Realms In The Firmament

Chapter 1995 (END) - Finale!

Chapter 1995: Finale!

It was one thing for everyone to unanimously support it, but it was another thing for them not to come out and become officials. The two did not contradict each other. Only ye Xiao was very embarrassed. He had no other choice but to release the expanded monarch pavilion members as well.

The flower king, Chi Huo, and Meng youjiang, the four people with the highest status in the monarch pavilion, were all released to become the Masters of the world. As for Liu Litian, ye Xiao simply used Emperor Ye as a threat and let the Purple Dragon King become the master of Liu Litian.

Xuanyuan Liu Li, that old fellow, had long gone to the ends of the Earth with Ye Hongchen. A good friend who had been separated for 100,000 years would definitely be troublesome enough for Bai Feng.

Ye Xiao used all his means and finally found blood river. “Senior Blood River, I won’t force you if you don’t step out, but those three old subordinates of mine are really my old subordinates. Why are you still not letting them out?”

Blood River was also very helpless. “If their cultivation can’t reach, they can’t come out. Otherwise, do you think I’m willing for them to miss the Battle of the century… you just have to wait patiently. They are your people and will always be your people. They definitely won’t be able to escape…”

Ye Xiao:”…”

Among the descendants of the Seven Golden Lotuses’family, ye Xiao entrusted them with important tasks. It could be considered as bringing glory to their ancestors. However, the seven golden lotuses, these seven old fellows, appeared very calm.

After a discussion, ye Xiao decided to name the new era: the era of the Monarchs.

Ye Xiao, this supreme ruler of the world, could be said to have used the word “Lazy”to the extreme. Basically, he did not care about anything.

What Bai Chen said was a little different.


Bai Chen had truly let go, but ye Xiao was not trapped. Ye Xiao had also let go of everything..

And this letting go of him was simply infuriating!

He ate, drank, slept, and ate when he woke up. Every day, he carried an idiot in his arms. On his shoulder was a golden eagle, and on his head was Emperor Ye. On the other side of his shoulder was ye Huang, and occasionally, he would follow a group of giant pythons, swaggering through the city, he played around the world, and was so happy that he was like anything else..

As for the Jade Seal, he had long thrown it to Jun Yinglian.

As for this common treasure of the world, Jun Yinglian and Xuan Bing had to compete with each other every day. If you threw it to me, I would throw it to you. They were so disgusted that they could not take it anymore..

To rule the world in such a way was truly strange and indescribable.

However, everyone’s cultivation was advancing rapidly.

Three years later.

Ye Xiao took in the only two disciples he had in his life.

Two youths.

One was called Ji Chang Yun, and the other was CE Wu Feng.

They were the reincarnated bodies of the two supreme-beings.

Ye Xiao followed through on his promise and took in these two as his disciples. He improved the cultivation techniques that these two originally cultivated and taught them everything he had. These two little fellows seemed to be extremely compatible with these two cultivation techniques, and their progress was astonishingly fast.

However, ye Xiao did not intend to let the two of them recover the memories of their previous lives. That would instead cause the innocent state of mind that the two of them currently possessed to be disturbed. Instead, the two memories of their previous lives were completely sealed, there was only one sentence left: “If one day, the two of you reach a level that is sufficient to break the seal, you will obtain some other things… If you are unable to reach that level, you will have no fate with them. Everything will return to fate.”

A few years later, xuan Bing came to discuss with ye Xiao. “You have waited for a long time and even taught those two children for a long time. It can be said that you have fulfilled the promise you made to the two supreme-beings back then. However, the time limit for us to leave this world is getting closer and closer.”

Ye Xiao nodded. “I know.”

Xuan Bing glanced at ye Xiao and said, “However, there are still many hidden dangers in this world. How Do you plan to resolve them? !”

Ye Xiao asked, “What hidden dangers?”

“There are so many peak experts. Under our suppression, they are all far away from the mortal world. Once we leave, the deterrence will be gone, and the world will probably be in chaos again. “After all these years, although the big families are already huge existences, their real combat strength is still not high. At least, it is not enough to contend with those peak experts. At that time…”

Ye Xiao laughed, “Bing ‘er, you’re worrying too much now. “The future will be handled by the people in the future. “From the beginning to the end, I have no intention to unify the world and rule over the mortal world. My heart is still the same. However, fate has pushed me to this point, and I can only bear the destiny of unification… but after I leave, this destiny doesn’t belong to me anymore. Everyone in the world can just rely on their own means.”

