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Chapter 1283 Culling the demons

Chapter 1283  Culling the demons

Liam stared at the horde of demons fast approaching them. How could he not recognize the familiar reddish brown skin and the horns that many of the beings displayed on their heads? This was definitely a demon tribe that was attacking the city. In this mana less world, where did this bunch of demons come from?

From the looks of it, he was not the only one who was shocked. The cityfolk and the guards alike were taken aback by the appearance of the demon horde, their expressions turning from determination to fear. It was clear that they had also not expected such an otherworldly threat.

Moreover, they did not have the means to deal with such a threat. n(0)vel(b)(j)(n)served as the original host for this chapter's release on N0v3l-B1n.

Liam had inspected some of their weapons and it was barely above common-grade, basically trash tier equipment. Their armor too was nothing to write home about. The end result of this battle was already clear.

At this point, Liam even had a doubt about the true goal of the floor. Was it really to fight in the battle? Or perhaps it was some sort of survival quest?

He had already faced an opponent in the previous floor who was able to use dao seed. The difficulty of this floor shouldn't be any lesser than that.

Liam's mind conjured several possibilities but at the end of the day, he did not care. Maybe this was a meticulously designed test by the Spire to check something but he had his own solution to the problem.

He swung his black dragon sword and the next moment a fierce aura blasted out in all directions. The men around him shivered in terror as he alone stepped forward. His heart fruit and magic was sealed but he still had his sword.

And the black dragon sword was more than happy to unleash terror on the demon horde. It was definitely not happy being suppressed left and right by the Spire.

The sword's intense, dark aura seemed to hunger for the battle, its thirst for blood palpable in the charged air.

With a fluid, powerful motion, Liam charged forward, the Black Dragon Sword slicing through the air with deadly precision. Each swing was a dance of destruction, cutting down demon after demon in swift, clean strokes.

The army looked dumbfounded. The people who were frozen on the spot because of the bloodthirsty appearance of the demons came to their senses and roared with fighting spirit.

Bolstered by Liam's fearless advance, rallied behind him. Despite their inferior weapons and armor, they fought with the courage of those defending their home.

Unfortunately, their strength was in no way comparable to Liam's. Soldiers were quickly falling apart, blood and body parts splattering everywhere.

It became increasingly clear that the city's defenders were outmatched. The demons, relentless and savage, were overpowering the guards and people with their sheer ferocity and numbers. Despite their bravery, the cityfolk were untrained for such a brutal confrontation. However, they somehow held on. The archers and throwers on the wall continued to rain down arrows and projectiles, providing much-needed support to the beleaguered front line. Liam noticed their efforts, nodding in approval. Their coordinated volleys provided a small respite, slowing down the demon advance.

Meanwhile, Liam did not remain idle. He didn't concern himself with the problems of the city's people. When a demon siege like this occurred the loss of life was inevitable. His goal was not to be a hero to save everyone. Instead, he continued to head deeper into the demon horde. He was a whirlwind of destruction as he cut through the army and massacred the demons in his path.

He found himself at the center of the fray, the demons recognizing him as the biggest threat. They swarmed him, trying to overwhelm him with sheer numbers.

But Liam was undeterred. The demons simply did not have the strength to tie him down. Having led assaults himself, Liam could tell that these were weaker forces meant for lower level assaults.

He could now tell what sort of test the Spire had fashioned for this floor. However, he was not really playing by the rules. Using his overpowered sword, he was simply cutting through to the main stars of the show.

Naturally, Liam did not plan on slaying every single demon in the army. The main big shots were the demon generals and he massacred his way to them. The generals, powerful and fearsome, were the linchpins of the demonic forces. If he could take them down, the rest of the horde would collapse into chaos.

As he forged his path towards the demon generals, the intensity of the battle escalated. The generals, sensing the threat Liam posed, directed their strongest warriors to intercept him. But they were no match for the might of the Black Dragon Sword.

Finally, Liam reached the demon generals. They were formidable foes, each exuding a menacing aura of power. That is for mere mortals. These demon generals were level 50 at best. They shuddered in the presence of the sword's aura.

There were a total of five demon generals and a golden aura started enshrouding Liam as soon as he took out three of them. When he looked in the distance, he could see a familiar scene of bloodshed and slaughter. Someone else had also made it to the epicenter of the battle.

And perhaps even two of them. Each one taking out one of the Generals. If Liam were a betting man, he would place his bets on the wily elf and maybe Lan Deming. Unlike the others, Lan Deming was a military trained fighter. His abilities were further honed after the apocalypse. He was someone who should thrive in this kind of trial despite the lack of cosmic energies.

It turned out that Liam's guess was correct as two floors later, a figure materialized right next to him in the middle of a heated battle.

"Guild leader!" Lan Deming reported and Liam could see that the man had gone through a lot.

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