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Chapter 1124  All is not lost

Chapter 1124  All is not lost

Liam blinked, trying to process the whirlwind of development. "So, you'll really become my general?" He asked, unable to believe what was happening.

"Yes," the elven ancestor replied with conviction. "Together, we can conquer realms, topple empires, and rewrite history. I sense a storm brewing in the myriad realms. And with me by your side, that storm will be one of our makings."

Liam smiled, a broad grin spreading across his face.

"Well then, let's get started, shall we?" The elven ancestor's voice boomed. "I assume you already have a way out of here?"

Liam nodded. He had planned his exit strategy.

But as for forging the soul, Liam did not want to risk it just yet. He did not want to forge a top-tier soul with a broken mana core.

"Heh? What's a broken mana core? You just need a pill to fix it. Once you head to the elven world, you can easily obtain the pill. Ours is a B-Ranked world that stood the test of time. You should be able to access many such pills and cure whatever ails you."

Liam also asked about the limit breaker fruit. Unfortunately, the general did not know anything about such a fruit.

Before he could ask for a few more things, a slight tremor ran through the world. "I think the elves are already at the doorstep. You better get out of here in time."

The trial space vibrated with energy as the next second everything blacked out, save for a small condensed soul fragment that lingered in front of Liam.

This shimmering fragment radiated a power that was unmistakably the essence of the elven ancestor. It hovered, flickering gently like a star, its glow reflecting in Liam's eyes.

Liam took a deep breath and then started. He extended his hand, palm open, allowing the soul fragment to drift towards him. He then directed the soul fragment into a white bead.

And just as the next tremor ran through the world, the veil that separated the two worlds shattered and the trial world collapsed with the soul of the elven ancestor no longer present to protect it.

The entire world cracked open and for a second, Liam stood naked in front of hundreds of elves. It was Liam alone on one side and the elves on the other side, every single elf much more powerful than him.

He stood in the epicenter of hundreds of piercing gazes, each one analyzing and assessing him. He was bare and exposed.

Liam stared at the elves and the elves stared back at him.

The hundred or so bloodthirsty elves all glared at him, wanting some answers. Therion's eyes widened in shock on seeing the culprit standing right in front of him.

The royal prince standing at the forefront was the first to react as he unleashed another thunderous attack at Liam.

However, it was too late. Before his attack could reach Liam, he had already disappeared. Right in front of the hundred elves, Liam vanished into nothingness.

All the elves could only stare at the empty space dumbfoundedly.

The royal prince's attack, now without a target, surged forward in a wild, uncontrolled arc, colliding with the earth and sending dirt and debris flying into the air.

"Search! Find him!" The prince yelled, his voice echoing through the now chaotic scene. Elves began scrambling in every direction, casting spells and using various detection techniques to locate the intruder.

Therion, a highly respected and seasoned mage, waved his hand and sent a pulse of magic throughout the area, hoping to locate any residual trace of the human being's energy. But it was as if he had vanished into thin air.

"He can't have gotten far!" one of the elven commanders yelled, trying to rally his troops. But despite their best efforts, their search yielded no results.

In the midst of the commotion, a wise-looking elder elf stepped forward, his silver hair flowing gracefully behind him. He approached the prince with a calm demeanor, a stark contrast to the raging turmoil around them.

"My prince," he began, addressing the prince with a tone of respect, "I believe we are dealing with someone who possesses advanced teleportation or concealment techniques. It's not just any human who could escape from the clutches of a hundred of our kind."

The elven prince, trying to mask his frustration, responded, "Who could he be? And how did he awaken our ancestor? Could he have gotten the inheritance?"

The elder elf pondered for a moment. "I do not have those answers, my prince. But I believe we should prepare ourselves. If he has allied himself with the spirit of our ancestor, it's only a matter of time before he returns."

The elven prince frowned. "How did a human being even get here in the first place? There has never been an intruder in our mystic realm! We regulate the main portal with the strongest of our forces!"

"Forgive me, my prince. Please give me some time to investigate. I will definitely return with answers. But for now, I think searching for that human being is futile. I have a feeling that he has already escaped from this world."

"NO!" The prince's voice thundered in response. "I cannot let this happen! Father will not be pleased!"

The elder spoke again, "My prince, all is not lost. The only way out of this world is our world. If at all the human being manages to escape from here, he is bound to cross paths with us back in Tirnanog."

"If he can flee from here, couldn't he flee from our world as well?"

"No, my prince. I have a feeling that the human being would stay in our world for a while."


"My prince, that human's mana core is broken. I could sense it. He is also corrupted by the vile energy of death. In his condition, especially with the power of the inheritance, there is a high chance that he wouldn't leave Tirnanog without attempting to get 'that'."

The elven prince raised his brows, seemingly agreeing with the elder. "Very well. Ensure that everyone is aware of this. If that human being dares to linger in Tirnanog, I want him captured immediately, at all costs."

The elder nodded, "Understood, Your Highness."


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