Xuan Bing pursed his lips and smiled. “I knew you would say that. Do you really think that I like to worry so much? !”

As the saying went, there were no more restrictions in the world. Abandoning it was the most irresponsible way to do it, but it was also the most carefree and convenient way to do it!

Ye Xiao had previously made an appointment with Wenren Chuchu and Su Yeyue to return to the frigid sun continent to take a look.

After Xuan Bing, Jun Yinglian, and the others found out, they naturally wanted to return to the Azure Cloud Sky region to visit their old friends.

Since they had decided to give up everything in this world, eloping with their families had become their only choice!

Just as everyone had set their itinerary, someone came to look for them.

The people who came were the couple that ye Xiao had coincidentally met when he had just arrived at the mortal world’s realm beyond heaven. This couple had brought their children to look for the person who had promised them back then.

Along the way, when they found out that the person they were going to seek refuge with was actually the current sacred king, everyone welcomed him from afar and escorted him over.

Ye Xiao laughed heartily. Seeing that the little fellow’s aptitude was passable, he passed down a handwritten letter to introduce him to bu bump as a disciple to learn his skills.

This was also the last recorded anecdote regarding the sacred king of the mortal world, Ye Xiao, in the history of the mortal world!


Azure Cloud Sky Region.

After ye Nantian and Yue Gongxue finished dealing with the matters of the Ye clan that day, they suddenly felt tired and both fell asleep.

In this inexplicable dream, the couple seemed to have seen ye Xiao return.

He was still as handsome and upright as before, his face full of smiles.

The son who they had not seen for a long time even brought a few beautiful women with him. After bowing deeply in front of them, he floated away.

Some of the women felt very familiar, as if they were familiar with each other. However, when they really wanted to say their names, they were momentarily stunned..

When the couple woke up at the same time, they realized that it was only afternoon. The fragrance of flowers lingered around them, and they were clearly in the garden.

“This dream…”Moon Palace Snow recalled, and her eyes reddened again. “I seem to have seen Xiaoxiao return. She brought her wife to greet me…”

Ye Nantian was stunned for a moment. “You had such a dream too?”

This question stunned Yue gongxue. “Could it be that you too?”

The two of them looked at each other and were stunned for a moment.

Then, Yue Gongxue cried out in surprise and ran out of the manor.

Outside the manor, thousands of miles of mountains and the ground, including the hardened road, were filled with flowers.

The entire world had turned into a sea of flowers.

A ten-year-old child ran out of the manor. “Father, look at this…”

In the child’s hand was a crystal-like ring.

Ye Nantian took it with trembling hands and examined it carefully. It was an interspatial ring.

Ye Nantian sent his spiritual sense into it and searched for a long time. He saw countless treasures and cultivation resources inside..

However, he did not see the letter that he wanted to see the most!


Yue gongxue gripped the ring tightly and pressed it against her heart. Tears fell like rain. “You’re still blaming me…”

Ye Nantian sighed softly. He placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder and pulled her into his embrace. “He came. He waited for his wife to visit you and greet you. This already proves that he doesn’t blame you… But… He…”

“He really didn’t blame you…”

Ye Nantian could completely understand ye Xiao’s feelings.

He really didn’t blame or be angry anymore… But..

If they met, it would inevitably be awkward..

Then it would be as if they didn’t meet!

On the other side of the song family, in Song Jue’s small courtyard, Song Jue’s wine table also had an interspatial ring and two jars of fine wine. One Jar was a dreamlike taste of worldly pleasures, while the other was an even rarer daughter’s love, the former was a gift from ye Xiao to Song Jue, while the other was a gift from Xuan Bing to Uncle Song. Looking around the six paths of the three realms, there was no one other than song Jue who could receive a gift from ye Xiao and Xuan Bing at the same time!


Azure Cloud Sky Region.

Ye Xiao’s last place of visit was naturally to go back and visit Lei Dadi’s three Masters, to discuss the story of his ascension..

