take to create them.

The first thing Dyon had decided was what kind of design he had wanted. Following this, he used all of his capital to buy supplementary ores and precious materials he needed.

Dyon knew that he wouldn't have a massive crew like other graveyards did. However, he also knew that he could create a massive crew using his clones if he truly wished to do so.

So, the first choice he made was deciding whether he should go all out and create a massive graveyard, matching those that could even dwarf a small planet in size. Or, if he should minimize his graveyard's size and emphasize maneuverability and speed.

After some thought, Dyon rejected the idea of building a small graveyard. Logically, if such a thing was to anyone's benefit, a single legion would split themselves up into multiple smaller squads that each manned their own graveyards. If this method was used, then not only would they gain more agility and speed as a unit, but it would also become easier to mass produce graveyards. Yet, no one made this choice.

The answer to why was obvious. The main purpose of graveyards was to concentrate the power of its crew and cause damage to void beasts. How could it be possible to mount the massive weapons needed for such a goal in a small graveyard? In this case… bigger really was better.

That said, at the same time, there was no need for Dyon to build a planet sized graveyard either. Since he didn't have to manage a massive crew, he could cut out much of the space used for lounging, leisure, and living quarters.

The ultimate design he landed on was a graveyard that would be about 1000 kilometers in diameter. It wouldn't be as large as a planet, but it wouldn't be small either.

The biggest problem many legions faced was their inability to adapt to different void beasts. Not only were there three main categories, but there was also great variation even within said categories. The tentacle monstrosity Dyon saw was of the monster category, but it could have just as easily taken the form of a slime glob capable of swallowing moons, or even a ghastly vulture.

For ethereal and elemental void beasts, the variation was even greater. Ethereal void beasts were a wild card almost impossible to contend with, while elemental void beasts could produce qi attacks from countless wide ranging paths of cultivation. How could it be possible to be ready for them all?

However, Dyon wanted a design that had this sort of flexibility while also having an escape ability many other graveyards didn't have.

It was simply impossible to fit all of these wishes into one graveyard under normal circumstances. It would simply end up being average at all things and a master at none. However, it was a different matter entirely if a graveyard was able to change its form depending on the situation.

Creating a graveyard capable of changing form was very obviously several times more difficult. However, with how much Dyon had put his mind through in recent times, he almost felt that this was a break from his usual hectic life.

The last and most important thing Dyon wanted his graveyard to be able to do was to effectively make use of his power. Or, even better, to do an excellent job at amplifying it.

He wanted his vajra body to act as a central hub. Dyon had been hesitant to use his manifestation ever since coming to the immortal plane despite knowing how much more powerful it would make him. However, under the protective cover of his graveyard, without anyone being able to see its true form, it would be the perfect place for him to unleash his full strength.

Aside from those truly important things, the hidden wish Dyon had was to turn his graveyard into a factory.

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