The Cold Moon Pavilion was now the number one sect in the Azure Cloud Sky Region.

Lei Dadi and the other two were greatly comforted by the return of their beloved disciple. Tears welled up in their eyes as they were filled with emotions.

The master and Disciple had been together for a long time. Only a few days later, ye Xiao’s shadow curled up, causing the three masters to scold the wicked disciple for being heartless. It was better not to return, and it would be even more painful to leave!

However, after ye Xiao visited the Cold Moon Pavilion, the Heavenly Soul Hall, which had long been abandoned, actually gathered the power of the three lights on its own to restart the secret of the Samsara of life and death!

Just This alone was enough to support the cold moon pavilion to flourish for countless years!


Cold Sun continent.

Ye Xiao, Lan Lang, Zuo Wuji, and the long-awaited third young master of the capital city once again gathered together. They were filled with good wine, delicacies, and fragrance.

“Wuji, what is your dream?”

“Lang Lang, what do you want to do the most?”

“If you can live forever, are you willing or not?”

“Since you’re not willing to live a life like mine, then what is your greatest wish if you have an afterlife?”


Su Yeyue leaned against her parents’side, and she could not finish her words.

Wenren Chuchu returned to the Blue Wind Empire, went to her home, and went to visit her father.

The journey to the frigid sun continent was, after all, short.

The cultivation of ye Xiao and the other two had already far surpassed that of Meng Huaiqing. If not for ye Xiao’s superb control of his own elemental energy, just one breath would have been enough to blow away the frigid sun continent. There was no other way.., this was the drawback that would inevitably appear if one’s cultivation level was too high!

And when ye Xiao once again brought Su Yeyue and Wenren Chu Li away, it was as if everyone realized that once ye Xiao left, he would probably never return..

Everyone seemed to be a little reluctant to part.

On the contrary, ye Xiao appeared to be the most relaxed.

He left behind a sentence that was hard to fathom but also thought-provoking.

“We can meet each other for the rest of our lives.”

Ye Xiao left. He left cleanly and without any hesitation.

When Zuo Wuji and Lan Lang saw their old friend return, they felt lost. The two of them had been cooped up at home for a few days and did not go out, but they had put all their work aside. Then, they seemed to have gone crazy, when the two of them went out, they gathered together and drank wine for half a month.

One was the prime minister, and the other was a general. The two of them had completely ignored all the official affairs of both the military and the government. During this half a month, it had caused chaos in the entire Imperial Chen Empire; even the Emperor had a headache over it.

However, there was nothing he could do about the two of them.

When ye Xiao left the frigid sun continent, he seemed to have sensed something when he passed by a cliff on the frigid sun continent. He smiled slightly, as if he had discovered something, and immediately threw an interspatial ring off the cliff.

The ring contained all kinds of cultivation techniques, secret manuals, and heavenly treasures, which were about ten-thousandth of the size of a medicinal mountain.

“I wonder who will be the fated person eight hundred years later?”


Ye Xiao held Su Yeyue’s slim waist, took Wenren Chuchu’s hand, and soared into the sky.

He disappeared from the frigid sun continent, leaving behind only the legend of young master Xiao..


On this day.

In a misty place in the mortal world’s realm beyond heaven.

A strange tree was floating in the clouds. All the leaves around it were emitting a strange light.

A white-clothed man was watching the clouds and cultivating when ye Xiao suddenly appeared.

“Young Master Bai, how have you been all these years?”

Bai Chen laughed. “I knew you would find it.”

Ye Xiao smiled. “However, young master Bai is indeed the destined one. You actually found this tree.”

Bai Chen narrowed his eyes and smiled. “With your current ability, do you still care about this tree?”

Ye Xiao laughed loudly.

This tree was the most mysterious and unfathomable heaven’s fate tree in the starry sky.

He did not expect Bai Chen to actually find it and live under the Heaven’s fate tree for a long time.

Ye Xiao smiled and said, “You found the Heaven’s fate tree and even the Heaven’s fate tree already belongs to you. It can be said that it is the destiny of the heavens. Are you interested in going out to manage the world now?”

Bai Chen smiled bitterly. “Are you joking? Can’t you see how comfortable my current life is? You actually want me to go out?”Ye Xiao looked at the faint purple mist on Bai Chen’s body, he said, “Under the Heaven’s fate tree, the Lord of Heaven and earth. If you don’t want to go out, you also have this heavenly destiny.”

“But with you here, I can give up this heavenly destiny.”

Bai Chen smiled and said, “Heaven and earth have no single master.”

Ye Xiao was stunned for a moment before he suddenly recalled that sentence.

Heaven and earth have no single master, the number one spirit of the primal chaos.

Heaven and earth have two masters, the twelve spirits of the primal Chaos!

Ye Xiao sighed leisurely and muttered, “You’re wrong. There are two masters of Heaven and earth. Even if you give up, it’s still the same.”

Bai Chen frowned. “HMM?”

Ye Xiao laughed heartily.

At this moment, he could clearly feel that in the hall of life and death, in the formation map, the twelve spirit statues that had already solidified suddenly seemed to come to life. Twelve different rays of light swirled out and instantly crossed countless spaces, they entered ye Xiao’s endless dimension.

In the Void, a proud and proud cry seemed to ring out, “Meow!”

How could the great Lord Meow be among the twelve spirits?

What Lord Meow wanted to do was to seal the twelve spirits!

Twelve years, for a cycle of reincarnation, the cycle repeated itself. And the twelve of you, in these twelve years, one year at a time, dominate the fate of the world and the world of mortals!

The Idiot shook his head and wagged his tail, extremely pleased with himself.

“Yes, Sir!”The twelve spirits bowed their heads and prostrated themselves on the ground.


Outside the space.

“Let’s not talk about anything. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an old friend. I should just let them know!”

Bai Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I knew that you would definitely find me, but I didn’t expect that you would ask for wine the moment we met. Forget it, forget it.”

Ye Xiao laughed heartily.

After a short while, Wan ‘Er and Xiu ‘er personally made wine and dishes and served them. The two of them raised their cups and drank heartily in the depths of the clouds.

It was just that until the end, ye Xiao did not ask why young master Bai had left without saying goodbye. He had left without a fight.

And young master Bai did not say anything either.

The two of them just kept drinking and did not say a single word to each other.

When the end was near, Bai Chen finally asked a question.

“Where is the Great Dao?”

Ye Xiao nodded and shook his head, “In my heart, in your heart.”

Bai Chen laughed loudly.

“You once said that you wanted to ask me for a favor.”Ye Xiao said, “Today, the time for me to leave this world is coming. I thought that I have to understand this karma with you, so I came specially to ask you a question.”

“What is it?”

Ye Xiao asked solemnly.

Bai Chen’s expression was conflicted for a moment, he said, “Originally, I planned to complete that matter myself, but I was afraid that the two girls wouldn’t be able to wait. If I kept it in my heart for a long time, it would inevitably cause some trouble… so, since you asked today, I’ll say it.”

“En, I understand.”

Ye Xiao nodded. “I’ll wait for you to go!”

Bai Chen smiled confidently. “In the past, you were the one chasing after me. Now it’s my turn to chase after you. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely catch up to you!”

With these words from Bai Chen, ye Xiao immediately knew what Bai Chen wanted to ask of her. There was no need to ask for a clearer understanding.

“The starry sky is endless, the Great Dao is boundless.”

Ye Xiao smiled. “Bai Chen, we’ll fight again in the future. We’ll make this agreement today. Don’t let me down!”

Bai Chen nodded seriously. “Don’t worry. I’ll always be on the opposite side of you. Ye Xiao… Don’t let me down either.”

“When have I ever let you down? And you, Bai Chen, always bring me surprises.”Ye Xiao said, “You’ve worked so hard for so many years. Once you’ve discovered something, you actually gave it all up. This boldness of yours has really made me look at you in a new light. I’m ashamed of myself.”

Bai Chen smiled faintly. “I can continue, but… why would I bother? What kind of day can compare to my current carefree and unfettered life?”

Ye Xiao smiled.

At the same time that he floated up, he had already melted into the clouds.

Dong ‘er and Xiu ‘er carried the dishes up and were immediately shocked. “Sovereign ye has already left?”

Bai Chen said, “Of course he has to leave. If he doesn’t leave, how can he wait for me in the distance?”

“Wait for you in the distance…”

Wan ‘Er and Xiu ‘er were deep in thought and also seemed to have realized something.


Until the time limit for ye Xiao to leave this world ended, Liu Changjun and Zhao Pingtian still did not appear.

Ye Xiao did not choose to continue waiting. Even if he suppressed the Heavenly Dao’s restrictions, it was no longer difficult for the current ye Xiao!

Since there was no danger, there would be a time for them to meet again. However, it was only a matter of time.

Ye Xiao was very open-minded now.

“I’m leaving. What about you guys?”

At the wine table.

Ye Xiao, Han Bingxue, Li Wuliang, and Xue Dan were discussing amongst themselves.

“We won’t be leaving.”Li Wuliang laughed loudly. He was still as heroic as before.

Ye Xiao sighed.

There was a clear sense of loss between his brows.

Han bingxue said sincerely, “Boss… I know what you’re thinking. “You’ve always wanted to bring your brothers with you, no matter where… As long as you still have the ability, you want to not give up on any of your brothers…”

“But now, we can’t keep up with your footsteps. Everyone has their own destiny.”

“It’s not good for boss to forcefully interfere. Moreover, you will be very tired.”

“We don’t want you to suffer this burden.”

Han Bingxue smiled quietly. “So I stayed here. “When boss misses us, you can come back and take a look.”He suddenly smiled a little wretchedly. “This… I just took a fancy to a girl… I’m thinking about it now…”

Li Wuliang and ye Xiao were greatly surprised at the same time. They turned their heads and asked, “How Old Are You?”

“Seventeen…”Han Bingxue’s old face blushed.

“Beast…”ye Xiao and Li Wuliang instantly became angry at the same time.

The three of them immediately quarreled.

No one mentioned the matter of leaving with ye Xiao anymore.

Ye Xiao also didn’t mention it.


On this day, ye Xiao quietly brought Xuan Bing, Su Yeyue, Wenren Chuchu, Jun Yinglian, Yue shuangyue Han, Bing Xinyue and the others… to ascend the dome.

Now, the seven girls’cultivation bases had reached the level of super experts who could cross the starry sky. Any one of them had already far surpassed the boundary of the realm beyond the mortal world.

To the eight of them, this might be the last time they looked down on this mortal world.

The eight of them looked at this world that had achieved their dreams. Their eyes were filled with relief and calmness.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Xiao smiled and took the lead to head into the depths of the starry sky.

The seven women smiled and followed.

In this world beyond the mortal world, there was a legend of the smiling sovereign forever. And Ye Xiao and the others really never came back..


Ye Di and Ye Huang did not leave with ye Xiao.

Instead, they chose to go out to gain experience. With the two of them’s small abilities, they were already enough to roam unhindered. Ye Xiao was not worried at all.


It wasn’t until three years after ye Xiao left that Liu Changjun, Ning biluo, and Zhao Pingtian finally came out of the forbidden land. When they heard from Rou’er who had been waiting outside that ye Xiao had already left this world, the three of them were filled with regret, there wasn’t the slightest bit of joy from the increase in cultivation.

“Zhao Pingtian, this is what the sovereign left for you before he left.”

When the Lord of Black Evil heard that the three of them had come out of seclusion, he took the initiative to look for them.

Apart from giving each of them an interspatial ring, he also gave Zhao Pingtian a jade bottle.

“The monarch said that this is the samsara yin-yang pill. Let your wife Rou’er consume it and she will be able to leave the realm of the Yin soul and become a normal human. The monarch said that this is the promise he once made to you!”

Zhao Pingtian and Rou’er trembled as they took the pill, tears streaming down their faces.

“The monarch…”

Zhao Pingtian fell to his knees and shouted towards the sky, “I really want to… See You Again…”


An unknown amount of time passed.

Bai Chen looked at Wan ‘er and Xiu’er playing with their children, his heart filled with warmth.

“Thank you, Ye Xiao.”

“However, I’ve finally found the path that you left back then.”

“Now, it’s time for me to chase after you!”

“Wait for me!”


Ye Xiao traveled through the starry skies. There were no years in the chaotic starry skies. He did not even know how many years had passed..

On this day, he finally felt something. He suddenly looked up at the sky and roared, “Lone! You’re here! I said, wait for me. I’ll fight you!”

Ye Xiao had never been so angry with a person in his entire life, and that lonesome was definitely the champion among them!

On the other side of the endless starry sky, a devilish figure suddenly appeared. It was none other than Mr. Lonesome, whose entire body was filled with the feeling of wanting to be beaten up.

Along with his appearance, there were also quite a number of people who were shocked.

These were the expressions of these people who were all looking forward to a good show.

“F * ck, why are there so many people?”Ye Xiao was immediately shocked.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.”One of the guys who had a burning face cried out twice, he said, “We won’t attack you. We’re just here to watch you and lone fight… Hahaha… AWW, I’ve long disliked this kid. If you can beat him up for us, we’ll treat your whole family to a drink! “The more you beat him up, the better. Don’t give me any face, hahaha…”

A few people at the side chimed in, “Not bad, not bad. As long as you can beat him up, we’ll treat you to a drink. You beat up lone, that’s giving us face.”

As they spoke, they actually pulled out chairs from the void one by one and placed them in all directions openly, sitting on them. Each of them was filled with relish as they waited for the good show to begin.

That Mr. Lonesome was so angry that he almost died. “I have you guys as my brothers. I really don’t know how to deal with people. I really regret it back then…”


Ye Xiao laughed out loud. “Since that’s the case, I’ll thank you in advance for this meal. Whether I give you guys face or not, I’ll beat someone up!”

“That’s easy for you to say! From now on, no matter when you beat him up, we’ll treat you to a drink. We won’t go back on our words…”

Everyone made a promise.

Ye Xiao believed it.

It was a pity that he still could not beat a certain someone. Although a certain someone deserved a beating, ye Xiao really did not have the ability to beat him up.

However, this did not prevent him from making friends.

Ye Xiao quickly made friends with this group of people. They bragged and chatted with each other almost every day, and their days became more and more carefree..

Who knew how many years later, when he won against lone for the first time, just as he was about to find a group of people to fulfill his promise, he realized that the faces of this group of people had all changed.

So many people actually completely disregarded their dignity and attacked ye Xiao as a group, giving ye Xiao a fierce beating.

“You dare to hit US BROTHERS? You Ye Xiao, you’ve got guts…”

“That’s right, that’s right. Hitting us brothers is obviously not giving us face. Do you think what we said was Fart?”

“You F * cking gave me face and still dared to hit my brother. It’s simply a great humiliation. I’ll beat you up…”

Ye Xiao was extremely aggrieved and cried out in grief and indignation, “You were clearly the ones who said it back then. Don’t you all have a little bit of tongue? Don’t you all have a little bit of shame…”

“What did we say?”

“We clearly didn’t say anything…”

“That’s right, that’s right. You hit our brother, yet you still dare to slander him. beat him up!”

At this point, ye Xiao was completely speechless. He could only admit his bad luck and curled up his body to resist the beating.

Xuan Bing, Jun Ying Lian, and the others had long become good friends with the family members of this group of people. They were together every day. At this moment, they were looking at this group of men with pursed lips and smiling faces.

It was as if they were looking at a group of naughty children.

With ye Xiao’s current cultivation base, he was already indestructible throughout the ages. Compared to any one of these people, he was not at a disadvantage. He would definitely not be broken… this was just these guys trying to relieve their loneliness..

After these guys finished beating him up, they actually helped ye Xiao up again. Not only did they help to tidy up his clothes and Pat the soil on his body, but they also really treated ye Xiao to a drink, then, they solemnly promised, “Ye Xiao, I support you and continue beating lone. As long as you can beat him up, we’ll treat you to a drink…”

Ye Xiao:”…”

“Of course, it’s not just lone. Among Us, no matter who you beat up, we’ll treat you to a drink.”

“Especially our boss. If you can beat him up… Hehe, I’ll agree to whatever you want.”

“Right, and that most annoying second brother Gu… as long as you can beat him up, I’ll do whatever you want me to do…”

The speechlessness in ye Xiao’s heart gradually turned into a dark cloud that filled the sky. “If I believe you guys one more time… I’ll be a pig…”

On his shoulder, the idiot’s snow-white little body was squatting there. At this moment, he was also looking at the few people opposite him with endless disdain. He let out a voice that was filled with pride.”… Meow!”

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